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Pregnant Bakery Worker Fired From Job After Owner Finds She Is Expecting!

Pregnant woman fired from job

Hope Burgos, like any other 25-year-old woman, was excited to find out that she was pregnant. However, the excitement turned into despair when she figured that her employer wasn’t particularly impressed by the fact that she was expecting. Burgos, who is pregnant with a baby girl and is due in September, was handed over a 10-page lawsuit by her employer for the “crime” of getting pregnant, reports PIX 11.

Hope worked at Corrado Bread and Pastry, located at Lexington Avenue in New York and was hired earlier this March. At the time, no one was aware of the fact that Burgos was pregnant. However, as the pregnancy advanced, it started showing. “I popped. My stomach started to show a little bit,” Burgos tells PIX 11.

Things started to take a bizarre turn after one of her co-workers allegedly put her hands on Burgos’ stomach and asked if she was pregnant. Burgos, who wanted all this to be private denied, that she was expecting. It didn’t end there. Hope Burgos claims that exactly a week after the aforementioned incident, she was confronted by the owner of Corrado himself, Aaron Matalon. The owner asked Burgos her if she was pregnant, in front of her colleagues and the store customers. At that time, Burgos who was caught in an uncomfortable situation, says she was forced to lie again.

Burgos said:

“How dare you confront me like that! It’s completely unprofessional. You know this is my personal business. You know he’s my boss. I was almost forced to have to lie because I felt like so uncomfortable with the situation.”

One week later, Burgos was approached by Matalon who handed over her a 10-page termination letter that told her that her employment was coming to an end. Ironically, while handing over the letter, Matalon did tell Burgos that she was a great worker but could not employ her simply because she was pregnant!

“He blatantly let me know that I was a great worker but that he no longer wanted me working in his establishment because I was pregnant.”

Meanwhile, the persistent folks from PIX 11 did catch up with Matalon to hear his side of the story. Surprisingly, he didn’t deny any of the claims by Burgos and also confirmed that the lawsuit is for real. He claims that Hope skipped work a few mornings — something that Hope Burgos denies. In his defense, he asked the reporter whether he would keep a pregnant camerawoman as a co-worker who may announce at the last moment that she wouldn’t be available for an assignment.

“Would you keep somebody working for you as a camerawoman pregnant that when you ready to go to assignment she’s not going to be available because she’s throwing up?”

At the same time, he adds that he doesn’t consider pregnancy to be an insult, a sickness or a problem. He also acknowledged that he did publicly ask Hope about if she was pregnant. Matalon believes there is nothing wrong in saying one is pregnant, in public.

Burgos and her lawyer claims that she didn’t miss work — but acknowledges that she did take two days off and had asked for it well in advance. She had also requested the organization not to put her on schedule for those two days where she had a doctor’s appointment. Burgos also says that she was never told that she had a problem with her attendance at Corrado.

Do you think it was correct of the owner to fire the woman just because she was pregnant?

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72 Responses to “Pregnant Bakery Worker Fired From Job After Owner Finds She Is Expecting!”

  1. ScottandSarah Griffiths

    Isn't that illegal? At least in most states…

  2. Renae Totsline

    totally illegal it is discrimation! Im also due in september and i find that places look at pregnant women as disabled. Like we cant do job to the fullest. I have had easy preganncy and wish was working. Places I apply may not say it but know that is reason im not hired.

  3. Jane Sullivan

    I will see why he will be upset since the majority of New York citizens are on food stamps thats another child he has to support. Yes it is illegal to fire someone for there disability but I also understand his frustration

  4. Leon Khan

    This Guy Matalon is just another ass hole I wonder how he came in to tis World: This is America try and to put this ass hole in a check or get out of, Only beast thinks like that, he is totally wrong, Good luck Miss.Burgos

  5. Judy Rappley McElearney

    I lost a job when I refused to "escort" the bosses son when he came to visit. After all, I was "safe" because I was already pregnant. (This was a few years back.) The reason for my termination was that my pregnancy would make residents in the retirement home "uncomfortable" – I worked in bookkeeping and had no contact with residents or their visitors!

