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Justin Bieber Scents Kendall Jenner, Parties With Kris, Kim, Kanye At Ibiza Birthday Bash

Justin Bieber Parties With Kim, Kris, Kendall And Kanye West At Ibiza Birthday Party

Justin Bieber mixed it up with the Kardashians and Kanye West in Ibiza on Friday, Instagramming the fun and the fashion as it went down. Orlando Bloom, who?

Justin Bieber. Say what you will, and you will, but the kid snaps back like a pro.

Without question, the singer hit a low point earlier this week when the actor Orlando Bloom tried to punch him at Ibiza’s Cipriani restaurant. In drama terms it was a Spinal Tap 11, but can’t have been much fun for the Biebs.

But with fisticuffs over – and having barely missed round two of a Bloom brawl, when he, Zac Efron, Michelle Rodriguez and (separately) Bloom dropped by Pacha nightclub on Thursday where dance titan David Guetta was deejaying – spending time with the also polarizing First Family of senseless headlines definitely qualifies as a high.

On Friday, the boy blunder hung out in Ibiza with Kendall and Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and some guy you may have heard of — Kanye West.

And in the spirit of share and share we like, the R&B/pop prince slapped some of that uber-celebrity goodness direct to Instagram.

The Biebs has long been pals with the Kardashians. Remember his crush on Kim? He has partied with Kendall and Kylie for years. As for Kanye? Justin went to his Yeezus album listening party last year.

So, there was no ice to break. Just good times to be had.

The Kardashian-West-Bieber massive assembled full force — and in fabulous clobber – to ring in the birthday of Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci.

Bieber kicked off his night with a selfie lighting up a cigar, and captioned: “Celebrate.”

The Instagramming had begun.

The gang came together for a group-gram with birthday boy, Kris, Kendall, Kim – all in black finery, with North West’s mom rocking some incredible diamonds.

Justin bagged the middle spot and tagged everyone in the caption, which was a B-day nod.

At this point in the Instagram sequence we’ll borrow MTV News’ key question: who took the photo? The answer appeared to be Kanye.

Aptly, the next photo was a mosh-pit worthy snippet of West blistering “Black Skinhead” live.

Young Canada’s “Ye” caption, minimally cool.

Veering off Biebervelli momentarily, Kendall and Kim’s Instagrams provided a closer look at the ladies’ fashion.

Cover girl Kendall, wore an halterneck-plunging neckline jumpsuit, and popped some color with scarlet lipstick. Couturing up a Khalil Sharieff, Bieber sandwich, the 19-year-old titled it, “with the boys.”

She looked breathtaking. And um, Bieber certainly looked as if he thought so too.

A new report from Page Six, cites sources saying Justin and Kendall “were flirting all night” at the bash and left together.

Possible new couple alert?

(Photo below via Bieber’s Instagram: Captioned: “Shoutout Ibiza, the way she twerk it I just might pull out my visa” #foreign” and is a lyric flash from Justin’s “Confident” single.)

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner

Kim was pure “blue steel” in her family shot with Kendall and Kris.

The glamour model was decked in a layered gown that worked — as did Kris’ more matronly affair.

“Let the festivities begin…,” read Ms. Kanye’s West’s note.

Seemingly perplexed by some of the meanness posted by some commenters, Bieber posted then deleted a snap of himself with a serious expression, standing next to a white dress-clad female and Khalil.

His caption? A question:”Tell me why they are hating?”

Justin Biebet

(Photo: via Justin Bieber Instagram.)

A lighter photo followed. It showed matriarch Kris leaning back affectionately into Justin’s arms.

His cheeky caption of “who’s your daddy” was directed to Kris and Kendall, and “Liked” shortly after by seemingly absent sister, Kylie.

Representing the Brit contingent, rapper Professor Green and BBC Radio 1 radio presenter, Nick Grimshaw, were on hand.

Grimmer’s caption read: “iiiiibbbbbiiieeebbbbeerrrr as photographed by @professsorgreen @justinbieber.”

Justin Bieber and Nick Grimsby

(Photo via Instagram: Bieber and Grimsby at the birthday party for Riccardo Tisci,.)

