ATM Machine

Man Makes Love To ATM Station, Guess What Lonnie Hutton Went After Next?

After a man named Lonnie Hutton made love to an ATM machine, he continued his sex escapade by going after other physical objects of his affection.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, two cheating cops were caught sexting each other, and it’s even alleged they were having sex while on duty.

The Murfreesboro police department says that 49-year-old Hutton emerged from the Boro Bar and Grille around 9:30 pm. Although it was still early in the evening, Hutton was quite drunk, and, unfortunately, the charges of public intoxication barely begin to cover the events that unfolded next.

Police officer Michael Rickard explains:

“Mr. Hutton entered the bar and walked to the ATM. Once at the ATM, Mr. Hutton pulled down his pants and underwear exposing his genitals, Mr. Hutton then attempted to have sexual intercourse with the ATM.”

The drunken man then walked around the bar on unsteady feet while still missing his pants. To top it all off, the man was continuing to thrust his hips in all directions, according to scandalized witnesses, who say he had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and reeked of alcohol.

The police officers took the still partially naked Hutton out of the bar and ordered that he sit down at a wooden picnic table. Rickard said the incident became even more bizarre:

“Once outside, Mr. Hutton again exposed himself and (attempted to) engage in sexual intercourse with the wooden picnic table.”

Before Lonnie Hutton could find any other physical objects to sexually assault, police officers transported him to the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center where he is being held on $250 bond. He was booked with the charge of public intoxication and will appear in court on July 1, 2014.