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Cancer Survivor Told No Doctor Within 400 Miles Accepts Obamacare


An Oklahoma woman had to pay out of pocket for her annual cancer screening because the doctor would not accept her new Obamacare insurance, and no one else else would within 400 miles of her home.

Janet Grigg, a colon cancer survivor who apparently moved to Bryan County, Oklahoma to care for her aging mother, had signed up for health insurance on the website and picked a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.

When she appeared for her appointment, Grigg got some unsettling news about her coverage or lack thereof under the Affordable Care Act, according to local news station KTEN (see embed below). “And when I got there, they had said to me, that the [insurance] card would not be accepted. That they had, in fact received a memo…” Grigg also learned that any future visits to that facility would also have to be paid from her own pocket.

Not only that, but apparently there were no other treatment facility options available under her particular coverage plan.

The staff told her…

“That I would not find a doctor within a 400-mile radius from Dallas up to Oklahoma City that would in fact take the plan that I had chosen… “

Apparently, after extensive telephone tag with the healthcare exchange and the plan provider, Grigg is in the process of changing plans, but she is not eligible for any refunds on past premiums or what she paid for doctor’s visits. Even more disturbing, a healthcare marketplace representative even admitted to Grigg that “she gets calls like this everyday.”

Although did not respond to a request for comment, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma released a statement that read in part:

“Because of the dramatic changes occurring within the health care industry, decisions for our existing customers that were once straight forward are not anymore due to many new options available to them… Our members are our first priority and we do everything we can to ensure that they get the information, help, and coverage they need so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Because there are so many new options and plan features, it’s important for customers to understand the details of the plans they select…”

Apart from the botched rollout of (and similar glitches with state-level insurance marketplaces or exchanges) under Obamacare, millions of Americans, mostly in the individual marketplace, have already seen their plans cancelled and have been locked out of existing provider networks. Both employees and self-employed persons have already faced much higher premiums, deductibles, and co-pays under the new healthcare regulations.

Based on the added Obamacare premium costs and other factors, more businesses may be tempted to push their workers into healthcare exchanges and eliminate workplace-based insurance coverage entirely. All this has occurred even before the postponed employer mandate for big business kicks in as of 2015, which will result in major changes for employer-based medical insurance.

Despite claims that Obamacare would expand access to healthcare and decrease costs, more evidence is emerging that just the opposite may be occurring in terms of job-based coverage. According to USA Today, “More than half of companies (56%) increased employees’ share of health care premiums or co-payments for doctors’ visits in 2013, and 59% of employers say they intend to do the same in 2014, according to the annual Aflac WorkForces Report, based on a survey of 1,856 employers and 5,209 employees at small, medium and large-size companies. Given the economics involved, a significant portion of the employers surveyed are attempting to control costs by hiring independent contractors or consultants instead of increasing headcount, eliminating or delaying raises, cutting back on benefits, or reclassifying full-time workers to part-time status to avoid the impending Obamacare mandate. According to a study cited by the non-partisan Libre Initiative, Obamacare “will increase the number of uninsured and cause large price increases within the next few years.”

Has Obamacare had an affect, positive or negative, on your own health insurance coverage?

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247 Responses to “Cancer Survivor Told No Doctor Within 400 Miles Accepts Obamacare”

  1. Anonymous

    Wait the the really nasty stuff kicks in…the stuff Obama, on his own, postponed until after the mid-terms. You ain't seen nothin yet!

  2. Jerry Bonds

    best thing that ever happened. and obama care is not insurance, you pick a plan, like blue cross or whatever. it allowed me to retire early, people can say what they want, i dont care, all i know is how it worked for me. all depends on what side of the fence you are on. I was laid off, couldnt get insurance because of my age, in perfect health, but 58 years old. now i can get insurance, and can enjoy what few years i have left.

  3. Tambra Garlick Driscoll

    No Dave….flat out reality. Exactly the kind of thing you expect from large government incompetence, waste, graft and corruption. The VA attempts to take care of 80 million Vets, it has been failing at this almost as long as the government has been creating Vets. My family has been dealing with the VA since 1989 when my brother suffered full thickness burns over 66% of his body in a Marine helicopter crash….let me tell you….it is no picnic. I don't know what band of merry morons made the leap to believing that this government was capable of caring for 350 million Americans….but it is not even capable of operating a simple insurance website…..let alone providing actual healthcare. Which if you have cancer, obviously it does not manage to accomplish. Democrats are responsible for this poorly conceived, poorly implemented, and poorly executed law…..and the American people need to make them pay for their hubris come November…..Democratic heads need to roll. And then we need a Republican Congress to unleash the special prosecutors to deal with the overreaching by the Obama administration.

  4. Strange Joe

    Look on the bright side…people who wasted away their health smoking, drinking and doing drugs now get health care subsidized by average working stiffs.

  5. Mark Levin

    So this article would have us believe that a State Dept of Insurance would allow a company to offer a plan, collect premiums and not have any providers that take the coverage. They would allow a plan to be marketed that has no benefits. If that is true, (which I doubt) then it is the problem of the state, not the ACA.

  6. Patrick Richey

    So many idiots out there that simply refuse to believe that their messiah would lie to them! I hate to break it to you folks, but Obamacare is simply just another one of his lies! Here are some absolute provable facts about Obamacare that I can easily prove to anyone who wants to question it:
    Thanks to the ACA I do not have to pay the penalty at tax time! Instead our brilliant government is spending $4140 of our tax dollars per year, giving it to Coventry Health, just so that I do not have to pay a penalty at tax time! Did I mention that after my tax refund I gave the government a net total of $2450.27 in taxes last year! Our brilliant government is spending $1689.73 more than it is taking in just so I do not have to pay a penalty at tax time for not having insurance! Thanks ACA! To top it all off, I have to pay $5500 out of my pocket before Coventry Health pays the first dime for any medical care for me! So much for having insurance, but at least I do not have to pay the tax penalty! I guess they will count me as one of the people that pay for the ACA insurance even though I actually do not pay a thing, our tax dollars pay it all! I guess I really can not complain though, I do not have to pay the penalty, I do not have to pay any of the premiums, and I can never use the insurance for anything because I can not afford it. So I am pretty much in the same place I was before the ACA with the exception of all the stress that was added to my life trying to avoid the tax penalty! What do I care if our stupid politicians want to spend more on my subsidies than they are taking in from me? Typical government mentality at work!

  7. Brian Skinner

    In case you missed it in 2013, here some of the most outrageous debunked GOP claims about Obamacare:
    -”Obamacare will question your sex life.” – Betsy McCaughey. False.

    -”No U.S.-trained doctors will accept Obamacare.” -Ann Coulter. False.

    -”The IRS will keep a database of health secrets.” – Michele Bachmann. False.

    -”Obamacare means forced home inspections.” – Conservative Anon. bloggers. False.

    -”Muslims are exempt from Obamacare.” – Chain email. False.

    -”The Affordable Care Act alters the “sensible doctor-patient-relationship-centered health care program … we see today.” – Sarah Palin. False.

    -”Small businesses — 60 percent — will lose their health care, 45 percent of big business and a large percentage of individual health.” – Sean Hannity. False.

    -”The insurance industry is actually run by mostly Democrats.” – Dana Perino. False.

    -”Hidden language in healthcare dot gov means users waive any reasonable right to privacy of your personal information.” – Joe Barton. False.

    -”In 45 out of 50 states, on average men are seeing their premiums double, going up 99 percent. Women up 62 percent.” – Sean Hannity. False.

    -”Local law enforcement . . . will have access to the [Obamacare] Data Hub’s treasure trove of personal info.” – Evan Feinberg. False.

    -”President has given 1,100 special waivers to his friends” for Obamacare.” – Mick Mulvaney. False.

    -”Virtually every person across this country has seen premiums going up and up and up” due to Obamacare.” – Ted Cruz. False.

    -The health care marketplaces have “no privacy protections.” – Tom Cotton. False.

    -”UPS left 15,000 employees’ spouses “without health insurance” and told them to, “go on an exchange with no employer subsidy.” – Ted Cruz. False.

    -”Under Obamacare, people who “have a doctor they’ve been seeing for the last 15 or 20 years, they won’t be able to keep going to that doctor.” – Marco Rubio. False.

    -”75 percent of small businesses now say they are going to be forced to either fire workers or cut their hours.” – Marco Rubio. False.

    -”A hidden provision in Obamacare taxes sporting goods as medical devices.” -conservative chain email. False.

    -”The IRS will have the ability potentially” to deny or delay health care.” -Michele Bachmann. False.

    -”Expanding Medicaid will worsen health care options for the most vulnerable among us in Texas.” – Ted Cruz. False.

    -Said the Democrats told the Catholic Church that they’ll use federal powers to shut down church charities and hospitals if the church doesn’t change its beliefs. – Ted Cruz. False.

  8. Brian Skinner

    Tambra Garlick Driscoll "There's a better way. And the lessons we learned in Massachusetts could help Washington find it. First, we established incentives for those who were uninsured to buy insurance. Using tax penalties, as we did, or tax credits, as others have proposed, encourages "free riders" to take responsibility for themselves rather than pass their medical costs on to others." – Mitt Romney July 2009 Op Ed USA Today

  9. Anonymous

    And, pts, 400 miles away, with the same illness as his, needs to travel to HIS town for care !

