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Breastfeeding Campaign Posters Criticized As Obscene

"When Nurture Calls" is a breastfeeding campaign. The posters are upsetting people.

A student led breastfeeding campaign, “When Nurture Calls” is causing a stir in Texas. The breastfeeding campaign, created by University of North Texas graphic-art majors Johnathan Wenske and Kris Haro, aims to ensure a mother’s right to breastfeed in public. The posters depict young nursing mothers hiding in bathroom stalls to feed their babies. The body copy on the ad asks: “Would you eat here?”

“To start off, there would be print ads placed on the back of bathroom stalls,” the breastfeeding campaign’s web-release explains. “These ads create a ‘reflection’ of the stall facing it, and show mothers who have been harassed to the point where they feel they have no other option but to nurture their baby in the restroom as to not offend anyone.”

The first image, posted on Facebook by a blogger known as Mama Bean, received about 8,000 shares right away and incited a dialogue in the comments area that were both incredibly supportive and incredibly supportive. The posters were described as encouraging women to expose their “sex objects” and others called nursing in public trashy. These are the exact sentiments the student led breastfeeding campaign is fighting against. A majority of the over 2,200 Facebook comments were supportive of women nursing in public.

Johnathan and Kris, both 20, said they were inspired to launch the campaign after reading a story from 2011 where a breastfeeding mother was harassed in a Target store. “We thought that was totally messed-up,” Johnathan told Yahoo Shine. The pro-breastfeeding pair decided to run with it when they caught wind of the state bill that was introduced in 2013 by Representative Jessica Farrar. Texas has laws that only loosely support breastfeeding women. The breastfeeding campaign attempted to help to pass HB1706 which would have protected breastfeeding mothers from discrimination and harassment should they choose to nurse in public. The bill hoped to strengthen the right to breastfeed and prevent future harassment like what happened at the Target store. That bill fizzled in the legislative session the first time through, but a spokesperson for the representative said the idea will be re-introduced into legislation in January of next year.

Huffington Post reported of the breastfeeding campaign, “In partnership with breastfeeding advocacy group La Leche League, the campaign hopes to drum up support for HB 1706, a bill in the Texas state legislature that would protect breastfeeding mothers from harassment and discrimination.” The press information presented by Johnathan Wenske, however, states that La Leche League is not partnered with “When Nurture Calls” at this time; the advocacy group is also actively working to promote Farrar’s pro-breastfeeding bill though.

What do you think of the “When Nurture Calls” student led breastfeeding campaign posters?

[Campaign poster photos by Johnathan Wenske/Kris Haro]

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36 Responses to “Breastfeeding Campaign Posters Criticized As Obscene”

  1. Carolyn Fine

    It's absolutely ludicrous that a campaign of this type is necessary, anywhere. Those who oppose mothers' rights to feed their babies wherever that natural needs arises, should contain their sexually perverted and abnormal feelings, get over it, and just deal.

  2. Penny Ford

    I actually find femine product commercials offensive.
    I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding posters or seeing someone breastfeeding.

  3. Judith Anne

    I never breastfed in a bathroom stall. I was modest enough to cover up with a cloth diaper or light blanket. Nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public, and there is nothing wrong with being modest about it. Personally, I don't want to see a woman's full breasts when I am out in public. I also don't want to see anybody's butt crack, but for some reason my eyes are being assaulted with that image almost daily.

  4. Penny Ford

    I agree they do look young but at least they're feeding their babies the best way. Wish I couldve

  5. Teresa Montgomery

    I would be more comfortable doing it in private.

  6. Roger Bloodgood

    Beast feeding is a BEAUTIFUL and natural act. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a prude!
    True story: I saw a mother breast feeding in the parking lot of a Wal-mart . She was sitting in the back of a mini van with the hatch up. This "lady" parked next to her got out and told her she needed to cover up because she did not want her little girls seeing that sort of thing. She then went and got her girls out of her car. Two of them maybe 10 and 8 years old were dressed in halter tops and short shorts (Daisy Dukes) butt cheeks showing and all. As they were passing the mother who did not cover herself the "lady" started yelling at her that she told her to cover up. The mother and baby started crying.I walked over and told her to shut her fat mouth hand to take her girls home and dress them properly. She told me to mind my own business, that I had no right to tell her how her girls should dress. I said that if she let her girls dress like little whores she had no right to tell anyone to cover up. She slapped me across the face hard enough to brake my lip open. I said thank you now you are going to go to jail and your girls to CPS. She beat feet out of there and I never saw her again.

  7. Ruth Sutton

    I see no harm in someone breast feeding their baby anywhere,but i don'think that a child or a woman of any age should have to go to the bathroom and nurse their baby in a stall, there should be a room for nursing mothers in every building, it's a beautiful natural thing

  8. Jayne Tasker

    Ok let's see. We are to protest a natural act that is healthy for a child, yet allow the wearing of pants so low the crotch is level with the knees or others who sit down and they are so low and tight that their rear end is hanging out? Yeah, that makes sense to me. Breastfeeding lewd and perverted, pants hanging low acceptable. Elementary school girls dressed like streetwalkers ok too. My dad would never have let me out of the house dressed like the kids today. Yet these mothers are shamed and forced to hide in disgusting public toilets? Shame on America.