  6. Christine Williams Galan

    What exactly do Food Stamps have to do with this? She WAS WORKING! If she has to go on food stamps now its because she was FIRED!

  7. Carrie Doussou

    Honey I think you need to reread your statement.

  8. Anonymous

    Should he fired her for being pregnant, No. Should she had informed him that she was pregnant while going through the interview process, Yes. She was almost 3 months pregnant when she was hired! That is information the boss should know about. Because when you take your maternity leave he needs to have trained someone to fill in for you while your gone. I understand that she wants to keep her personal and work life separate but once you start to show it is rude to lie about it. Almost like you are denying your baby growing inside of you. Be proud to be a future mom and next time someone ask, them the truth, Yes, I am expecting a little one.

  9. Holly White

    Then she would never have gotten the job. He would have discriminated against her then and there and all he would have said was that they were hiring someone else. There would have been no way that she could have proved the real reason.

    I was lied to by two different employers. One hired me and 15 others on the promise of a .50 cent raise at 6 months. 5 months later they changed their policy to .25 cents at 6-months. THAT was wrong on all levels! Anyone who was hired in after that policy was implemented, yes, .25 cents, but to the rest of us, we should have gotten what we were promised.

    2nd employer hired me on the same day I interview for a legal runner(courier). $15,000 yr. But, instead, I'm doing secretary work, filing, transcribing from a dictaphone. I was only trained for 2 days before the original secretary went on a 2-week vacation. One day after I started, they took all that work from me and I just basically sat there. I was intimidated and confused. Then the secretary came back and still I didn't get any more training in. I was yelled at horribly by a pregnant legal secretary whom I did say to STOP yelling at me and that she had no right. Then, I learned that a new lawyer was being hired and that they had originally were going to slide me into THAT position. And all for $15,000 yr. Seriously!?

    It is NOT fraud or lying to NOT tell a prospective employer about ones personal health whether its a baby or going through chemo, or having recently healed from an operation. What is the difference between getting a little sick at work from eating something bad, acid reflux, pregnancy or chemo? A little empathy would be nice.

  10. Holly White

    Now that she is out of a job and pregnant, looks like she MIGHT have to go on food stamps just to be able to feed herself and the baby inside her. Wow. How many times have people complained about others being on unemployment, welfare, yet here is a completely competent person working, while pregnant, to make a living for herself. Now, she is basically screwed because now no one may hire her because she is OBVIOUSLY pregnant and they won't tell her that is the reason, because they know they could get sued for discrimination.

  11. Kitwench Ferret

    The problem here is that she lied to GET the job.
    Not informing an employer of a circumstance that will require you to be absent from the job for at least 2 or 3 weeks within 6 months of being hired is unethical and dishonest.

  12. Gregory A Rodich

    Jane you do realize that dumb people cannot sound or play smart!! I guess you should ask Northeastern University for your money back!!

  13. Patricia Kohlenbeck

    The way things are nowadays………….I wouldn't be surprised if she set the whole thing up. I don't think it's fair either that she lied knowing she was pregnant. The employer would have had to hire a new person 6 months after he hired her………..wasted time on training her. Some employers don't have the money to train someone new every 6 months.

  14. Anne Broxterman Croker

    This is illegal in ALL STATES. It goes against the ADA. Big and small businesses have to follow the ADA. No excuses. It's good that she got a lawyer…I hope she wins and gets her yearly wages times three. Retaliation against a pregnant woman? Not good for business. I would stop shopping there if I did before.

  15. Kristin Marie Byrne

    She doesn't have to divulge a pregnancy during a job interview.

  16. Kristin Marie Byrne

    It's illegal, simple as that. An employer cannot fire an employee because of a pregnancy. I'm pregnant now. Should I be fired just because I'll be taking maternity leave?

