Justin Timberlake Surprise Show Delights NYC Fans

Justin Timberlake- dancer, actor and “Dick in a Box” crooner- has given New York City area fans an exciting surprise… and they didn’t even have to open the box first.

Timberlake appeared and performed at the NYC restaurant Southern Hospitality, a joint at which he is part owner. The triple threat performer was introducing the group FreeSol, and Southern-boy Timberlake had this to say to Rolling Stone about their sound:

“I would describe their sound as a fusion of rock, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and soul. It’s Memphis,” Timberlake, a Tennessee native, told Rolling Stone. “When I made super pop music, some urban people said ‘I don’t listen to that shit, but if I did I’d like these songs.’ Now it’s okay to like everything.”

Timberlake is referring to those long-ago, hazy days way back in the mid-90’s, of course, when he sang and shot to international stardom with boy band N*Sync. According to RS, FreeSol cites a vast swath of influences, one of which includes deceased soul legend Issac Hayes. In fact, their drummer says, Hayes had high praise for the act when he saw them:

“Every time he saw us, he’d say ‘You guys are some bad motherf***ers’ ” Teddy recalls.

Timberlake took to Twitter to promote the free gig, shouting out to his staggering 5.8 million followers:

NYC!!! Wanna check out some live music tonight?? Meet me and @freesol at 45th & 9th at 11pm. #bbqnyc#youdontwanttomissthis

Aside from the massive throng of Timberlake admirers, stars Amanda Seyfried and Kim Kardashian were among those who appeared to attend the gig.