CM Punk

WWE News: Friend Of CM Punk Examines Why He Left, Timetable For His Return

Sometimes you just don’t know why people do things. In the case of CM Punk, you see a guy who leaves and yet you never hear from him afterward. The only glimpses of the man were simply made in passing or on random AMC talk shows. CM Punk left the WWE in January and the world has been awaiting a return to the company, something we could still see but also may not.

CM Punk’s ex-girlfriend who also remains a close friend of his wrote about him recently on Redeye Chicago. She did an essay examining the reasons he left, titling her essay, “My friend is famous and it sucks.” In a small excerpt from the essay, she said the following:

My friend can’t go to Target. He can’t go to Great America, the grocery store or any mall anywhere. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him escape a restaurant without getting Instagrammed by diners at nearby tables. People mob him in the airport and tweet angrily when he doesn’t stop to sign autographs because he has a flight to catch.

She also said that just a few weeks ago he saw a young fan and his mom cramming Easter candy into the mail slot of his front door. Before that he was met by fans trying to take his picture as he walked out of his house to take out the trash. The man can’t even take his trash out in peace.

She said that he is “retired” and wants to possibly remain that way for good.

She said that 5 years ago, he made enough to quit the WWE. This is why he was ready to leave in 2011 and didn’t need the WWE. Despite how much he had, she said that CM Punk would carpool with other wrestlers to save on gas money. So basically, Punk is a cheapskate. That is actually a good thing in the business of pro-wrestling, especially after you see examples of how bad it can be to have to stick around due to being broke like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan.

So CM Punk could have been gone only a few years into his WWE career due to the ability he had with his finances. This is why no amount of money could make CM Punk return if he does not want to. People believe that if WWE offers a blank check of sorts then Punk would easily return knowing how much money he could make. The thing is, he doesn’t need the money like other talent does. So he does not have to work with WWE one more day. This is why he was completely comfortable leaving the WWE despite his contract still ongoing.

Punk’s contract is set to expire around July, so he still has a few months left to return. WWE will be in Chicago in a few weeks for WWE’s Payback PPV. Due to this, Punk would have a big time to return. AJ Lee is expected to return to the WWE around this time, where she will begin a program with current Diva’s Champion Page.

AJ Lee and CM Punk

We can confirm now that AJ Lee and CM Punk are either set to marry soon or may have already done so. Either way, the rock she was sporting a while back on WWE RAW proved the rumors that were going on about an engagement. WWE gave her time off to take care of all these things, which is why she has been gone since the RAW after WrestleMania 30.

She will be part of WWE’s European Tour in late May, where WWE will most likely have her start a rivalry with Paige then she’d appear on American soil for TV by June around Payback, which again takes place from Chicago. Punk and AJ have been spotted at MLB and NHL games together since both took time away. So we know that they are together and we also know that AJ has no plans to leave. This led to some reports that Punk may only come back for one reason, AJ.

As for Punk’s friend, most take what she said with a grain of salt. While what CM Punk has to go through may be difficult, he knew what he was getting into going in. He also knows that where he lives and how huge he is within the city of Chicago will lead to issues with fans. He could have moved, but he decided not to despite the ability to have done so years ago.

So to be honest, no one can feel bad for a man who got rich due to his great ability in the ring yet has to deal with the fans he made and catered to for so many years. Honestly, trying to make fans feel bad about being fans is idiotic. Punk wanted the fame and wanted the success. It may be tough to handle, but he got what he wanted. Now he has to deal with the consequences of it. Many would kill to have his position in life and while he may not complain publicly about it, if he ever feels like it has been too much then I don’t think anyone will care about his first world problem.

Punk has remained silent mostly since his WWE departure. While this has been good and bad for him, it has only made fans more and more angry not seeing him. So the stir of it all will only continue until he returns or sets things right in some way. If neither happen, we’ll still hear CM Punk chants in WWE and fans will continue to want something Punk will not give to them.