  17. Anonymous

    Uh, it is illegal for any prospective employer to ask personal questions regarding family, relationships, health, etc. She was not required to divuldge that information, so she didn't lie. Pregnancy is not a disability, although some pregnancies can be dibilitating for some women. How can this employer "sue" her for being pregnant? I'm pretty sure she didn't sign something that said she wasn't and will never be pregnant. It's not dishonet, she's living her life. A male could get employed who has a history of knee pain but otherwise capable of work and three months into employment need knee surgery. Was he dishonest because he didn't inform his employer of the previous knee pain? This man hired her despite knowing she was a female in her child bearing years. This could have happened at anytime. In addition, being preganant doesn't "require" 2-3 weeks off during the first six months. She will require maternity leave when the baby comes, which is a federal requirement to prevent job loss(although not a guaranteed paid benefit) so this employer is playing with fire and is now getting a lot of bad publicity. I expect there will be a pregnant lady sit in sometime soon. BTW, you are a moron!

  18. Anonymous

    I don't think your college education is getting you anywhere Jane.

  19. Anonymous

    How sad Pat. Do you have any employment history, self respect or daughters? This could have happened to you(your clearly too old now) or to your daughters.

  20. Deborah Kitzul

    first she said she did not know she was pregnant at the time of hiring. and no, this is not unusual, as some women continue to have their periods in early stages of pregnancy and a few women for entire pregnancy. firing a woman because she is pregnant is discrimination. since he stated she was a good worker, she should win an unemployment claim. her boss is an ass.

  21. Anonymous

    I only have 4 words for you Jane!
    bonus words… Northeastern University did a pretty bad job on you! Try to get your money back!!!

  22. Patricia Kohlenbeck

    Kristin Marie Byrne Were you hired while pregnant and didn't tell your employer when you were hired? I'm saying she could have set it up

  23. Patricia Kohlenbeck

    jess.reid Like your little dig about age………….more mature people get fired or not hired because of age then women that are pregnant. There are pregnant women that use being pregnant to the max. I have work history and I worked till my due date. I worked there for 5 years before pregnancy

  24. Terri Emley

    How can he legally fire her for being pregnant? I have never heard of such a thing.Hopefully,she will own the place when all is said and done because this is not fair.

  25. Dawn Jordan

    i cannot believe that this is legal.
    Girls, We have not made ANY progress.
    BECAUSE we count on MEN to ALLOW us to be GIVEN progresss
    as though they still own us. WE have got to pull the control rug out from under THEM and give it back to US.
    It is knowones business if we are pregnant.
    It is not a reason to fire anyone.
    I hope this guy gets cancer, fast.

  26. Anonymous

    I was 4 weeks pregnant when I accepted a new job. Did I tell them right away? No. 1) it is none of their business and 2) so many things can happen in the first trimester of every pregnancy. I did not inform my employer until I was 15 weeks pregnant, and did only because I had a lot of doctor appointments.

  27. Jennifer Thibodeaux

    when i was pregnant with my first daughter, i had a job interview and i did not mention that i was pregnant. after i was hired, i waited until i started to show (at the end of my seventh month) to tell my employer who BTW threw me an amazing baby shower. However, once my daughter was born, I was not welcomed back even though my work performance was stellar and I NEVER called in sick…..i scheduled my appointments around my work schedule, and even came to work for a shift for an absent co-worker while I was in early-stage labor. Do I believe that they would have hired me if i told them, not a chance in hell. Do I regret it, no, though it makes me sad b/c i made friends with several people there. Did I "waste their time", well, i would like to think no, since i was a good employee, but the truth is, employers do not want to deal with pregnant workers, hence there is a law against discrimination. he was in the wrong.

  28. Jillian Harris

    Completely illegal to hire/fire someone if they are pregnant, have children, and so forth. I'm surprised the ACLU hasn't taken on this case.

