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Unemployment Extension 2014: Senator May Tie Benefits To Massive Tax Cut Bill

Unemployment extension 2014

The 2014 unemployment extension passed by the Senate in early April, but which has since stalled in the face of Republican opposition in the House where speaker John Boehner refuses to even allow a vote on the extension, may get one last chance next week.

Nevada Senator Dean Heller, a Republican who broke with his party to co-sponsor of the 2014 unemployment extension bill, now says he plans to attach the extension as a rider to a bill that is near and dear to Republicans’ hearts — a massive, $85 billion package of corporate tax breaks expected to come to a Senate vote next week.

“We are taking a look at favorable pieces of legislation out there that we can attach something to,” Heller told the Washington publication Roll Call, confirming that he will attempt to hook the unemployment extension to the 2014 tax cut bill.

The tax cut package has support from both parties — it was passed by the Democratic-run Senate Finance Committee on April 4 — and extends for two years a wide range of corporate tax breaks, such as loopholes for Hollywood movie studios, rum importers and NASCAR track owners.

If Heller can attach the unemployment extension to the tax-break bill, which is a lock to pass the Senate, it would put House Republicans in the awkward position of voting against tax cuts for big business, an issue central to the Republican economic platform, simply to stop long term unemployed Americans from receiving badly-needed assistance.

The 2014 unemployment extension bill was co-sponsored by Heller and Democratic Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed. As of March 2014, Rhode Island had the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 8.7 percent.

Heller’s home state of Nevada was second-worst with 8.5 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Their bill would renew benefits for job seekers who have been unemployed for more than 26 weeks, and continue those benefits through the end of May. But the benefits would be paid retroactively to the end of last year, when they were suddenly cut off when congress failed even to take a vote authorizing an unemployment extension into 2014.

Last week Heller personally called Boehner, urging him to allow a vote on the unemployment extension bill, but the House speaker rebuffed him.

The corporate tax cut bill is looked on as a “must pass” by both parties, so attaching the 2014 unemployment extension to the $85 million package may be the last hope for bringing some kind of support to the nearly 3 million unemployed Americans who abruptly lost their benefits at the end of last year.

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156 Responses to “Unemployment Extension 2014: Senator May Tie Benefits To Massive Tax Cut Bill”

  1. Cindy Anundi

    Millions…billions… Guess its all the same to them. I just hope this one last try at passion the extension finally works. People need it… Millions and billions of people. Lol

  2. Alan Motley

    For the first time ever I have to hand it to THIS specific republican. This actually may work… God I hope!

  3. Tasha Robinson

    The Ripp Off's are a joke – now they pass a tax law for the wealthy and at the same time take credit for saving 3 million plus unemployed people. Boehner should have put the legislation up for vote a long time ago. The bill should not be connected to another law. Please keep in mind it waa the Ripp Off'S (REPUBLICANS) that put Ameeicans in this position to begin with. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!!!

  4. Carla Burris

    This shows that we live in a DemoRepublic society.They will pass a 85 billion dollar tax break to people who are already wealthy but wont pass a bill for 2 billion to help people desperately in need. We need to wake up, this process of the government is a joke. Both parties serve corporate interest before the interest of the majority. This is the reason Obama could not get rid of the Bush tax cuts.

  5. Allen R. Hill

    We have a sick government. Send this to your friends and maybe the word will get around. Research it yourself.

    If the warmongering Republicans start another war, young people, parents and grandparents need consider that the DRAFT may have to be brought back.

    Male U.S. citizens, and male immigrants living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service for possible DRAFT.

    Every war or invasion of another country was STARTED when a Republican President was in office. Read the history for yourself, below the following statistics for the Vietnam War.

    The last man was drafted June 30, 1973.
    Vietnam War Statistics
    Source: U.S. Government
    Total U.S. deaths: 58,202 (Includes men formerly classified as MIA and Mayaguez Casualties.) Men who have subsequently died of wounds account for the changing total.
    61% of the men killed were 21 or younger.

