Elderly Woman's Body Discovered Inside Freezer

Son Kept His Elderly Mother’s Body In A Freezer For Six Months

A Pennsylvania man is accused of storing his mother’s body in a freezer for six months. William Carrasquillo, age 58, said his mother was killed in a fall in January. Although he cloaked her death for months, William claims 83-year-old Andrea Carrasquillo died of natural causes.

Prior to the discovery of Andrea’s body, William went into hiding. He then called Tia Ramos to confess “he did something really bad.” Ramos said she feared for Andrea’s safety and health. However, she was not aware her friend was dead.

During the call, Ramos confessed that his mother died in January. However, rather than reporting her death, William stored his mother’s body in a freezer for six months.

As reported by Philly.com, Ramos contacted authorities immediately. Police and fire crews arrived on scene at approximately 9 am on Tuesday.

Following an extensive search of the home, authorities discovered Andrea Carrasquillo’s body. As reported by ABC News, Andrea’s nude body was stored inside a white freezer, which was found in the basement.

Neighbors were stunned that Andrea was dead and that her body was stored inside the home. Linda Tabarez said she did not know the mother and son personally. However, it was clear that they did not get along:

“Their next-door neighbors used to hear her scream… He told them she had schizophrenia, so they left it alone… He never let her outside. I was scared of him when I was a little kid… there was just something about him that was weird.”

Ramos said she had not seen Andrea since 2012, when they both attended a family picnic. Although Ramos attempted to visit her elderly friend, William would not allow her inside”

“We had to sit across the street… He would say, ‘No! She’s too sick to see anyone!'”

Although Ramos was concerned for Andrea’s well-being, William kept his mother isolated from her family and friends. Ramos said she had nightmares about “him killing her.” However, she felt incredibly helpless.

Nobody has seen or heard from William Carrasquillo since he revealed the location of his mother’s body. Neighbors said he attempted to sell his belongings, including his vehicle, in the weeks prior to the discovery.

Lt. John Stanford, spokesman for the local police department, said the investigation into the bizarre case is ongoing. As the medical examiner has not determined the cause of death, charges have not been filed against Andrea’s son.

It is unclear what prompted William to store his mother’s body in a freezer for six months. However, authorities have suggested he continued to receive, and cash, her Social Security checks.

[Image via Panoramio]