  29. Aleta Schultz

    This is BS, plain and simple. This young woman did nothing wrong. At no time is an employer supposed to ask personal based questions in an interview, nor is a person required to tell a possible employer they are pregnant. Also her boss and co-workers had no right to confront her in front of customers like that. It makes for a hostile work environment, and it shows how unprofessional they were. None of them had the right to know if Hope Burgos was pregnant, unless she wanted them to know.

  30. Jessi Bear

    Anyone fighting with Jane needs to realize that she is a troll with a fake facebook page… don't worry she probably did not attend Northeastern

  31. Ashlee Vickers-Barnes

    Women do not have to state that they're pregnant during a job interview. Just like they do not have to state their sexual orientation, marriage status, etc. It's for discrimination purposes. For you to assume she was trying to set up her boss is very far fetched. Instead of judging her, try to understand her situation. She started a new job not too long ago and wasn't comfortable sharing something as personal as her pregnancy with her company. That doesn't mean that she wasn't going to tell them eventually. In addition her employer fired her after hearing about her pregnancy. I wouldn't exactly be up for sharing personal information if I had an employer like that either.

  32. Nicholas Rodriguez

    Kristin Marie Byrne But if she had the baby, then she would be looking to her prospective employer for some time off. It is a personal matter when it comes to children, but that doesn't mean it doesn't affect your profession, your co-workers, or your company.

  33. Nikki Stevens

    I feel something is missing from this story she refused to say. I've never heard of a business firing someone because they're pregnant. However, something tells me she took more than a couple days off and it was inconveniencing everyone else and she was becoming a problem. If that's the case, I totally agree. Fire her ass.

  34. Cheryl Simms

    completely illegal…she should sue for wrongful termination! She will win and be the new owner of the bakery!

  35. Jillian Byrd

    You're half right. It is illegal to discriminate against pregnant women … but they don't fall under the ADA. Pregnancy is not a disability. Some complications from pregnancy may fall under the ADA (gestational diabetes is one I can think of off the top of my head), but the pregnancy itself does not.

    There is, however, a Pregnancy Discrimination Act that would protect this woman, and I'm sure it's what her lawyers will bring in her defense.

  36. Anonymous

    Your pregnancy will end up costing the business owner. Why should he be forced to pat for your personal decision. Maybe she is trying to forcing the owner to pay for her life ?

  37. Brian Glean

    Patricia i swear you sound crazy as hell. What's the reason for her to set this up? I guess because you worked for a company for 5 yrs before conceiving makes the situation different. She didn't have to tell him she's pregnant, whats so hard in that to understand. The guy is a moron who's being defended by you. No wonder woman can't make any headway because of people like you.

  38. Brian Glean

    Well after firing her and actually agreeing that her pregnancy was the reason he might just have to pay and rightfully so. Pregnancy is not a disability.

  39. Anonymous

    Did he think she would throw up on his baked goods? Neanderthal thinking!

  40. Anonymous

    Did he think she would throw up on his baked goods? Neanderthal thinking!

  41. Jinny Case

    Patricia Kohlenbeck I hope you don't work in human resources or with any other females. If you do, you should probably acquaint yourself with the law. Like your marital status, a pregnancy status is certainly not an employer's business.

  42. Vera McShane

    It is a shame when women stab other women in the back!
    Personal questions can NOT be asked during interviews, especially not if a woman is pregnant. Employers cannot ask personal questions in public, especially NOT in front of customers. If an employee is not on the schedule – said employee is not taking time off. (in a retail environment, one works a certain amount of hours, not from 9 – 5!
    Without women getting pregnant humanity will not survive. Those children are needed to pay YOUR Social Security Patricia Kohlenbeck!

  43. Vera McShane

    Jane – pregnancy is NOT a disability! You are, in fact, denying women to become pregnant, if you understand how "he" feels. As a matter of fact, the employer is not to have any "feelings: at all, he has to stick to the law, which neither allows for asking personal questions in public, nor firing for being pregnant. Not being put on the schedule is NOT taking time off in a retail setting either!!!!