  10. Anonymous

    …who can't type a sentence and considers name-calling to be discussion.

  11. Susan Orth Nelson

    My insurance through the ACA has worked very well-my enrollment was smooth and easy, my coverage has been great. I have already reached my out of pocket limit so now getting 100% coverage. The provider/surgeon my insurance offered coverage for entails a 250 mile one-way trip, but around here that is not unusual. I am extremely grateful for the chance to be covered for healthcare since I spent the past 12 years being rejected over and over for pre-existing conditions. The state h-risk pool, my only option, cost more than I made. I had insurance under bc/bs for 20 years, but they dropped me when I was laid off my job. I then became successfully self employed, but that was the end of my health insurance until the ACA.

  12. Courtney Goodwyn

    I have to look for new supplemental insurance for my Medicare gap insurance through anthem it will rise to $378 with a deductible of $900 will be a supplemental and not gap. The other supplemental $ 99 with a deductible of $4521. Either way I screwed I will have to sell my home if I become any operation at all because I have $14388 SS a year and my medical expense for one major operation would cost $7092 between premiums and deductible.

  13. Reta Lane

    You sound like a liar. For one thing there is no tax penalty this year. You must make a lot of money because if you make 11.00 like I do, my insurance is 97.00 a month with 100.00 deductible for the year for my hospital and medical bills and my copays are 10.00.

  14. Denice Everham

    doesn't ring true either Medicare parts A and B are around 100 bucks the Bushes part D is the drug plan and they are based on your income. There re no deductables in medicare. There are some co pays???

  15. Reta Lane

    I also think this woman is a liar because I have had no problem finding a doctor, in fact several doctors that take my new insurance. I only make 11.25 an hour and am only paying 97.00 a month for insurance and it has a 100.00 deductible for the year and 10.00 copays. Which is great considering that my insurance would have been 350.00 to 500.00 a month if I had gotten it on my own before this program. Oh, and I have used my plan several times since the first of the year with no problem and have used several different kind of doctors.

  16. Eleanor Turner

    That is why I'm happy to live in the united states of America, not the old, irrelevant, confederacy. We in the blue states have plenty of choices.

  17. Doris Smith

    When I selected my plan, checked to see if my doctor accepted it and I called the doctors office to verify that they took the plan. I paid a little extra, but everything remains the same. Usually if you are a new patient, the doctors office verifies that your insurance will pay before your appointment arrival. Many people don't have cash up front for total cost of services and they know this.

  18. Doris Smith

    You didn't save for retirement? That's just poor planning on your part.

  19. Colleen Robinson

    Cry me a river! Typical whiner. Faux News is looking for your testimony!

  20. Doris Smith

    We all know what your problem is. Don't you get tired of carrying all that hate around?

  21. Patrick Richey

    Reta Lane Sorry Rita, but this is 100% absolute fact! I am semi retired and self employed. I claimed $13,500 last year on my income. I am a 52 y/o non-smoking single male living in NC. You are more than welcome to go the the ACA website, plug in that information, I am on the Bronze Plan offered by Coventry Health. You are correct about the penalty this year, however, on 12/31/2013 when I signed up, they had not decided to extend the penalty this as of yet. That happened after the first of the year, sometime in February I think. But, going forward I will still not have to pay the penalty thanks to the ACA! Also, I do know of any of the ACA website plans that only have $100 deductible that you can get on for $97 per month! Matter of fact, I do not know of any insurance plans like that anywhere in the USA! The liar here does not appear to be me!

  22. Barbara Jean Kilpatrick DeZan

    I call her our for a liar. She is either baldfaced lying….or she picked a plan that provides limited services. If one is too stupd to shop for the plan, read the information, talk to a representative before making a decision, that's on her. Blue Cross is one of the largest provders in Oklahoma, Texas, NM, and other states…..and most doctor across the nation participate. Perhaps she tried to buy cheap without reading.

  23. Albert Wiersch

    Brian Skinner , exactly… if they're a GOP'er, don't believe anything they say about healthcare. Time and time again it has been proven false.

  24. Anonymous

    too bad she is living in a red state…that is where the biggest problem lies

  25. Anonymous

    amen!! if the red states fought as hard for their residents as they do against them, there would be better coverage for them

  26. John Oliver

    Most people knew this was going to happen there are thousand upon thousands of these stories not reported on by the liberal Pravda! I know 6 people personally that lost their doctors! Obama care has a set rate of reimbursement that doctors can not survive under, so they are opting and not signing up for Obama care patients! If you don't have money under Obama care you are screwed!

  27. Anonymous

    This happens ever day under the Unaffordable Care Act. Today a manager at a local CVS Retail outlet told me that his employer has raised his HC bi weekly payroll deduction $100 for coverage, and the Employer Mandate still is politically and conveniently delayed until after the 2013 mid term national elections.

    Elections where millions and millions of Americans like this lady who have been and will be negatively affected one way or the other by Obama and the progressive liberal Democrats 'Divisive' (our national pledge of allegiance uses the word Obama has no clue about- INDIVISIBLE!) & 'Deceitful' (Lie after lie topped off by a known lie repeated over and over 'You can keep you health care insurance PERIOD & You can keep your doctor PERIOD) Chicago Thug style politics ignoring the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, Congress, the Constitution, Laws of the Land, and the Separation of Power Clause all with an agenda and policies to DESTROY the Tried and True American Way of Life will see a tsunami of American voters sending a very LOUD & CLEAR MESSAGE OF REJECTION taking back their Federal Government by the people and for the people. The mid term 2014 national elections and every elections there after will be the death of progressive liberal Democratic LIBERALISM and Obama's attempt to implement an imperial tyrannical Socialistic Kingdom.

  28. John Oliver

    They have providers but not top rate providers! The nearest doctor was 400 miles away that is in the area as far as the requirements of Obama care is concerned! Top rate Doctors just will not accept the reimbursement that Obama care will issue! So if you can't afford top rate care on your own you are screwed!

  29. Anonymous

    Mark Levin, typical progressive liberal Democrat denial! She signed up on an OBAMACARE web site fool, stop making excuses for Obama and the progressive liberal Democrats failure after failure.

  30. Anonymous

    Like when all the back end manual processes that will be automated, and the hackers who have patiently waited jump on the unsecured system, and the Death Panel who will be staffed by a panel of Obama friends with no medical background acts like Obama's VA letting people just die!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous

    Rick maybe you should get your resume up to date since you will be unemployed in 2 years. Make sure you list you cushy White House job where you put your head so far up Obama's rear end that even you can not smell the stench coming from the WH or obviously your own mouth.
    We all have hard that your insertion and withdrawal moves are world famous. And that when Obama takes a dump you get a well deserved break. What a hoot when we heard that after each withdrawal you wink and smile at Obama right before you lick your progressive liberal Democratic lips.

  32. George Right

    I know it is really hard for some of you odumbocare backers to read, but her issue is she is looking for a cancer specialist. As she has cancer, it is the specialty she needs. Most likely she can find a general practitioner and other "Doctors", but as they will only tell her "hey you have cancer so you need a specialist" who doesn't seem to accept her insurance. So how about we read a little(I know it's hard for many of you) and have discussion relevant to the issue instead of "I finally have insurance" spin that we keep seeing from every paid odumbocare consultant.

  33. Jon Rogers

    so how many obamabots again say this obamacare is so great ?
    what a bunch of foolhearted idiots ,,,and especially the congress & senate persona & supreme court chief justice that allowed this travesty to ocure !?

  34. Miranda Smith

    @John Oliver … Obamacare is NOT an insurance plan…. its a LAW. The plans on the exchange are no different than the plans outside the exchange from the same companies.

  35. Anonymous

    Dave Nichols: You probably need to look up the word DENIAL and realize it is more then a river in Africa.

  36. Anonymous

    Something I was told by Anthem when I asked what the differences between my old grandfathered plan and the new ACA plans were, they said don't plan on traveling out of the state if I went with a new ACA plan as they are only good within the state where I live. My old grandfathered plan is good in all 50 states.

  37. Richard Cherry

    If your article is true, the hospitals that turned her down, will be in big trouble (law suits), if they accepted any other patients with blue cross cards. The cards don't say Obamacare or ACA. Plus, your hit piece became clearer, when you said the person from healthcare.Gov, told her they get a lot of calls like hers. I am in contact with healthcare.Gov and your hit piece is the first time i've heard that. Why don't you people calling yourselves Christians, stop all the lying. Another thing, if what you say is true, you should be talking about how bad the hospitals are, not ACA.

  38. Anonymous

    Rita why did you conveniently leave out that you are getting a subsidy that someone else is paying for!!!!!! Did not even thank those paying your way in life.

  39. Jon Rogers

    Rick Stiteler what's with you and this tea baggers deal ?

    usually brain dead folks make these claims ,,,the tea baggers are fighting for your constitutional rights ,,,unless you would rather move to russia & live in that system …you seem to like the progressive system soo much !

  40. Stephanie Ferguson

    Sorry, but you should not have to drive 500 miles to go to the doctor and then back home just to have one that is in your insurance coverage network. 8 hours of driving plus 75 dollars in gas is not something you should be grateful for. I am all for eliminating denial based on preexisting conditions and no lifetime caps, even for limiting the insurance companies profit, but the ACA wasn't the way to get that done.

