Bad Baby Photos

Can A Baby Even Take A Picture That Isn’t Cute? These Bad Baby Pictures Will Make You Wonder

Babies are always cute. Well, almost always. When you check out this set of photos, you may have to take a serious look at your preconceived notions about baby cuteness, because these are some seriously bad baby photos.

Actually, let’s face it — the worse these babies look in the photos, the cuter they are. Mostly. And who’s to say the babies don’t know exactly what they’re doing in these pictures, which feature some of the most bizarre baby facial expressions you’ll ever see. Recent studies have shown that babies are much more intelligent than we grown-ups may think they are.

So keeping in mind that these babies might just be pulling your leg all along, check out these 15 bad baby pictures, which were originally collected by Ellen Degeneres.


Who doesn’t need a few cocktails before a stressful photo shoot?

Bad Baby 1


Come any closer and you better believe I’ll plant this thing…

Bad Baby 2


And on the eighth day, God created bad hair.

Bad Baby 3


This thing on my head is so ridiculous that I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Bad Baby 4


What are you waiting for? Let’s get this freakin’ diaper changed sometime before Christmas!

Bad Baby 5


If your plan is to dress me up like this dork, I’ll tell you right now: not gonna happen!

Bad Baby 6


This baby is not impressed.

Bad Baby 7


This is the last time you put me in a puffy dress.

Bad Baby 8


Get this useless bear offa me!

Bad Baby 9


Oh my God, Mom! This is fur!

Bad Baby 10


On second thought, we’re not sure this is actually a baby.

Bad Baby 11


Rosemary’s Baby is out of the crib.

Bad Baby 12


The jury is still out on this whole outside-the-womb thing.

Bad Baby 13


Future Church Ladies Of America — Charter Member

Bad Baby 14


Um, yeah. This is good one to end on.

Bad Baby 15

What do you think now? Babies — cute or not so cute?