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Woman That Called 911 To Report Child In Hot Car Allegedly Run Over By Boy’s Mother

A Colorado couple who reported seeing a young child in hot car was allegedly run over by the boy’s mother. Shannon Dominguez, 43, has been confined to a wheel chair since the incident in Longmont in June.

When Colorado law enforcement officers arrived at the scene outside of a Dollar Tree store in Longmont, it was not the little boy but the woman who felt he should be rescued that was in need of medical care. The child in a hot car’s mother has been identified by police as Kristina Riddell, 27. The mother allegedly became extremely angry when she heard Shannon Dominguez and her boyfriend, Alan Mason, on the phone with a 911 dispatcher.

Alan Mason was allegedly punched by Kristina Riddell. The child’s mother allegedly hit the man before running the couple over with her white Honda. Shannon Dominguez reportedly received significant injuries in the alleged attack, and doctors fear she will never walk again.

According to Dominguez, she and her boyfriend were standing in an empty packing space when Riddell returned to her vehicle, backed the car up, then pushed on the gas and drove towards them. Dominguez was allegedly hit first, followed by Alan Mason, who flew over the hood. The man suffered both internal and external bruising. “She had her windows down, so I grabbed onto the door. She drug me about 20 feet. I realized she was not going to stop, so I let go. I tumbled in the parking lot,” Mason said.

Dominguez had this to say about spotting the child in the hot car and her crushed left leg:

“All four windows were rolled up. And it was in the direct sun. It scares the heck out of me. It’s some innocent child might die. Every day is a chore. Every day is stressful. My tibia has a spiral break. My fibula has three breaks in it. They put a rod in there. She gets to work every day. She gets to cook for her family. She gets to go out on the weekends with her family. I can’t do any of that. It’s hard. We use to be so active and now I can’t do much of anything.”

Kristina Riddell is facing assault, child abuse, and hit-and-run charges. The mother reportedly has a lengthy arrest record, including charges pertaining to domestic violence, assault, and multiple driving infractions. Shannon Dominguez said, if she had it to do all over again, she would still call 911 and report seeing a child in a hot car. “If it means helping a child, I’d do it in a heartbeat,” she said.

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