iPhone 6 Has An Unbreakable Display, Don’t Believe? Watch This Video

At this point, the rumors of a large screen iPhone 6 are more than just speculation. Based on multiple hardware components, it is now certain that the latest iPhone will have a larger 4.7 Inch screen. However, a video that is making extensive rounds of the internet proves just how tough the screen of the rumored iPhone 6 actually is.

iPhone 6 Screen

In February of this year, Apple Inc. reportedly spent $578 million acquiring sapphire, a gemstone that goes into making outer-glass screens and protective films for optics, and now, smartphones. Clearly the Cupertino-based company has a lot of confidence that Sapphire’s use in iPhone 6’s display would be a far better choice as compared to the current industry standard. Most modern and premium phones typically use Corning’s Gorilla Glass; more precisely, the third iteration.

A video from Marques Brownlee has tested this out; putting what he confidently claims is the display for a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 through all manner of abuse and torture. The video is certainly not suitable for those who zealously protect their smartphones by encasing them in protective layers. But, the video clearly shows just how powerful the Sapphire glass is.

Marques is seen scratching at iPhone 6’s surface with keys, stabbing it with a sharp knife and bending it more than 90 degrees. Despite such torture, he claims there is absolutely no damage whatsoever to the surface.

“Not even a scratch,” he says. “The only blemish after so many torture tests is the smudge mark of my finger,” exclaims Marques.

Apple trusts Sapphire glass since it has been using the same since the earlier iteration, namely the iPhone 5, and even used Sapphire for covering the fingerprint scanner on 5S. However, its usage was clearly quite limited. Since there is no protective ring around the camera lens, Apple needed something exceptionally durable and scratch resistant to cover the camera lens. And in case of the fingerprint scanner, Apple needed a covering that offered near-zero optical distortion. Needless to say, Sapphire glass has more than lived up to its claimed toughness.


Hence this time, Apple has decided to use the mineral glass on a much grander scale, reported NZ Herald. As Apple is rumored to use sapphire display for the 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch iPhone 6 models, its real life toughness test will only happen once the latest iPhone reaches consumers later this year.

[Image Credit | YouTube]