  41. JB Samuel

    really?!? you're grateful for the 500 mile drive? really? these are the words of a paid stooge ladies and gentlemen. this is not a real person. this is an operative.

  42. Vicky L. Neal

    Miranda Smith All insurance plans are different. They have different copays, deductibles, premiums, etc. The plans offered on the exchanges all pay providers a low amount compared to employer plans. Therefore, most doctors won't take them. People really need to understand how insurance works. If there were no differences in plans, we'd all have the exact same insurance, and we don't. The exchange plans are crappy because networks are so narrow, and premiums/deductibles, and out of pocket are much higher than normal because it's heavily sick people signing up, and these plans are one size fits all. That raises the costs drastically. To keep the premiums to a fairly reasonable amount to lure in customers, they pay doctors low and have few doctors to take them, therefore, leading to long waits. That keeps people from running to doctors often if they have to wait weeks or months for each appointment. If they could call a doctor and get in within a few days, they would run up far more costs for the companies.

  43. Richard Cherry

    Hospitals in Oklahoma city and Tulsa Oklahoma accept people who signed up under Obamacare. Oklahoma city isn't 400 miles from Dallas Texas and Tulsa isn't 400 miles from Oklahoma city. There isn't even any rural areas in Oklahoma 400 miles from Oklahoma city or Tulsa. So i know this article is a lie. Check your millage the next time.

  44. Holly Word

    I rather be a teabagger than street begger, zombie! You got no more brain to think for yourself, oh I am not a GOP, I am an American came from China.

  45. Vicky L. Neal

    Wow. A 4-hour drive one way to see a doctor? I would be enraged. They could have dealt with pre-existing directly without screwing up insurance for everyone.

  46. JB Samuel

    Brian Skinner my premiums went up by a factor of 2 after subsidy for worse coverage that my previous doctor (was excellent) will no longer accept and i've received two letters from the IRS regarding my application for coverage. We haven't seen the business mandate kick in so anything you have to say about the effect on business is ludicrously premature. be a grown up.this is not a well written law and the problems are going to be massive.

  47. John Vanis

    Things could be worse. Democrats want to impose the VA system upon all Americans, single payer. If democrats get their way tens of millions will be eliminated.

  48. Dee Bradford

    Stephanie Ferguson Oh..? really how were we going to get the Republicans to vote for anything to preexisting conditions and no lifetime limits? Which Republicans? Just a question as I laugh myself silly at your naivety….

  49. Richard Cherry

    Brian Skinner Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. "Obamacare will KILL GRANDMA and GRANDPA and do all kindS of nasty things"….FALSE

  50. Anonymous

    Rick I think you use terms like teabaggers because deep down you wish someone would teabag you. At least them your mouth would be too full to spew the crap that normally comes out your pie hole.

  51. Anonymous

    ACA is a POS law designed to steal from the young and healthy and give to the old and sick. I say let the old people die, they are the reason we are in this mess in the first place. Why should I have to pay more just so that they can pay less? If I wanted to live like a communist I would move to a communist country.

  52. Richard Cherry

    Tambra Garlick Driscoll Websites signed up 8 million people in 6 months. I am a retired va hospital employees and still a DAV member, can't understand why any veteran, or a member of their families would ever support Republicans. They have voted against every bill that benefits veterans. They even voted against a bill in Feb this year, that would have helped shorten the waiting time for VA appointments. They were warned years ago, when they were told this problem would happen because we had two wars going on at the same time and they had lasted about 10 years each at the time.

  53. Steven Lowell Smith

    Horse hockey. The plans/insurance cards are private they don't have "ACA" or "Obamacare" marked on them. More RW propogana. The clinics/doctors can't tell what it is.

  54. Mirielle Sanborn

    It would be nice for the state governments of the south to admit this is their doing because of their bans and impediments to get in the way of people who get healthcare through the exchanges. Perhaps this article should target rick "Oooops was that an explosion?" Perry. Perhaps he is too busy shooting coyotes to do his job?

  55. Kevin D'Errico

    Get used to it. My doctor stopped taking medicaid years ago and doesn't take Obamacare either.

  56. Michael Planchunas

    The State of Nevada is running ads apologizing for the way Xerox ran the State exchange and is asking people to call back to the exchange if they have run into any problems with insurance coverage.

  57. Danny More

    Just more bull shit. From O Idiot and fools.
    She is just one of the millions that will get hit with. O we don't cover that.. Sorry.
    Anything the Government is in on. Is going to Fail. This O Idiot care crap is a train wreak to start with.
    And only going to get worse,..Just like everything the government has its hands in. Is Eather going broke. Are broke
    The ACA is total crap. And millions will get screwed.

  58. Richard Cherry

    mrachedi2002 You don't pay for the subsidies all by yourself. I hope you know, Reta is more than likely paying just as much taxes as you. Republicans act as though they are the only real Americans and we should all go it alone. We wouldn't have much of anything, if we all paid for everything without the help of other American citizens. Do you pay for your sewage and roads all by yourself? But you use them right? Oh, and the city, SUBSIDIES , TAX MONEY to help support their sewage, electrical grids, water and roads. You use those things too mrachedi2002. Do you pay for your usage of those systems all by yourself? Huuum, i didn't think so.

  59. Carl Goss

    No doubt the ACA has problems. But no matter what the problems, it certainly beats being uninsured. How well would this person have gone on, if she had NO insurance. That's something the right-wing nut-bags don't even bother to bring up. The article is just rightist propaganda. Consign it to the dust-bin of history.

  60. Michael Planchunas

    The University Medical Center in Las Vegas is a non-profit hospital run by the county. It is also the only Level One trauma center within 250 miles, so it deals with many more people than the population of Las Vegas. Tonight's newscast had the county commissioners discussing raising property taxes to pay for the $44 million shortfall in revenue and an emergency one time loan of $100 million. UMC is known as the 'uninsured hospital' because of increase use by indigents and illegals. Thought ACA was going to do away with these type problems.

  61. Vicki Holtshouser Coggins

    There is NO SUCH THING AS OBAMA CARE, YOU IDIOTS. President Obama has created a system of exchanges that allow us to use existing insurance companies to provide us with affordable insurance. Dear God, what a bunch of fucking idiots.

  62. Laura England

    Why on earth would she sign up for a policy without asking which providers, hospitals, labs, etc were in the network?!?

  63. Debra Ann Degenshein

    Since 07, I (my small business) have purchased my insurance though Regence Blue Cross of Oregon (in Clark Co. Washington as we are a Portland, OR suburb). I have never once had ANY provider not take BC. The reason I pay more for BC is so that if I need to go to the Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, etc., most if not all services will be in-network through reciprocal agreements. Conversely, some other providers (before ACA), would not even cover me in network if I crossed the bridge to OR. Something is fishy in OK but it has nothing to do with ACA.

  64. Lane Mallette

    My affordable healthcare through Obamacare has been wonderful and paid even better than my former employers insurance. Of course i live in florida not the badlands.

  65. Rick Brown

    My premiums have increased 37%, my deductable went from $1,500 to $5,000, and NONE of my doctors will accept Pathway PPO. Most doctors are not in the network for Pathways and as others have said what's the use in having a coverage that doesn't cover your family doctor or your other doctors you see, dermatologist, podiatrist, and others. When I called Anthem they didn't hav a good answer for changing and kept repeating "it's the Affordable Care Act new program"…. my comment "what the hell is "Affordable" about increased premiums and deductables?". As my dermatologist said, "You got f….d".

  66. Richard Cherry

    And all the liars who came on FOX and lied their butts off. All caught in lies. But they sure looked Christiny didn't they?

  67. Anonymous

    OBAMACARE WORKS! Being self-employed I had no choice but a high-priced individual plan which I couldn't afford at nearly $900 a month, so I WENT WITHOUT health insurance for 12 years. Now I can AFFORD health insurance because it's priced at less than $200 a month for me. Deductibles? Nope, it's a Kaiser HMO plan! Kaiser is a SUPERB medical plan with their own doctors, clinics, and hospitals. I was born under Kaiser and I'm THRILLED to be able to get back into it again. Office visit? Just $15. Hospitalization? Included. Drugs? Cheaper than on the outside. Yep, it's a REAL Kaiser HMO plan and finally one that I can once again afford! BRAVO to Obamacare!!!

    I have been in Kaiser all my life except the past 12 years. My dad worked at the Kaiser shipyards in World War II. Our family has known Kaiser for over 60 years! I have also done consulting work in computer systems at Kaiser, and built human organ transplant software that is used at Kaiser and other hospitals worldwide, so I know Kaiser from the inside as well. I have nothing but good things to say about Kaiser.

    YOU SUCKERS who voted for Republican governors who have BLOCKED access to subsidies are only hurting yourselves.

    AND REMEMBER that Obamacare was really designed by the REPUBLICAN Heritage Foundation and used by Romney in Massachusetts. So, you RIGHTWINGERS have only YOURSELVES to blame if you don't like Obamacare, because it came from YOUR PARTY.

