President Obama Surprises people

Awesome Surprise! President Obama Bumps In To Random People, Chats With Them! [Video]

What was just another normal day in Washington D.C. for many residents and tourists recently turned exciting when someone really special bumped in to them. After all, it’s not everyday that you meet the most powerful man on Earth in person! The sudden appearance of President Obama, taking a casual stroll through a Washington park, surprised many people in the area who were not expecting to meet him there!

When people finally met him, one of the bystanders even asked him, “Are you real?” probably assuming he was one of the many impostors who mimic the President for a living. However, this was the real deal.

President Obama had a suit slung over his shoulder and seemed to make quite an impression with the crowd as he met people and wished one of them “Happy Birthday” as well. In fact, for people who didn’t notice him, President Obama actually called out to them to grab their attention.

The nearly three-minute long video clip recently released by the White House also shows the President interacting with a vendor and asking her “How’s business?” The cutest part of the video shows two kids, one of whom claims to be four and three quarters old when President Obama asked him about his age. They received special White House goodies, according to the White House Blog.

Towards the end of the video, he is seen posing with a family for pictures with the woman still shell shocked. The woman is also heard saying “It’s the best day of my life.” President Obama patiently waited for two pictures to be clicked by the family. As the picture is taken the woman adds that people will think they’re posing with a wax replica of him. Later he is seen greeting a bunch of people and apologizing to a woman for “messing up her run.”

The event was captured on camera as President Obama was heading over to the nearby Department of the Interior from the White House through a grassy area on the mall known as the Ellipse. He was on his way to the Interior Department to sign a proclamation designating a national monument in New Mexico. In the midst of the walk, he decided to break with tradition and mingle with citizens and tourists. This event also happened days after President Obama had surprised little leaguers when he stopped by a practice session.

Do you think this attempt to connect to the masses by President Obama was a great move on part of him and could go a great way to get his approval ratings soaring again?

[Image via White House Official Photo]