Kate Upton Pregnant With Boyfriend Justin Verlander? Fans Speculate 'Fat' Is Really Baby Bump

Kate Upton Pregnant With Boyfriend Justin Verlander? Fans Speculate ‘Fat’ Is Really Baby Bump

Is Kate Upton pregnant? Some fans are speculating that recent “fat” photos of the supermodel may indicate that she and her boyfriend Justin Verlander may be expecting a baby. But is this serious speculation or just vicious rumors being spread by mean girls?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some people in the fashion industry have criticized the model for either being too large or too American; as if that was an insult! But Upton defies critics by saying she’s “very proud” of her healthy curves and even recently admitted “it was inconvenient growing up to pretty.”

Now, Kate Upton’s sister Christie is actually pregnant and the two have been spotted going out together various times in 2014. She also likes shopping with fellow model Lily Aldridge, and this is where Kate Upton’s “weight gain” photos from early July come into play. Kate is shown wearing a slightly baggy dress, and the way it clung to her body it gives the appearance of having either having a little bit of plump around the belly… or even a baby bump.

The Hollywood Gossip is the sole source of these rumors and they claim fans are saying “she hasn’t gotten fat, but is simply looking a little heavier and sporting a baggy dress because she’s expecting.” Of course, not everyone is being so nice about the photos, with one mean girl opining:

“How this cow ever got to fame is not entirely a mystery. How she stayed there so long is.”

But is Kate Upton pregnant for real? The only other evidence offered by the gossip website is an article by a tabloid that claims Kate Upton and Justin Verlander were spotted making a toast with glasses full of water, not wine or champagne. Assuming the rumor is true, the presumption is that Kate would be avoiding alcohol due to the pregnancy, although it’s possible they could be abstaining for other reasons. After all, it’s not like they’re the only celebrity couple to avoid alcoholic drinks completely.

The rumor mill does manage to get things right every so often, but more likely these rumors are just that… rumors. Kate has been suffering from criticism over her weight since the beginning but this quote shows how she views such speculation:

“In the beginning of my career, slimmer, less curvy models were more popular and I got down on myself. I didn’t feel as confident or as beautiful, but it made me realize that it’s not about what people say to you or what people think, it’s about competing with yourself and being the best that you can be…. It’s kind of funny to think, ‘The news is talking about whether I’m fat or not.’ It was hard at first. I really just live my life. I love my body.”

What do you think; is Kate Upton pregnant?

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