  68. Courtney Goodwyn

    Doris Smith I retired 7 years go. My investments Wachovia stock went to nothing bank stock in several smaller banks did the same on as did Wachovia, GM, and Radio Shack. Two of the smaller banks are still in business. The stock of one bank is worth .68 cent a share 10 years ago me and my deceased wife purchased 1000 shares for $15 a share. The other bank I have a 1000 shares now this stock split 3 times in 40 years forty years I purchased 32 shares at $40 each, this bank shares had reach $60 a share in 2006 there wasn't any stock you could buy. It went public in 2007 $26 a share with thousands of shares offered for sale, the price in early 2008 was $39 a share now it is worth $11 it hit a low of $7. I had a Radio Shack franchise in a rural setting which was doing a $250,000-300,000 a year I also had 500 shares of Radio Shack stock that was worth $59 average a year. I had moved $25,000 over to a fast growing investment with an insurance company this did really well for 5 years I sign a contract to leave it for 7 years. Along came the rape of the American people by our government. The politicians covered their money by having banks with sound reserves being bought buy banks with no reserves. Wells Fargo bought Wachovia the stock of Wells Fargo went to a $1 a share Wells Fargo paid Wachovia sock holder a $1 a share or would issue Wells Fargo stock. In 2006 Wachovia stock was $75 a share. The brokers advised us to hold the stock, I would recover. Seven years later our current GDP in 2008 dollars is worth less than half. Economy dollars are still dropping even with 85 billion being put into wall street each month. The people there are turning over their stock with a computer program. Selling my Radio Shack stock several years back I changed brokers and found out stock selling was so brisk that you couldn't sell on any given day. You could place a sell order, but the company whose stock you were selling would stop trading without company approval. So it took 3 extra days the stock went from $28 to $19 before an approval was received Interest rate on main street went up to 10%. by 2009 stayed there for several years.. Sales in my store fell 40% in 2009 and continued to fall each year until I went out of business. in late 2011 there were business loans at 6.25 to 7%. When someone loses money on wall street someone else makes it. The political arena took 34 Trillion from wall street in 2 1/2 years. This was the retirement funds for many American like myself. I know Doctor, nurses and others that were retired returned to work part time so they could live. A 500,000 dollar investment only yields about $500 to $1500 dollars of useable income a year not the 50,000+. I retired age 65 in January 2007 between business assets and investments I had about 700,000 dollars if I had made them liquid that year I would have paid lots of income taxes. My brokers and accountant encouraged me to stay and try and sell my business. I have no idea our child president could be so dumb. He is like a child seeking revenge on his parents. I am old I don't have time to wait another 20 years to rebuild my retirement. You can blame me, when with all the laws we have and our Presidents doesn't have heads rolling when these people don't do their job. This president isn't the first, the last President to hold public employees accountable was Reagan.

  69. Anonymous

    You folks really have no clue…. IF what she is saying, is accurate (which I doubt)…. the problem is not the Affordable Care Act…. it is the Red states refusing exchanges and sabotaging anyone who buys the coverage. Stop blaming the ACA and actually look and see where the problems are coming from!!!

  70. Amanda Feguson

    all the people who are supporting the ACA is the ones with pre conditions all the other people dont want it. fact is every plan has pacific doctors he in the Big city i live in 1 plan only has 5 doctors and 1 hospital 28 miles away and the same is true for all the other plans. now left not forget that you are not only paying your premiums and huge deductable but your also paying twice that in what obama give the insurence companys under the table which was admitted to by obama him self, afordable i think now 300$ premium %to 10 thousand deductible and 800 a month in taxes

  71. Anonymous

    billybob08now: I live in New York (A Blue State) and we have many doctors here that will not accept either Medicare or Obamacare. We also have many cancer patients that were refused treatment. Your statement is not accurate.

  72. Scott Howard

    The headline says no doctor would accept Obamacare but then the article says she has Bluecross. Obamacare is not an insurance, it is an infrastructure for insurance companies to sell their products. It may be good or bad but at least get the facts right.

  73. Judy Ferreboeuf Pack

    When you are fought, tooth and nail, by people HOPING you do not succeed-don't blame that on Obamacare blame it on your state congressmen and Governors who failed to implement it properly(just so problems like this would arise)

  74. Stefano Pausini

    What? You actually thought Obama was lying and pushing Obamacare for the good of the country?

  75. Stefano Pausini

    Next question… Did the exchange of the 5 highest captured Taliban officials, for one army deserter, actually deflect your Obama loving eyes from Obama's scandals and incompetence, as Obama hoped it would?

  76. Jason Bryant

    Once again the sensationalist media would have you believe that someone was denied medical care because of "Obamacare." I see absolutely no facts in this entire story. It also fails to mention that prior to the ACA she would have been denied medical coverage by any insurance company for preexisting conditions. I have Blue Cross of Tennessee and they have a list of doctors that I have to goto if I want them to pay anything also.

  77. Michael Brownstein

    Not taking sides but talking about her experience. I had a cold once and walked in to a medical center in Austin Texas with my Blue Cross Blue Shield card about a two to three years ago. This was my normal BCBS that my company offed me for the past 8 years. The doctors office did not except BCBS so I just left and saw a doctor when I got home. I guess not all doctors except health insurance and thats their option. I don't see this as anything besides someone that choices to take a payment that is more in line with their fees and nothing more. To blow this up is just people looking for a reason to say someone is right or wrong. Its neither its just someone doing business their way. We live in America and have freedoms and this is one of them. Lets all view this for what it really is and live a much happier life.

  78. Fernie James Tamblin

    mrachedi2002 Based on the insurance provider statement, she made the wrong choice. She simply did not do her due diligence. I am on an ACA plan that I signed up for through Before I made my final decision, I was able to review all the plans and the doctors that were participating. I was able to keep my same doctor that I had under my previous plan. No problems and my premiums are lower on a Humana Silver Plan in Texas. It is not rocket science.

  79. Amber Farmer

    Plenty of old have been paying their way all along as well as paying for the young and healthy to sit on their behinds and continue to have kids they can't afford.

  80. Eric Gorham

    Either this woman is lying (which I suspect) or didn't exercise due diligence. Obamacare is NOT an insurance plan, simply a plan to regulate insurance companies. This is mainly to prevent them from offering basically worthless policies. Not to mention the fact that she lives in Oklahoma (a red state) as there have in problems in each and everyone one.

  81. Anonymous

    So no doctors within 400 miles accepted insurance?

  82. Troy Prouty

    It would have more value if you actually listed the insurance company the person had.. Obamacare is not an insurance… all Insurance companies have separate contracts with each provider and generally most States requires the insurance company to have contracts with so many providers based on the population within that State. Second if someone chooses a provider outside of their insurance and doesn't want to use their insurance, they can pay out of pocket,not use the insurance and get a tax rebate up to 80% of the premium paid with the insurance that they have.,

    troy prouty*

  83. Anonymous

    John Oliver you are full of crap. ObamaCare is insurance PERIOD. all employer offered insurance plans are ObamaCare plans. ObamaCare is a law that regulates the kind of policies that can be offered. It doesn't create an insurance plan. This article is another teabilly lie.

  84. Troy Prouty

    What's kind of silly in all of this is that people have access to the list of providers before the sign on to a policy and yet people keep saying "I'm shocked" that this I can't see this person.. OR. I didn't know I had a deductible. or I'm not sure what an out of pocket is.. Maybe the problem isn't Obamcare, but how little Americans know about insurance? Troy*

  85. Anonymous

    engle.alice Sure you do. All insurance is ObamaCare. It regulates the minimum amount of coverage. ObamaCare is not an insurance plan. Reimbursement is the same as any other insurance the private companies offering the insurance provide. The only fact I see in your statement is maybe the one about many not accepting medicare, which has nothing to do with the medicare plan but the doctors themselves opposing regulation, in which case I would probably find another doctor anyway if his political views are more important than your health care.

  86. Kathleen Bahler

    Vicky L. Neal I live in Wisconsin (a Red State) and I followed the same careful process that commenter Fernie James Tamblin did. I am a cancer survivor who was on the Wisconsin High Risk Insurance Plan for the past 5 years and am a small business owner for over 20 years so have had to find my own insurance. Under my new ACA plan I now have a $2000 deductible (down from my previous $5000 deductible) and have kept ALL of my providers including the best corneal specialist and dermatologist.I pay $18 more per monthly premium BUT to my great joy and relief actually have immediate coverage along with a $30 copay (that goes toward my deductible). For example when I see my physical therapist I pay $30 and the rest is covered. If I see a doctor who also runs tests I will pay for those and it goes toward my deductible. As with all the insurance companies, the provider rate is deeply discounted so I pay far less than the actual charge. The doctor is paid exactly the same rate under my plan Arise that she would be paid by any employer purchased insurance Arise. I know this for a fact as I am a healthcare provider who bills insurance for my services. Furthermore even hearing aids are covered under my plan (and the other ACA plans) so I am finally able to take care of that problem! Most bankruptcies in our country have been a result of medical bills and the ACA will greatly help to lower that risk. As a single person my total annual out of pocket medical costs are $6300 and frankly if I develop a serious illness, a week of hospitalization and testing would far surpass that $6000. I do not believe the article is true or honest and am very sad people who really need healthcare have been deliberately mislead for political purposes. Another true example: my sister and her husband in western N.Y. at my urging finally checked out ACA and went from paying $1100 per month for insurance (actually they almost canceled their insurance because couldn't afford and son stepped in to pay) with a $2000 deductible and copays to $300 per month with no deductible. Unfortunately she procrastinated believing the horror stories of losing her providers (both she and spouse have serious health problems) and did not sign on until the very last minute (April?). They owe many many many $1000's from health costs the 1st quarter of 2014 and now with ACA have no deductible and traveled to Pittsberg,PA where Steve saw one of the best heart specialists in the world today. Enough said. I know this is too long and I'm too tired but it breaks my heart that we can't pull together as a country to help one another and I am trying to help by sharing what I know.

