Becca Tobin Tribute To Boyfriend

Becca Tobin Opens Up About Boyfriend’s Death

Glee star Becca Tobin opened up about her boyfriend’s death for the first time Saturday, sharing a picture of the couple via Instagram. The 28-year-old wrote with the photo, “Thank you all for the love and support. Matt was the most extraordinary man I knew and he will live in my heart forever.”

Tobin’s boyfriend, Matt Bendik, died July 10 at the age of 35. His body was found at Philadelphia’s Hotel Monaco. Philadelphia police told Us Weekly that there were “no signs of foul play” at the time in Bendik’s death. While an autopsy was performed, his death remains a mystery.

A source previously told Us Weekly that the nightclub entrepreneur was “a hardworking businessman, the nicest guy, very diligent, with such vision.” The source added, “It is unbelievable. None of us knows what it could be. He was a guy that loved life and loved living.”

Friends noted that Tobin and Bendik were doing well and “were happy together.” Becca Tobin’s Instagram post echoed that with the photo showing her smiling with her arm around Bendik.

At the time of Becca Tobin’s boyfriend’s death, Officer Christine O’Brien told CNN, “Housekeeping discovered this guest in the hotel room in the bed unresponsive.”

Manager Ricky Rollins broke the news with a statement saying, “Matt has passed away. With respect to both the Bendik and Tobin families, there is no comment at this time.”

Tobin, 28, plays Kitty Wilde, a snippy cheerleader who joined Glee in its fourth season. Bendik’s tragic death isn’t the first to affect the Glee cast.

Actor Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, was found dead in his Vancouver hotel room July 13, 2013. At the time of his death, Monteith was dating co-star Lea Michele, who plays Rachel on the Fox musical show. Monteith’s death was attributed to combined drug intoxication, which caused him to overdose.

Lea Michele, like Becca Tobin, kept quiet about Monteith’s death for a couple of weeks before she tweeted a photo of herself and Monteith with the words, “Thank you all for helping me through this time with your enormous love & support. Cory will forever be in my heart.”

Michele also recorded a song for Monteith, and Glee held a tribute episode to say goodbye to Monteith and his character Finn.

While no cause of death has been determined for Matt Bendick, toxicology reports could be released in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Becca Tobin and Bendik’s family struggle to cope with the loss of the nightclub entrepreneur.

[Image: Instagram]