  9. Naomi White

    Beth Lambert, they may look young yes, but when I had my daughter I was 25 and most people gave me horrible looks and thought I was only 12. I even had people say how proud I must be to be a big sister and gasped when I said she was mine. I see no problems with public breastfeeding. But they need to do it modestly. I agree with Judith, be modest and use a light blanket. However I did use the restroom as well as changing rooms at times.

  10. Phoenix Matthews

    Why cant people just accept that they shouldnt have their boobs hanging out like that? Why cant they just throw a blanket over their shoulder and cover up? I breastfed my son and no one even knew when i was feeding him cause i covered up. Its not that hard.

  11. Robert Ashley

    Well typical of the inquistr, they do not disclose the group or groups who are doing the criticizing it as obscene. I think there is by far much less opposition to breast feeding in Texas where abortion is frowned upon by most people. I could care less where you feed that baby as long as you had the courage not to kill it. Feed it right out in the open at the table next to mine at the Lone Star Steakhouse for all I care, it's a fat and happy ALIVE baby that is fine with me.

  12. Samantha McGuire Flynn

    The point is for the mother to feel comfortable doing whatever that mother is comfortable with doing while breast feeding her child. Wherever she is.

  13. Rosalind Farrera

    Question: has anyone covered up their baby while breastfeeding in public? I remember my son onetime sweating so much during one feeding. I would cover myself up but sometimes it was too hot to have them all covered up

  14. Dawn Wimpfheimer Moothedan

    I'm all for breastfeeding. One thing this country has lost completely is a sense of modesty. We as women just throw our bodies out there for everyone to see. I nursed my kids everywhere, even walking around a store and none knew. You have to be descent and modest about it. People are not offended that you are breastfeeding. They are offended because they don't want to see you're boobs hanging out everywhere. Have some self respect and cover yourself up at least.

  15. Roger Bloodgood

    Go back and reread . NO we are not to protest a natural and healthy act! Yes we are to protest those who find it OFFENSIVE! I don't even like to go into a public restroom to wash my hands, and if I was a breastfeeding mother I would never go in one to feed my baby!

  16. Cortney Pearce-Gienapp

    My kids wouldn't eat if I covered their head. To this day they won't even sleep with blankets on them.

  17. Brittiany Baker

    I see what you mean. Really I do. When ever I eat I love having a blanket over my face. I'm sure babies love not being able to see their mother and sweating so much their clothes are drenched. Have you ever had to eat with a blanket over your head? It is AMAZING!!!

  18. Phoenix Matthews

    Brittiany Baker lol you guys are pretty funny. Sorry but these are invalid. air can get through if you do it right. Plus if the kid starts eating with a blanket over them from day one they dont know any different. I used a blanket even at home so they never had a chance to get used to no blanket. Sorry but its the way life is. i dont like seeing peoples boobs when they breast feed either. I dont like to see people in bikinis. I just think its not apropriate to be showing so much skin.

  19. Cortney Pearce-Gienapp

    If your covering up at home it sounds like you could use a little skin. What an uptight judgmental narrow minded individual you must be. Invalid? How dared you bestow your puritan ideas on anyone. And for your information my last child has sensory issues. So no that's not how life is. For her a blanket feels like sand paper. You have no clue what is going on with other people or their children. There are endless reasons for someone not to cover. from sensory issues to latching problems. I can't imagine being so wrapped up in my own little world that I get offended by a child eating.

  20. Phoenix Matthews

    Cortney Pearce-Gienapp I am not offended by a child eating. If i had my way people would get over their boob issues its just nature. and your right. i had never heard of sensory issues. I apologize. I am a bit uninformed as i am a young mother myself and my child never had any sort of issues. I just couldnt think of a reason people couldnt cover up. Now i know. sorry again. But there are many ways to avoid being looked down upon. Perhaps we should try to fight people being offended instead. But it seems to be a loosing battle.

  21. Sandi Asazawa

    When my son was a baby, I fed him anywhere necessary. I tried to cover up, but it didnt always work out perfectly. I figure if someone has a problem with seeing me feed my son, it is THEIR issue and not mine. we are a sick society if the act of nurturing and feeding an innocent baby seems disgusting or offensive. Hiding in a bathroom stall to feed your child is ridiculous! I think the ones offended need to check their own sick attitudes!!

  22. Joseph Johnson

    I absolutely agree with you, it is ludicrous that this is a necessary campaign. Breast feeding is a beautiful and natural thing, it is good for the child and it is good for the Mother. I also agree that the right to breastfeed should be protected whenever and where ever that need arises. I was breast fed, my children were breast fed, and my grand children will be breast fed, and it will not be in a restroom.

  23. Joseph Johnson

    Why shouldn't they? why should they have to be uncomfortable, or make their child uncomfortable to satisfy someone else? Any onlookers that find the act of breast feeding distasteful can exerciser their personal right to not watch, to walk away. In America you have the right to not stand there and gawk and be offended, but no where in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights are you guaranteed the right not to be offended.

  24. Tha G ForeverYoung

    The craziest part is the people complaining are the exact same people claiming to be PRO-LIFE! What is it that they think breasts are created for? Absolutely insane.

  25. Catty Greentree

    A sarong or a beach wrap work great and either is very light. But that's up to the mother, and sometimes the baby, who may just lift the blanket all the time.

  26. Keeley Schultz

    What if your baby doesn't like eating under a blanket? Would you want to eat with something over your head? Just seething to think about.

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