  87. Anonymous

    Those doctors must have taken a different oath than my doctor. An oath to put politics and money ahead of a patient's health. Shameful.

  88. Peggy Andreason

    Only if it fits the bill he signed. He has also made a lot of changes to a signed bill that only congress is allowed to change. that's illegals. You can call names all you want, but you are not well educated nor have you read the bill. Read it – take the time to do just that please since your congressional leaders probably didn't.

    If you like your doctor you can keep them? If you like our insurance you can keep it? The penalties in the law are not "taxes"….. the list goes on and on.

    What about the clause that says if you are 75 you are not eligible for cancer treatment? Of maybe the fact that if you are on SS you have to go to end of life counseling every 5 years? Or maybe the lines that say a bureaucracy will figure out what healthcare options you will get at an advanced age. Is that what you want for YOUR PARENTS? Because I sure don't believe that I want this for my parents. Other cultures revere their elderly – we treat our like disposables.

    What was wrong withe the Republican idea to subsidize not for profit cooperatives until they could stand on their own? Study Group Health Cooperative in Seattle. They have provided good, low cost health care services for over 40 years.

    How is VA working out? That's full nationalization of an entire military healthcare system. It costs more than traditional health care and it's government run. There are thousands of people that are paid government wages and pensions to run those hospitals. We pay 6 and 7 figures to those running the program. The hospitals cost billions to keep in operation yet the government will not pay for the military's insurance and let the private sector take it over. Why?

  89. Peggy Andreason

    Yes and the get eye lift surgery, weight loss surgery and other items. Meanwhile anyone over 75 is denied cancer treatment and if you are on SS you have to go through end of life lectures every 5 years. Also a panel will decide what medical treatments you are eligible for after a certain age.

    Nice to know I worked hard to pay taxes only to find I am disposable when I get older.

  90. Jim Taylor

    Gary Wright; Are you aware that it was the insurance companies that candled and/or changed the policies? But, nonetheless I got to keep MY doctor, and I do not personally know any one that DIDN'T!!!

  91. Michael Barry

    Tambra Garlick Driscoll Here's an idea. How about our government stops "creating vets"?

  92. Peggy Andreason

    It doesn't matter about the delay. IN 2011 the premiums I paid for my employee coverage were raised 17%. When I questioned this I was told it was to cover the extended costs of the added mandated coverages in ACA. Then in 2012 it went up again and last year I was told that if even one of my employees left my health care plan and entered an exchange I would be fined for each employee that did that.

    There were also 6 new taxes (fee to Obama) added in the plan, plus my employees would have had to pay taxes, which meant extra bookkeeping for me, on their cadillac plan. So I took the only option left to me – I shut my doors and walked away. The business was not failing, it was just too much government paperwork and taxes and fees……

    So hence the delay in the employer mandate until after mid-term elections…. Oh and the VA seems to be in a bit of trouble also – which is nationalization of an entire network of healthcare set up for the military. Then ask why my cousin in Canada comes here for medical treatment?

  93. Peggy Andreason

    Michael Brownstein Doctors in my area are not taking new Medicare or Medicaid patients. They have a percentage they can take and make money. After that they start loosing money and the didn't pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to loose money or work for nothing. 3 doctors are quitting and on hospital is going bankrupt because they are not allowed to turn people away from their emergency rooms. A happier life to me would be more freedom and less government intervention into my life.

  94. Anonymous

    Curious? I know people who signed up for insurance the the Government Portal (Obamacare), they're coverage is from the same place mine is through Select Health, which is a local provider. Their cards are nearly identical to mine, only difference was basic stuff like deductible and office vist charges or prescription coverage, no where does it state they used the ACA site to sign up and does not say anything about the ACA on it. I asked them if they had other options to choose from they said yes ,Humana, Blue Cross, Cigna etc… There was no option for a "Government program" just regular insurance companies…how was this lady denied?

  95. Anonymous

    Another lie I just was informed by a Tea Party member was the truth that Obama Care requires killing old people. Seems their Tea Party had that lying, discredited doctor, to speak to them.

  96. Anonymous

    I don't buy Patrick's comments because they are not based on reality as I know it.

  97. Stephanie Ferguson

    Timothy Rohrs AFFORDABLE care act. There shouldn't be any plans that that don't have enough doctors that someone can't find one within 400 miles, I don't care how 'cheap' they are otherwise what is the point of even having it… Oh yeah, to avoid a TAX penalty even though the ACA isn't a tax. Also not everyone gets to choose their plan. I have insurance through my husbands work and since the ACA started going into effect our insurance went from 100% coverage with no deductible with tons of Dr.s taking it to a ACA level plan with many less Dr.s accepting it and before you say it isn't Obama's fault you might want to look up the special White House commission that stepped in to negotiate with the railroad unions when they couldn't agree on a new contract. Obama personally said our health insurance was too good and it wasn't fair.

  98. Hugh Drummond

    mrachedi2002 – No fool, yourself. Levin is right. It's the red states that have the most problems due to a lot of governor refusing the money offered to fund their Medicaid programs. The Republicans have made sure that people with cancer and other serious illnesses are privy to guns without providing the bullet to end their suffering, because that's all the Republicans want. And that is to make sure the 99% have lives that are hell on earth.

  99. Patrick Richey

    Jim Taylor , hey moron, did you even read my comment and responses? The source and facts are well stated and easy to prove, let me reiterate it for you, the source is the ACA website, the facts you need to enter are for a semi retired 52 y/o, single, non-smoking male, in good health, with a reported income of $13,500 last year, living in NC. I chose the bronze plan from Coventry Health. You morons are so blinded that you can not even read and or comprehend simple facts! I could really care less about this if it were not for the facts that the government in all of it's wisdom feels the need to force this upon us, the government is going to penalize us in the form of additional taxes if we do not comply, then the government in all of it's wisdom is going to pay more than it takes in from me to keep me from paying the penalty that the government wants to inflict upon me! Just how stupid is this? One really has to laugh at the government on this one!

  100. Stephanie Ferguson

    Most of the plans on the ACA exchanges are state or regional only. So you better pray you don't get sick on vacation.

  101. Hugh Drummond

    C'mon. This is Mad Magazine, right? I can tell by the artwork that it's their artists. And the story is just so ridiculous. C'mon. It's Mad Magazine. Let me hear you deny it. You, GOP Devils. You pulled another joke on us.

  102. Michael Barry

    What exactly does her need for a specialist have to do with the ACA? This is an issue with her policy with bc/bs of Oklahoma and has nothing to do with the law.

  103. Patrick Richey

    Jim Taylor FYI, I am neither a republican nor a democrat by the way. I vote for the person, not the party. I firmly believe that both parties are about as corrupt as they can get and they spend way to much time mud slinging at each other and worrying about the next election instead of actually doing their jobs and trying to help the citizens of this country.

  104. Ted Grant

    Mark Levin summed it up last nite about the Purple Lipped Liar Dictator,and it was this'We are experiencing a silent coop here in our country a subtle coop no blood shed burning rioting a silent take over by Obama.We have been duped and its a shame,that the "Sheeple" did this to us and theirselves as well as Our Nation

  105. Michael Barry

    The ACA is not like the VA and is NOT government run. The ACA is just a mechanism to purchase PRIVATE insurance. You do NOT buy Obamacare!

  106. Susan Orth Nelson

    yes, it is interesting that so many people have no idea that in some rural parts of the country you have to drive over a hundred miles just to find a physician–that is our normal and we live here accepting that. I was not complaining about the miles I had to go, I was just thrilled that I had the insurance to cover a desperately needed surgery. Here where I live, there is not a hospital or even a doctor's office around every corner. in fact, the closest one may be a few hundred miles.

  107. Hugh Drummond

    After watching her interview and the commentary on video, all i can say is this. That weeping woman can cancel her plan and go to Blue Cross Blue Shield or whoever, but since she has had cancer and I don't believe the 5 years has lapsed since she was treated, there is no way she can be called a survivor. In fact, when she goes to another plan, her premiums will skyrocket. I have Medicare and I get the schedule B plan. My mother refuses to do this and only gets Schedule A. She's paying something like $225 a month for her prescription coverage from another supplemental supplier while Medicare only charges me $109 or something like that for my B and D taken directly from my Social Security monthly stipend. For this I have spent only $14.00 in co-pays for my meds this year and we are going into June. By June I used to make a co-pay on every prescription I received when I was under BC/BS, Aetna, Cigna, and Screwya. I know I am talking about Medicare and not Obamacare, however, they are kind of related in that they are administered by our Government. My Medicare carrier is Avmed and I get great coverage. My last hand operation cost me nothing. The one before that cost me nothing. The problem Obamacare is having, is not caused by the Government. It's caused by the GOP governors. All I can say is, when the next election comes around get out and vote your rears off and get those GOP representatives and senators and governors out of office and don't put anymore in. Don't bet against yourself every time you vote and don't go with the guys that are doing you harm. Stand your ground and use your ballots instead of bullets.