Back in Kim’s virtual neck of the woods, Kanye was now off-stage and ready to mingle.

Her caption tagged everyone in the shot.

Shortly after, Justin reposted a cropped version of the same shot, deliberately blurring it. His caption, “But the vision is clear” is something many fans will likely be hoping is true.

Obviously we were dying to see more of Kim, Kris, Kendall, Kanye and Bieber at the B-day bash which must have been bliss to be at if you’re a people-watcher. But by press time, the wild one had stopped rolling them out.

Which probably meant some serious turnt up business was afoot. When in Ibiza.

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36 Responses to “Justin Bieber Scents Kendall Jenner, Parties With Kris, Kim, Kanye At Ibiza Birthday Bash”

  1. Dennis Shoemake

    Cant tell if the writer is bragging about them or feeling sorry for them.
    Either way this group deserves each other.
    America is heading in the wrong direction if we idolize these morons………..

  2. Anonymous

    It's a POS party, sorry we weren't all invited! It's a sad world we live in when the media refers to the Kardashian's as "first family" of anything, and every person in those pictures are idolized by some people for their immature, narcissistic, arrogant, rude, deviant behaviors.

  3. Deborah Young

    really, isn't Mom just a tad bit along in the years to be "partying" like she's 21….such a Hag….these people are so F'n obnoxious…..and what's up with the ? after Orlando Blooms name….like he is a nobody…..get real you idiot who wrote the article….how many movies have these no talent , fame whores, gutter trash been in….???? Some day soon, we will not be subject to this pig of a family, and now the younger ones are starting they journey into being low life , bottom dweller , take my picture, take my picture, trash….if they did not have all this $$, Kris should be arrested for #1 …being ugly as sin, #2..pimping out her kids, for her own gain…#3 –think I will revert back to #1…F'n ugly as sin….

  4. Trish Ridgeway

    I agree with what has been said below..and I want to add that Bieber needs to grow some balls and stand on his own..I would rather know I made it on my own .. than continue to ride on the tails of others that seem to have the same mentality as he does..and don't even get me started on the trashy Kardashians and the way the dress and behave. I love what you said Deborah. You covered it.

  5. Andrea Conti

    I think this family if you can call them a family, have no family values. The so call mother is not like a normal mother she is a pimp and if it wasn't for that she would broke. or even try to teach her daughters not to sleep around or dress so trashy, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, she thinks she is that and young, when Botox and face lifts don't work anymore she will be just another old trashy whore. Press should stop posting stories about them, Kanye, Bieber. They are low life's, and could never shine Orlando Bloom's Shoes, or come close to the talented, respectful star like him!

  6. Derek Barnes

    no wonder bruce left her shes a grandmother of three fourth on way partying drinking and acting like a fool also allowing her 16 yr old into clubs drinking dresses like a 20yr old what kids want to hang out with mom really also get a life kris stop hanging with your kids

  7. Nina Bates

    as far as I am concerned, they are the first family of trash…period…and why they are even anything, is beyond me. They are self-made media-whores and nothing more.

  8. Anonymous

    I am so sick of seeing these people, every time I go the internet it's Kanye West who turned his back on his own race. He wouldn't get caught dead with a black hair hat wearing wanna be!

  9. Anonymous

    I am so sick of seeing these people, every time I go the internet it's Kanye West who turned his back on his own race. He wouldn't get caught dead with a black hair hat wearing wanna be!

  10. Pearl Hayeslip

    Can't believe this mommy always makes sure she has to be in lime light with her girl's . Grow-up Kris act like a mom not girlfriend to your girl's . Your just a want to be cougar and not a wife. The way you treated Bruce on just a few minutes of watching the show was so full of Bull no wonder Robert didn't stay married to you but again it wouldn't surprise me if you cheated with Bruce so you were around someone with a name. I feel bad for Kourtney who is very pretty and Rob who is down to earth. They need to have their own show without you in it. You were a joke of a TV host. so fake.

  11. Delois Anderson

    Yeah, grandmother Kris is well over age to constantly be hanging with her daughter Kendall crowd. It seem more like Justin was into Kendall but yet Kim tried to inject herself into Justin picture shots. Kim is another one that need to stop trying to act like her little half-sister. Kendall is beautify and young Kim is a old has been like their mother Kris. From the pictures of Justin and Kendall those two are all into having real serious fun with each other Mother Kris and Kim hanging around.

