Baby Goats

Watch A Stampede Of 44 Baby Goats, But Only If You Want To Feel Really Happy

You’ve heard of the running of the bulls? Well, we are here to bring you the running of the goats — the baby goats. To be even more specific, this is the running of the baby Nigerian Dwarf goats and it takes place every night on Sunflower Farm, a dairy farm in Cumberland, Maine, where these friendly and adorable little goats grow up to produce up to two quarts of milk per day, for you goat cheese aficionados out there.

This video of 44 baby goats taking their nightly run will cheer you up, and if it doesn’t, well, you might want to consider medication.

Hope Hall, a proprietor of Sunflower Farm, described the goat-running video this way:

“After a day of grazing with the herd, our 44 Goat Babies go for a little adventure while their maaaaaas take a break and enjoy some grain in the barn. They love to run back and forth following their human friends! They often beat us on the way back! There is not much cuter than the pitter pat of all those feet.”

We think that after you view this 30-second baby goat stampede, you’ll be compelled to agree.

But what are Nigerian Dwarf Goats? As the name implies, the breed originated in Africa, and grows much smaller in stature than most other breed of goats. A male Nigerian dwarf reaches only about two feet tall and usually no more that 80 pounds — about the dimensions of a medium-size dog.

These goats are as friendly as dogs, as well. That won’t come as much of a surprise after you watch this little baby goats video, but in fact Nigerian Dwarf Goats are friendly, easy to train and lovably mischievous with a curious and playful nature.

Sunflower Farm sells baby goats as pets, and this year’s herd of 44 kids has already been purchased.

So stand back — here comes a stampede of baby goats!