  108. Michael Barry

    Dear John, The ACA does not set reimbursement rates and if you know 6 people who lost their doctor then you know 6 people who did not review the plans they purchased or contact their doctor prior to purchasing.

  109. Anonymous

    this is the crowning achievement of the loser in chief, he as lied about everything he has done we need a real president maybe in 2017 all is accomplishments can be repealed thanks dumborats for your screwing of the country

  110. Pa Bass Blvd

    Has anyone ever been hit by some driver with a $29 a month auto policy? You wont get a dime. Not from them. Yet the states allow these companies to exist too,,,

    Again, its no accountability,,,

  111. Pa Bass Blvd

    Everyone has the same mentality,, if it works for me,,, who cares if it does for you ,,

    Yet liberals preach tolerance and equality,,, just not with anyone that doesnt agree with them.

  112. Linda Bohack

    God, I wish people would get their facts straight!

  113. David Massey

    It's illegal, unaffordable, unwanted, biased and only designed to bankrupt the middle class and hurt senior citizens.
    Obama promised in his book that he would take America down from being #1 in the world and Socialist healthcare is all he needed to do.

  114. Mamie M Stephens

    What good is having insurance if no one will accept it?

  115. Anonymous

    and yet Obaminiation claims victory on his healthcare plan working…..

  116. Anonymous

    So this means no doctor within 400 miles will accept insurance, as Obamacare is a law, not insurance. Kind of batshitcrazies gone delusional crazy here with more made up stuff. Maybe the solution is to move out of the batshitcrazy states and stop listening to their dribble?

  117. Anonymous

    Gee, so you had to pay your taxes and you discovered health insurance is not free. Sounds like you are too dumb to exist.

  118. Robert Putnam

    Poor republicans and tea-baggers Obama Care which really AHC is the law of the land and is here to stay so get over it republicans and do some job creation remember you republicans said put us in power in the congress and we will create jobs that was in 2010 you liars haven't created one job yet all you have done is voted 50 some times to eliminate the Health Care Law and you failed remember your man in the Supreme Court Judge Roberts he's the friend of the republicans he said it's the law so get over it republicans!!!!

  119. Patrick Richey

    celalawyer05 , are you really that stupid? Are you even able to comprehend what you read? It's people like you that elect officials like what we have in Washington currently! Totally and completely inept. You my dear are way too dumb to exist! I am just at a loss for words with the level of ignorance you have. Of course I pay my taxes, so what else is new? Actually stupid, if you could comprehend what you have read, you would see that my health insurance is free to me thanks to the ACA, since our government in all their wisdom, are willing to pay for it in full via the ACA contributions, although it is almost worthless to have as it is completely not affordable to utilize. It is so unbelievable that there are really people like you out there that are so clueless. Until I commented on this article, I was unaware that there were so many people out there as clueless as you are.

  120. Eddie Higgins

    John Oliver I have the best Surgeons ,Oncologists and assorted Doctors . at my availability here in Reno Nv. What you are spewing are nothing but blatant lies fueled by ignorance and Bigotry !

  121. Steven Wilkerson

    So while private Health Insurance Company sold this woman a healthcare plan that did not meet her needs. Apparently they did offer plans that would have met her needs but she picked the wrong one. Basically she picked the wrong size shoe so where is the conservative personal responsibility edict for when someone makes a mistake they should accept the consequences. It would be too difficult for the Health Insurance Company to help her get an insurance plan that would function for her that they already offer instead of the maniacally laughing at her.

    I'm getting so sick of conservatives blaming the government for every decision private companies make. She is not on government Health Insurance, if she was on Medicaid than blaming the government would be appropriate but she made a mistake and the Health Insurance Company does not want to help her out they just want her money.

    Health Care costs have been going up at much faster rates than inflation for decades now and employers have been pulling back their contributions for just about as long. Our current Healthcare System is a complete and utter joke. We've which we have created incentives for Health Insurance companies to not provide adequate coverage and more importantly find ways to not pay out even if the individual dies in the process. The affordable care act did not fix our Healthcare System it just patched it. It looks like our only hope for an actual Healthcare System that works for the patients is going to come from Vermont.

  122. Geom Guy

    Voters love ObamaCare — if you give it another name

    A poll finds that registered voters dislike ObamaCare by a wide margin, 57 percent to 33 percent. No surprise, right?

    However, when voters were asked to give their impression of "Kynect," the state exchange created as a result of the health care law, the findings were very different with a plurality in favor, 29 percent to 22 percent.

  123. Scott Meadows

    I live in Central CA and it's the same here. There is not a single specialist in my entire area (with a total population of over 1 million people) that accepts the exchange insurance. My doctor, who is a good friend of mine, has no choice but to send people to the emergency room if they are in need of any kind of specialized treatment.

  124. Anonymous

    Actually, Obamacare is chock full of "no benefits" plans. A small or even fully "free" premium for a policy that has copays that the people can't afford anyway — which means they *still* don't see a doctor (even if they could find one that would take the insurance) . But, hey — we can call them insured, right?

  125. Don Cadalic

    More republican party lies. The republicans in a hold can not function nor govern at this moment in history.

  126. Rebecca Reeves Welch

    I don't know what plan she is on but when choosing plans you can check and see what doctors accept the plan before you sign up. I have two brothers on plans from the exchange through BCBS and they had a choice of doctors. I see some posts that say "top rate" doctors won't accept Obamacare. I don't see it that way. I think there are good doctors out there that accept Obamacare because they are more concerned with providing health care to individuals than making huge profits off of their patients. Others are not as concerned about treating people as they are about making money.

  127. Mark Mencer

    And this is how government run healthcare 'saves' money, by denying treatment. 'Oh, you actually want to see a doctor then you have to pay more and no refund on the scam product we sold you earlier".

  128. Mark Mencer

    Don't try to deflect the fault. IT's solely with Obamacare and the way it was written and a direct result of 'we have to pass it to see what's in it". If you voted for and supported the Dems throughout this process please think a bit more clearly and not be so partisanly blind to the faults of your political party.

  129. Mark Mencer

    billybob08now – Only because the Dems major support groups are concentrated in large cities. Duh.

  130. Mark Mencer

    billybob08now – Only because the Dems major support groups are concentrated in large cities. Duh.

  131. Rebecca Reeves Welch

    Sorry, I just don't believe what you are saying. Sounds like you can afford insurance just don't want to pay because you see yourself as young and healthy. Just remember – accidents happen – you may well need insurance one day. Obamacare has helped many people be able to afford insurance. Sure there are some horror stories – some true some not – but at least it's a start. Now The Dems and Repbulicans need to get together to improve on it.

  132. Rebecca Reeves Welch

    Tambra Garlick Driscoll – sorry but Dave is right.

  133. Mark Mencer

    Rick Stiteler – No we can't, but that is something the Dems would promise giving you and you would, on your kneepads, gladly buy it, teabaggee….Look, just because we saw the stupidity, lies and corruption of Obamacare way before you did doesn't mean you can't learn from us. We are miles ahead on the information regarding Ocare and are much more reasoned people who can think through things more deeply than the typical liberal can. Give up your blind partisan slavehood and start thinking for yourself. It's quite liberating.

  134. Cary Levy Wagner

    Not true sfdavidkaye3. Heritage's plan was PATIENT centered.

  135. Cary Levy Wagner

    Not true sfdavidkaye3. Heritage's plan was PATIENT centered.

  136. William Teller

    I don't by they dropped you. You may have been laid off but you have the option under cobra to continue your coverage you have to pay for it yourself

  137. Mark Mencer

    Brian Skinner – You miss the big picture and you are lying yourself….Please provide the quote from Ann coulter or reference the article. I read her regularly and do not recall that at all. Ditto with Sean Hannity and please remember that Ocare's employer mandate was set to kick in this year but O delayed it until after the election. Regarding the 'conservattve anons blogger's' posts the same applies to you- anyone can come on the internet and spew lies. So, put up or shut up.

  138. Cary Levy Wagner

    VERY limited networks are one of those "unintended" consequences that they didn't think about….or most likely didn't care.

  139. Chris Chambre

    Huh? So they dont accept market insurance????? Becaue there is no such isurance program called Obamacare.

  140. Mark Mencer

    Boy, does that sound like a canned speech. virtually right out of the DNC talking points. Did you write that about 3 years ago? Besides, some individuals will benefit from Ocare, no doubt. But FAR MORE are getting screwed by it. So, are you that greedy that you are willing to screw your neighbor and fellow citizens for your selfish needs? See why healthcare was never set up to be a right by our founding fathers?

  141. Michael Barry

    More right wing bullshit. If there were to be a single payer system it would be Medicare for all NOT a system like the VA.

  142. Mark Mencer

    Reta Lane – Yes, there is a tax penalty this year. $95 if you went one day without insurance. It essentially doubles next year and further increases the third year. Funny too, the subsidies go away in year three (two years) so it becomes really horrendous then.

  143. Mark Mencer

    Brian- You completely miss the big picture. The lesson we should have learned from the past four decades is to not get the government involved in it in the first place. Name one government program that is self-funding. Getting the government involved only increases costs, limits choices, increases corruption and brings down the quality of care. Why do you libs have such slavish devotion to government?

  144. Mark Mencer

    You forgot to thank those of us paying 80% more in premiums and a doubling of our deductible to fund your sorry azz.

