‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ Could Have An Equally Engaging Sequel Hints Developer

Released barely a month ago Wolfenstein: The New Order has been surprisingly refreshing despite being in the eons-old category of First Person Shooters (FPS). The game has been getting good reviews from both gamers and critics alike and many of them have expressed a strong desire for a sequel. Well, their wish could soon turn to reality as the developer, Machine Games, already has some structured and creative ideas as how to take the series further, reported VG 24/7.

Wolfenstein: The New Order has surely turned out to be a good action adventure title in its own right and not just a quick money-grab on an old and outdated franchise, reported Total Xbox. Speaking enthusiastically about the possibility of not just one, but many sequels, Machine Games’ Creative Director Jens Matthies, said,

“We would love to do a sequel. We have a very, very clear idea of what we accomplished with this game, and what we want to accomplish with a sequel.”

The game has indeed been a runaway success in a very short amount of time. Despite its massive size (PC version clocks in at a whopping 43 GB), over 100,000 copies had been digitally downloaded. While there may be rampant piracy involved, the game has caught the attention of many who live for the genre and surprisingly even appealed to those who don’t.

The Original Wolfenstein Game Was One-Of-Its Kind '3D' Shooter Way Back In 1992
The Original Wolfenstein Game Was One-Of-Its Kind ‘3D’ Shooter Way Back In 1992

Wolfenstein: The New Order has been in development for quite some time and there have been some minor speed-bumps as well, but nonetheless, perhaps what clicked was the nostalgic factor many gamers had with the game. Though Matthies wasn’t able to decide, the original PC version, released over 20 years ago was a revolution of sorts in gaming on the PC. id Software had successfully offered ‘3D’ gaming in the days, when even the chess was 2D, reported Giant Bomb.

Moreover, Matthies explained the game’s appeal as being much more than a “straight-up shooter”. The latest installment in the Wolfenstein series certainly and positively falls in the action adventure category. Moreover, Wolfenstein: The New Order, sticks to the original script, pumps-in a lot of mind-blowing graphics (hence the massive game size) and keeps the game-play intense and exciting.

Explaining the need for a sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order, Matthies said, “A game is never done.” Though he was referring to any desired changes in this one, he clearly outlined that games such these can always be enhanced with the additions, revisions or changes in the subsequent sequel.

[Image Credit | Giant Bomb, VG 24/7]