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WWE News: Update On Sting, Signed Contract Is No Longer A Sure Thing

Earlier this year, The Inquisitr reported a rumor that Sting would be signing with the WWE for only one match against the Undertaker. Then, the WWE added fuel to the rumor fire by teasing an Undertaker versus Sting match at Wrestlemania XXXI on their official website marquee. Unfortunately, it seems all these rumors and teasers are simply the hopeless imaginings of an iconic battle that may never be.

According to Wrestlezone, the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer newsletter reported that the idea of Sting signing a WWE contract is no longer cast in concrete. This is a big deal because numerous articles prior to this one reported Sting’s contract status wasn’t an issue of “if” he will sign, but “when” he will sign on the dotted line.

Now, the big “I-F” is more prominent than ever. The longer it takes for Sting to sign a contract with the WWE, the less likely it becomes that he will ever will. Although the WWE is the only major wrestling promotion Sting has never worked for, he may have decided he wants no part of Mr. McMahon’s current business problems.

The WWE is in the beginning stages of financial chaos. They still have enough money to handle their expenses, but the goal of any business is profits, not mere survival. With their share price plummeting like it was the Great Depression, along with Vince McMahon’s net worth demoting him down to the pathetic status of a mediocre millionaire, why would Sting sign on a ship that just struck the iceberg of failure.


As wrestling fans are well aware, the only match Sting wants to participate in is against the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Unfortunately, this situation is now a huge unknown because of two factors, both resulting from Wrestlemania XXX.

First, the Undertaker’s streak is now broken. No more streak means that an Undertaker versus Sting match is a main event match minus the life changing drama. Now, it’s just a matter of who will win, instead of will the steak survive?

Second, the Undertaker may have just taken his final bow as far as his wrestling career is concerned. I know many fans forgave Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, but their match was horrendously slow and boring. There is no sugar coating the fact because it is true.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand why the match was so slow. Years of abuse and nagging injuries tend to do that to any wrestler. It was even reported that Undertaker broke his neck during his match against Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX. As loyal as the Undertaker is to the WWE and Vince personally, he has three young children at home, and he probably isn’t willing to end up a cripple for one more match.

Sports World News did write that Sting may still have a good chance of signing with the WWE, especially if he were to be inducted into the 2015 Hall of Fame. But now, thanks to all the delays and confusion, the majority of wrestling fans, including the WWE universe, are unsure if Sting will ever step inside a WWE ring.

Sting has said this isn’t the first time he negotiated with WWE for a contract, and he turned them down before. Let’s hope this time, he’ll go through with it. It would be truly awesome to finally see Sting, even if it’s just for one amazing match.

But, say what you will, Sting Vs. Undertaker was most fans dream match, and now it will never happen. However, there is a tiny ray of hope in this saga because if anyone has the talent and the charisma to provoke wrestling fans to a frenzy of excitement, even without the Undertaker, it is the one and only Icon himself, the incomparable Sting!

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