  12. Madeline Lucas

    Wow….put ALL those heads together and there isn't ONE brain between them??? I'd say the mental age is about 14…….and I'm being nice!!

  13. Delois Anderson

    Why are these people dress in black. It looks like a funeral or voodoo ritual getting prepared for and orgy. If this is how a birthday-bash suppose to take off this looks more like lets get our freak on.

  14. Kat Harris

    Apparently they are wanted both here in the US as well as overseas. Look at all the millions of idiots out there that are die hard fans. Their show has been on season after season for years and continues to be a staple in millions of people's lives. If these thousands of folks wouldn't support them, then they would go away.

  15. Donna Whelihan-Porter

    Beiber and the Kartrashians are a perfect blend.
    Skank and stupid. As to the comment about Orlando Bloom? Orlando….handsome, talented ,classy, AWESOME. To bad h has to have his good name anyway associated with the teen tool.

  16. David Carl Spears

    Please DIE Already! You have no talent. Your daughter is whore who made sex tape, you are the worse parent alive. PLEASE DIE already.

  17. Deborah Young

    no Bruce was no catch,,,but he was a very good looking guy, before she got her claws on him…and an accomplished athlete ….he did not ride her coattails…just the opposite….really though, it is quite sad and disheartening that there are actual fools who think they are important….and are celebrities…feel a little sorry for that ugly fat a** and the other just ugly person's kid though….maybe she can take Mom's porno tape to "show and tell" at school,,…oh and bring the Hag Grandma….she can give economical lessons on how to live off men, and pimp your children out for financial gain…..just really would so love to smack each and every one of them….

  18. Nina Bates

    i don't support anything of theirs. Never watch their trashy show, or their make-up or clothing line either. People are so damn gullible and need some sort of idols to look up at, and WHY that family was chosen is just befuddling the crap out of me!! There are finer people to look up too. People WITH class, not 100 lbs. of ass, and 3 skanky weddings in 3 years (or whatever the time frame was) They bought their way into the limelight. The only famous one was Bruce Jenner.The rest of them are all , as i said, media whores, sucking off of his old public image.No wonder he wants to change his image!

  19. Anonymous

    As an author/playwright, and songwriter, I'm here to tell this writer you have zero talent. Poo begets poo, get it? Find a story w/substance, or forever wallow in the poo pool.

  20. Kat Harris

    Bruce "claims" to want to change his image but he is still on the show for whatever reason. He and Kris have split and they live in separate homes. Why does he continue to want to be around them considering what they all are? I think he still likes the paychecks he gets for showing himself on the show. His sons appear to be decent folks so I don't know why they want to be on the show either. I can only guess they like the limelight too since nobody had ever heard anything about them until they came on the show. You know who has the most class of all the Kardashians/Jenners? Rob. They have all abused him to the point where he's become a druggie/alkie and obese. And does his mother or Kim care? No!

  21. Kat Harris

    You're right Donna. I wonder why he lowered himself to such standards?

  22. Kat Harris

    Deborah, make sure you don't smack Kim or Khloe on the ass. You might lose your arm in all the cellulite and butt implants.

  23. Deborah Young

    LOL….man, just got a mental picture of that….yikes….change thoughts…change thoughts…they just annoy the Hell out of me……I just don't get their "popularity is all…dumfounded…

  24. Reta Lane

    No wonder the US is so screwed up. There were over 500,000 likes on Kim Kardashian's photo. What was it a party where everyone had to dress in black.

  25. Kat Harris

    Until her daughters put their feet down and tell mom they don't want her around, she will continue to be bffs with all and continue acting like she's their ages. If she were my mom, I'd be too embarrassed to have her hanging around. She acts and dresses like a complete idiot. Even more childish than any of her daughters.

  26. Kat Harris

    This is exactly why the Kardashians will never go away because there are always 500,000+ likes on all of Kim and her sisters pictures. Even pictures of Kim with that ghetto gutter gangster of a husband gain thousands of likes…

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