  44. Anne Broxterman Croker

    I guess in her case it wouldn't be covered by ADA since it's a normal pregnancy but pregnancy is considered a temporary disability. At least in Nevada it is. I guess my biggest point to make is the retaliation and discrimination claim. That's her money shot.

  45. Chandra Martin

    If the owner doesn't have Employers Liability insurance, he's going to be paying out the wazoo. May have to close the doors, cuz this is going to cost him an arm & a leg.

  46. Norma Audette Vinchkoski

    The big problem there is that unemployment doesn't pay anywhere near her regular wages.

  47. Norma Audette Vinchkoski

    Deborah Kitzul – It's not continuing to have periods, it's called spotting. A true menstrual period sheds the entire uterine lining. That would result in a miscarriage (technically, an abortion).

  48. Anonymous

    It doesn't take much training for a job at a bakery, and she did not lie initially. She did lie later, but you can see why!

  49. Chris Stebbings

    Say what??? Do YOU even know what you just said? Did you even read the article AND understand it? Wow.Just.Wow!

  50. Kitwench Ferret

    jess.reid It's not comparable to knee pain, and you ARE required to disclose that to an employer if it will prevent you from doing your job.
    If you have knee pain that prevents you from doing all aspects of a job for which you are hired, you must disclose that.
    If you have SCHEDULED knee surgery, you must disclose that.
    Babies aren't a 'maybe' when one is *already* 3 months pregnant.
    It's not as if she's sitting there thinking 'Well, *maybe* I'll give birth, and ooh! MAYBE I won't!

  51. Kitwench Ferret

    Anne Broxterman Croker Yeah, it's the only disability for which one is NOT penalized for intentionally becoming disabled.

  52. Anonymous

    I worked at a car wash with a women who went home after her shift and had a baby that night. She worked on the line, not inside. Firing a woman because she is pregnant is, usually, not only stupid, but is always illegal.

  53. Kathi Jones-Hudson

    Legally women do not have to answer any questions about pregnancy, children, etc. In times past employers were allowed to ask those questions and women who answered honestly were not hired. In 1964 I was fired for being pregnant, lost my job and insurance in one second. My marriage did not recover from the financial hardship, young and very fragile. Plus what medical care I could get after losing my insurance was sub-standard.

  54. Kathi Jones-Hudson

    Kitwench Ferret No, you are wrong. Women are not required to tell their employer they are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant, that is been law for many years now.

  55. Kathi Jones-Hudson

    Patricia Kohlenbeck It was routine to fire women for being pregnant until the late '60's/early '70's. Women would lose their job and their health insurance. Exactly why does an employer need to know a woman is pregnant as long as it does not affect her work performance? You don't seem very pro-woman to me.

  56. Kathi Jones-Hudson

    Happens all the time, usually more subtle than this and done in a way the woman cannot file a complaint and claim pregnancy was the reason, even when she knows it was. Used to be perfectly legal, happened to me in 1964, no unemployment since it was a legitimate 'firing', lost job and insurance.

  57. Kate Rūta Pausig

    I am pretty sure firing a woman for being pregnant. Wait. It is this guy is going to lose big time.

  58. Kate Rūta Pausig

    I am pretty sure you don't have to tell your boss anything about your pregnancy until you are ready to tell them.

  59. Kate Rūta Pausig

    Nikki you don't sound so smart. Many women still to this day get fired for being pregnant, but the boss usually fires for other reason. When you can give proof that she took more than a couple of days off I will take you serious. But you can't fire someone for being pregnant and I am pretty sure you can't fire them for pregnancy reasons either.

  60. Kate Rūta Pausig

    You are an idiot marty. She not asking for him to pay for her life. How is her pregnancy going to cost the owner? You sound like a complete useless man.

  61. Nikki Stevens

    Kate Rūta Pausig And Kate.. you sound like a bitch. Who the Hell are you to tell someone they don't "sound so smart". Just because that person has never heard of it happening doesn't make them ignorant.

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