  145. Mark Mencer

    blackhawktradingpost – Agreed, very contrived response she made.

  146. Bocephus Earthworm McGillicutty

    What this article fails to mention is that Governor Fallin and the Teabag Oklahoma State government has done everything within their power to sabotage Obamacare coverage in this state. The irony is that the people who suffer the most from this posturing will be the ones that put these people back into office while they blindly blame Obamacare.

  147. Mark Mencer

    Wow, you really add intellectual heft to the chatboard here. Let me guess, Obama- twice and lifelong welfare recipient?

  148. Jamie Waterman

    Well Hugh Drummond, I would say that's the FAILURE of those who wrote the ACA, not those implementing it. This was a known flaw yet they did nothing to fix it when they wrote it. Only a moron could blame the states opting out using something written in to the ACA.

  149. Mark Mencer

    Barb- Try getting better informed. This is happening all over the country. People everywhere are being screwed by Ocare especially in rural areas. I guess if we like our plan we can drive 800 miles round trip to keep our plan, huh? What if they are elderly or need follow-up in a week or two. Put down the blind party loyalty and see Ocare for the disaster that it is.

  150. Mark Mencer

    Obamacare is what that lousy system has come to be called, idiot. And 'affordable'? Really? Did your premiums go up 80-% like mine did? Did your deductible double like mine did?…Don't be so blind and admit you were wrong in backing this POS legislation and the party that said they head to pass it to see what was in it. What kind of corruption could possibly come out of that policy?…Dope.

  151. Mark Mencer

    Your post is full of lies but I'll go to the one about 'reminding us' that Ocare was designed by the Republicans. Only to the extent that an F-35 fighter jet was designed by the Wright brothers. First of all the GOP NEVER enacted the Heritage Plan, did they? Dumbazz. Secondly, both the Wall Street Journal and Investor's Business Daily (and possibly Forbes but it's been a while) outlined 18 significant differences between the Heritage Plan and Ocare. Nice try, troll.

  152. Mark Mencer

    Robert Putnam – It's kind of the law of the land. Obama has unilaterally changed it over 30 times and has proven a failure on 95% of the things it said it would do, was sold through lies and is supported only by the most blindly partisan, greedy and gullible of our country. In fact, 72% of the public view it as a failure and want it changed. The real problem though is that the average US citizen no longer trusts our government. Look for a GOP landslide in November.

  153. Mark Mencer

    Robert Putnam – It's kind of the law of the land. Obama has unilaterally changed it over 30 times and has proven a failure on 95% of the things it said it would do, was sold through lies and is supported only by the most blindly partisan, greedy and gullible of our country. In fact, 72% of the public view it as a failure and want it changed. The real problem though is that the average US citizen no longer trusts our government. Look for a GOP landslide in November.

  154. Anonymous

    Yes they would. It is funny those who have such implicit trust in government. Man get a life and look into it.

  155. Anonymous

    Yes they would. It is funny those who have such implicit trust in government. Man get a life and look into it.

  156. Paul Nicholas Callanan

    I like the ACA. But insurance is in fact an assurance of reasonable access to medical providers. When that simply does not exist, "insurance" is sold under false pretenses. Law suits are sure to follow.

  157. Deborah Collins

    So is the blame on the plan, or on the providers who won't accept. It seems to me that if providers were interested in helping people, the would work with them.

  158. Anonymous

    Oh yes it is all the fault of the GOP. Rape the public and blame the GOP cause after all the DEMS wanna spend this country in to bankruptcy. Glad i live in a Republican state.

  159. Steve Glennon

    Funny, I just went to the blue cross blue shield web site. In Oklaham city they offer 7 networks having a total of 750 doctors who specialize in oncology serving the city and accepting BCBS. Also, every hospital in Oklahoma city accepts BCBS.

  160. Anonymous

    Anthem Blue Cross raised my premiums 234% over 7 years even though the medical cost index increased 51% – and I never filed a claim. Under ACA my 2014 premium is $5014 LOWER than last year and only 1 of my family's 7 doctors isn't on my new ACA plan (and no, I don't get a subsidy).

  161. Anonymous

    Rick Stiteler , you must be on welfare, food stamps and a BIG supporter of Obummer

  162. Fred Hodge

    @mrachedi2002… you have a clue what is being sold on And who is selling it?

  163. Janet Callens

    In almost all socialist medicine countries, there is a two tier system. Great care in private institutions if you can pay cash. And the system for everyone else. This is what Obamacare will create here. Obamacare does not provide health care it provides a framework of government mandated insurance frameworks that makes compliance so complex and reimbursements to the Dr. so low that many Dr. will simply opt out for cash instead. Women have had this problem for a while. Malpractice insurance rates have driven Dr. out of high risk fields so women with high risk pregnancies have had to travel across several states to locate a Dr. to help them.

  164. Patrick Richey

    Rebecca Reeves Welch , with a reported income of $13,500 you really think I can afford a $500+ per month insurance policy? Really? I am sure Obamacare has helped some people, the problem is if it is helping more than it is hurting? No business can sustain itself if it is spending more than it is taking in. That is basic math at work! And yes, accidents happen, so what are you going to do? Stay at home and sit on your tail all day for fear of something happening to you? Why would someone spend 1/3 of their income on insurance that they can not afford to use due to an outrageous deductible? None the less, as I have repeatedly stated, Obamacare is spending more than it is taking in, it simply can not work like that! Instead of this, maybe the government should look at the way the medical field is ripping us off! I have a good friend of mine who is a doctor, a drug company is getting ready to fly him half way across the US, pay all of his expenses, just so he will agree to get on a drug trial to test some new drug on his patients. They will be doing this for hundreds of doctors. This seems like a major waste of money that will simply be passed on to the consumers. There is a ton of waste in the medical field, they need to get that under control instead of raising prices all the time. Including all of the free medical given to illegals at our expense! What do you think would happen to you if you went to a hospital in mexico and had a surgery and decided not to pay?

  165. Janet Coleman

    And I assumed BCBS was one of the best insurance companies for coverage.

    My mom has cancer and has to drive 2 hours to the nearest provider. They have to pay $1,200.00/month for coverage and cover co-pays for her cancer treatments, which ACA doesn't even cover half. Good thing they have a good savings, but now their retirement plans are down the toilet.

    This is pathetic!!!!!!

  166. Roy Merritt

    John Oliver Obamacare gives no Doctor any reimbursements, get this through your head Obamacare is not an insurance, it says insurance must give at least a certain level of coverage, they can give full coverage if they wish.

  167. Jesse Farmer

    This is good. This will force the Federal Government to provide a public option, which the corporate, Wall Street owned insurance companies will never be able to compete with, and we'll be done with those parasites once and for all.

  168. Jesse Farmer

    John Oliver

    Lol. How is that different than before? Before, these people couldn't see any doctor.

  169. Jesse Farmer

    JB Samuel

    Lol. Another paranoid, schizophrenic Libertarian.

    Everyone on the Internet who does not agree with you is a paid spy. Wait, they're in the couch. Oh no, they're in the fillings of your teeth!!!!

  170. Jim Taylor

    @ Mark Mencer; The reason the public don't like it is because of all the misinformation, and outright lies, propagated by the Republicans. A whopping 37% of Americans HATE Obamacare, while only 27% DISLIKE the ACA! See, you idiots want to talk the talk (as best as you can), but when it comes time to walk the walk, you aren't even crawling yet! Yu know you have a GREAT party, when one of your TOP party members says, on live TV, that the country needs another president like Franklin! Remember, SHE is the cream of the crop!!! landslide? Not hardly.

  171. Roy Merritt

    Patrick Richey, We took in a homeless person, we are bleeding liberals who love humanity unlike the Republican Sociopaths, and we are helping him get on his feet. He works 2 part time minimum wage jobs and gets no other benefits except rent free from us. He has Diabetes and could not get coverage even if he had the money. He like you now is covered by Coventry Insurance with a $1,000 deductible for Hospital stays and a $10 co-pay for doctor visits and $5 for generic drugs and a $10 co-pay for non-generic drugs. It costs him nothing because his income is below the level requiring payment. It is a good thing now he gets his insulin for $5 and his doctor visits for $10 and if he goes in the hospital he can now at least have coverage and work outa payment plan for the $1,000.

  172. Tandy DeNegre

    Hugh Drummond – You are an idiot. For the rest of you Obamacare is not an insurance Policy. It is a law that outlines what healthcare polices should be available to the public, the costs, the coverages, and all of the management behind that. Doctors have the right to refuse to accept any insurance policy from any carrier. So why this is not directly an Obamacare issue, it very well can be a result of the issues Obamacare has created within the insurance industry. Delayed services, delayed payment to doctors etc. So it may be that this type of policy this individual was on has created issues in the past for Doctors when it came to getting reimbursed for services provided.

  173. Anonymous

    I live in Oklahoma and you're right. The state actively obstructs anything Obamcare. It does not matter about the impact on the poor citizens that have no health care.

    I have a 18 yr old that I let live in a room in my house rent free so he can finish high school. He just graduated and his state insurance from medicaid expires this year (Soonercare). On his birthday, he looses his health insurance and it he gets even a part-time job, he may make to much to get health insurance. He is looking for a job, but because of his life experience, it is going to be tough. The best I can tell him now is to work under the table, get a low-paying part-time job, and stay on soonercare until the sate gets it's crap together or he has enough money to leave for a better opportunity. Although there are jobs here, the opportunities are limited because of th piss-poor health care choices that the state has caused.

