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Tom Hardy Joins Leonardo DiCaprio In The Film ‘The Revenant’

Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio is getting some competition on the set of his new film The Revenant. Heavyweight actor Tom Hardy is set to join DiCaprio on the Alejandro González Iñárritu film when it starts shooting in September.

Hardy is quickly becoming a sought out actor, and since he broke out in The States in Inception, he’s been attached to both experimental independent films and blockbuster films. While Hardy started as a British independent film actor, the star has enjoyed straddling both lines in recent years. He gained massive exposure in The Dark Knight Rises as villain Bane. After that he moved on to indie film Locke and the upcoming film crime film The Drop.

As for Hardy’s role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s not yet known what role he’ll take but going by the film’s plot it looks like he will play a companion that DiCaprio meets.

According to Deadlinethe film is in adaptation of Michael Punke’s novel. The film is described as “a 19th century fur trapper (DiCaprio) who’s mauled by a grizzly bear, left for dead, and robbed. When he survives against all odds he sets out on a treacherous journey to exact revenge on his betrayers.”

While this acts as yet another film that will keep DiCaprio out of retiring from acting, for Hardy this is a project that keeps him as a viable actor in the industry. Even if this film doesn’t have success, the fact that Hardy has already racked up valuable co-stars such as Gary Oldman, James Gandolfini and a second outing with DiCaprio speaks volumes about his reputation in Hollywood.

In addition to his second film with Leonardo DiCaprio, Hardy will be seen as Max in the Mad Max: Fury Road reboot, and will take on the coveted role of Elton John in the new biopic about the singer’s life.

As for DiCaprio although he’s widely celebrated as one the best actors around, it doesn’t seem like he has a hold on his love life. While the actor is still dating Toni Garrn, In Touch has him partying with a bevy of girls. A source told the magazine:

“There were about 25 girls there and a few guys…The girls kept talking about how excited they were to be partying with Leo. At one point, Leo took one of the girls to his bedroom…Everybody knew what was going on in there. Everybody at the party found it weird–especially because Leo is still dating Toni Garrn.”

At least DiCaprio is successfully maneuvering his career into the next stage of his life.

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