    I'm not sure if there are other health care options for him. If he makes more than a few thousand (about 1/3 of the federal poverty level) a year but is below the federal poverty level, he's screwed. Minimum wage full time can be below the federal poverty level. He has got to go down and talk to the people to see if Oklahoma has done anything to improve the ability of the poor to access healthcare. Slim hope.

  174. Jim Taylor

    That I would not find a doctor within a 400-mile radius from Dallas up to Oklahoma City that would in fact take the plan that I had chosen… “
    What were you saying George? Perhaps YOU ought to find some one more reliable to read these stories to you. See, just another classic example of just blindly telling lies, and hoping no one notices! If you liars had any shame, you would be ashamed of yourselves!
    According to the article I read, she was told by somebody in an office, maybe making $10.00 an hour, what she would find. She chose to take that one persons word, instead of trying to do a dammed thing for her self.
    This is just a bullshit article, and I will not support any of the advertisers! Bright really isn't your strong point, is it

  175. Jim Taylor

    Is your dermatologist a political pundit, or a doctor? Perhaps you ought to have allowed your Dermatologist to choose your insurance policy? If not, maybe SOMEBODY with some sense?

  176. Sara Vaughn

    So, people are selecting and paying for insurance coverage without checking to see if healthcare providers they do business with accept the policy, but it's the ACA's fault because people don't read the policy details and check with their care providers? Must be nice to be able to blame the government and not take personal responsibility.

  177. Jim Taylor

    I will be right over help you pack. Get out of my country, you coward punk.

  178. Jim Taylor

    Not exactly the sharpest bulb in the drawer, are you? But I will say, that I funny!!!

  179. Todd Smith

    If some of you would have taken the time out then you would see she lives in Montana and not Cleveland! She is a paid troll! If she already reached her limit on the deductible she must be very ill since it is a average of $5,000! She must be rich!

  180. Jim Taylor

    You weren't aware that the VA was around before the president was even born, were you? You retards crack me up!!! Thank you for the laughs!!!

  181. Todd Smith

    Reta Lane There is a penalty for this year if one does not meet or do certain requirements! Such as, if one is self employed one must guess the money one makes and pay for the ACA that way! Otherwise one will be fined!

  182. Todd Smith

    RETE LANE is a Troll! She implies she is from Ohio but on Facebook she is from Montana and Retired! She could care less!

  183. Fredrick J. Fredricksen III

    Oklahoma..could care less about health care for their citizens.
    If you dont understand that…im sure there is plenty you cant comprehend…just look at what they have and have not done for the health of their constituency…IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

    We keep advocating for people like this..and keep getting the Denial of Service..promised by the elected leaders in Oklahoma …sounds like personal issues to me.

    Yes ACA worked for this 15%er and family….now let the little "KNOW NOTHINGS" dream of my misfortune and lies.


  184. Dan Sheehy

    Rick Stiteler Hey libbie felcher, can't even spell "future" correctly? Must be a product of the liberal public education system. That is, assuming you made it past third grade, which is doubtful.

  185. Fredrick J. Fredricksen III

    you would not know The Messiah if it was sitting on your face!
    That is some funny Bubble Noise you are making…it is not reality outside your rest assured…YOU HAVE BEEN LEFT BEHIND!

  186. Kathy Conaway-Roberts

    Cancer patients would not get coverage anywhere without the new legislation.

  187. Fredrick J. Fredricksen III

    yep…worked for this little bit younger self employed healthy 1%er….thank the Messiah as The Bubble People would say

  188. Fredrick J. Fredricksen III

    Tambra Garlick Driscoll learn a little in High School..from that rant…Higher Education is probably not an option..maybe trying the 11th grade again…this time pay sound dumb!

  189. Fredrick J. Fredricksen III

    mrachedi2002 like us 1%ers who pay for many…so what …better then picking up the bill on my Statefarm as before…oh well it worked for me..and im guessing it would work for you too

  190. Anonymous

    In March I signed up for insurance with BC. Almost $400 per month so that I had coverage for specialists. My employer paid for half. I have fibromyalgia so I need to see chiro, rheumatologist, gastro etc. Then I find out when I see the chiro that I have zero out of network coverage. None. I go to see the rheumatologist and give them my new insurance info and they collect a $45 co-pay. I go back 10 days later for follow up and they tell me my insurance has expired. They seemed to have lost my insurance info. then when I hand her the insurance card, she simply looks at it and says "we don't take obamacare". Huh? It's insurance. WTF? I lost my job and now on medi-cal. However, for fibromyalgia patients, it's pretty worthless. Insurance will pay for surgeries and chemical drugs as bandaids into the thousands. Yet, for the healthcare that I need to get "better", insurance doesn't even cover. It wasn't SO bad before this. Now it's worse than ever.

  191. Patrick Richey

    Roy Merritt , I'm glad I am not one of those republican sociopaths! I am not for either side, I choose according to their actual merits and not what party they are for. Not sure what state you are in, but it sounds like your friend is one of the few that is actually being helped by the ACA. Here in NC, the Coventry Health policy has a $5500 deductible before they pay the first dime. Which makes it pretty much useless for me. As I have stated before, it's not the idea that I am against, it's the fact that they want to force it on us! Think about it, if it was really that great, they would not have to force it upon us, we would gladly jump on it! Also, as in any other business, if they spend more than they take in, there is no possible way they can survive! I realize you are a true red democrat, and that is fine by me as I do not cheer for either party, but look at the overall picture and not just one or two instances is all I ask.

  192. John Vanis

    Right wing= individual liberty, prosperity, and free markets. left wing=central elitist control of the individual, poverty, and fascism.

  193. John Vanis

    Rick Stiteler the obamacare recession has begum. the economy is now shrining

  194. Tambra Garlick Driscoll

    Fredrick J. Fredricksen III …….perhaps you should try a course in basic grammar and punctuation before criticizing others……this time pay attention…you sound like an asshole.

  195. Sean Mulvey

    No there is not an insurance program called Obamacare, but the ACA has now forced individuals to select private insurance plans that are not accepted by many physicians and that was the point of this whole article. Believe me, I hear it almost everyday where I work that local physicians are not taking new patients under certain plans or the insurance companies are forcing patients into providers in their networks, who are already full and can not take new patients. You actually still defend the ACA? Just like you will still continue to defend a traitor once it comes out he did abandon his post.

  196. Anonymous

    Tambra Garlick Driscoll She has her insurnce through BC/BS A private company, not any GOVERMENT heath insurance plan. SO she lives where NO doctor accepts BC/BS? One of the Biggest and most accepted health insurer in this country. Obamacare (ACA) wouldn't pay the doctor BC/BS would. ACA would help her pay her premiums!. AGAIN she has BC/BS health insurance NOT Obamacare. I,m calling BS on this lie

  197. Mike N Connie Ohm

    My husband has brain cancer and I needed health insurance for myself. When I purchased my health insurance through the market place I did my research and made sure the good hospitals and good doctors were in their net work. I decided like many to go with Anthem Blue Cross Access the ppo plan. When I first received my card I went online and made sure those doctors and hospitals were still in the plan and they were. A month later I get a new card and was told that they made a mistake that I did not have the health insurance savings plan. So I was told to go back online and log in and use my new card and sure enough there was only one hospital in the plan now and this hospital "sucks" and none of the good doctors were on the plan. So I called Anthem and waited 45 minutes for someone to pick up the phone. Sure enough they tell me that the doctors and hospitals have the right to opt in and out of the plan at anytime. This is not right I can only pick out a health insurance plan one time a year but a hospital or a doctor can opt in and out when ever they want to? This is not what I paid for! I want access to the doctors and hospitals that showed up when I agreed to buy the plan! I was told I can use the hospitals and doctors that I wanted but they are now out of net work so I must meet my $10,000.00 before they will pay the 40 % of the bill. I am now stuck with a plan I will not be using and now I am without health insurance! I am so MAD!

  198. Gina Williams-Eubanks

    Oklahoma Is 2nd State Allowed to Opt Out of Obamacare
    Friday, 06 Sep 2013 04:38 PM

    The federal government has granted Oklahoma a one-year extension to operate its own healthcare program, Governor Mary Fallin said on Friday, making it the second state this week to receive such an exception under President Barack Obama's medical reform law.
    Oklahoma is one of several Republican-led states that have rejected federal government incentives to expand the Medicaid healthcare program for the poor and declined to set up its own health insurance exchange for consumers to shop for insurance.
    Fallin, who has repeatedly rejected the Affordable Care Act, said Oklahoma had negotiated an extension through 2014 for its Insure Oklahoma program.

  199. Gina Williams-Eubanks

    Published May 6th, 2014 by ObamaCare Facts

    About 5.7 million people will be uninsured in 2016 because 24 States have not expanded Medicaid. Some Missourians decided that wasn't OK and decided to do something about it. Read the Washington Post article here and see the footage here.

    Better do your Homework and check on this?

  200. Vicki Holtshouser Coggins

    Amy Dugas, just buy insurance for heaven's sake and do the responsible thing! I've never been without health insurance my entire life and I'm 58 years old! Good grief, how can people not understand their responsibility, I just don't get it!

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