    Every war or invasion of a country by theUSA since 1953 was STARTED while a Republican President was in office. Read the facts below:

    1953 Republican President Eisenhower STARTED things by sending U.S. military advisers into Vietnam. By 1961 Republican President Eisenhower sent 900 U.S. troops into Vietnam. Vietnam did not attack the USA. The USA attacked Vietnam because of a lie called the "Domino Theory" that our government put over on us.
    1961 to 1970, the USA under Democrat Presidents Kennedy and LBJ CONTINUED to send hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops into Vietnam until the total reached 550,000 U.S. troops in Vietnam by 1968. It is hard to stop aggression once it begins.
    1970 Republican President Nixon sent U.S. troops into Cambodia.
    1971 Republican President Nixon continued sending in U.S. troops until he resigned in disgrace in 1974 because of the Watergate Scandal.
    1983 Republican President Reagan authorized Operation Urgent Fury, a 1983 United States-led invasion of Grenada, a Caribbean island nation with a population of about 91,000.
    1991 Republican President Herbert Walker Bush fired missiles and sent U.S. troops into Iraq in Operation Desert Storm.
    2001 Republican President George Walker Bush (aka "Dubya" Bush) sent U.S. troops into Afghanistan.
    2003 Republican George Walker Bush began the Iraq War.
    1941 Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt obtained declarations of war against Germany, Japan and Italy committed troops into WWII after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor WWII was over for Germany when Hitler committed suicide April 30, 1945.
    1945 Democrat President Harry S. Truman authorized dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima, Japan and Nagasaki, Japan on August 6 and 9, 1941. and the Japanese surrendered on August 14, 1945
    Democrat President Barack Obama:
    (1) Eliminated Osama bin Laden.
    (2) Ordered all U.S. military forces out of Iraq.
    (3) U.S. forces are scheduled to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014.
    (4)Toppled Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi with a coalition of European and Arab governments in military action.

    I was a Republican from 1962 until 2007. I wised up, I now vote for the candidate who lies the least. Romney out lied President Obama, hands down!

  6. Darlene Bentilla

    What good is it until the end of May ? What about all the people who just lost their benefits ? The ones who only got 26 weeks with no extensions at all.

  7. Alan Motley

    I feel for them for sure but nearly 3 million have been waiting months… The clock just starts for them

  8. Pamela Pica

    This is the only way it will pass. Give a Billion get a few thousand we can save our selves….my car is one payment from being taken…

  9. Brenda Hall

    You are making it so much easy for people to keep sticking up coners store and banks because they don't have the means to feed there family they can't even get help from the government but your azz is eating and your bills are paid get a life remember election is soon to come lets see what happens to those people who holds the power to that pen each one reach one each one teach one !!!!!

  10. Bj Rhodes

    I'm a single mother an my unemployment benefits have ran out. Therefore no income at all. While the Republicans goto enjoy there million dollar homes an chef cooked meals, people are becoming homeless! You have the nerve to take your time! WOW!

  11. Mark Lott

    Staged politics. Four months of hell, to get to this? You would think a bill to help prevent over 3 millrion American citizens from eviction and starvation could stand on it's own and zoom through Congress. Truly let down by a Party that I supported all of my life-Democrats, for allowing the Republicans to destroy so many families.

  12. Anna Lujan

    I have lost everything because of them.I erge all to vote them out this year.Let them join us on the unemployment line and see how it feels to lose every thing like we have.I just feel like giving up and joining my lord Jesus.

  13. Gloria Walkowiak

    They are lucky they got 26 weeks, our Govenor lowered ours to 20 weeks, I only have 2 weeks left the extra 6 would of helped me, at 62 I have applied for over 250 jobs with no luck!

  14. Novice Horne

    If they can do this great!! I do not believe people understand how tough it is out here trying to get employment . Every time a job vacancy occurs…twenty- fifty people fighting for one slot. I am educated with lots of experience and for the first time ever need help…been paying taxes over forty years. They vote to send money every where …look out for fellow Americas First!!!

  15. Crystal Strickland

    think about the states that only get 18 weeks of unemployment how do you think they feel?

  16. Gina James

    Repeatedly leading us to believe that maybe next week our government will stand and defend me in my despair
    nowing where your next penny will come from will be over. Then they go on recess or vacation or take a spa week only to announce nothing has changed.

  17. Teni J. Martin

    And once again they show their fealty to the Corporate Masters while shafting the Serfs ( aka; the NON-Millionaire class of Americans; previously known as the middle class !!!). Stop allowing Corporations to run this country as an Ogliarchy !!!!

  18. Teni J. Martin

    Alan Motley ; And you are willing to give major Corporations and people like Mitt Romney even MORE money ???? This bill should be tied to NOTHING !!! That is what got us into the mess we are now in…tying things that are detrimental to things that are essential !!!!!

  19. John Lisle

    The Geriatric Obstructionist Party will help the rich get richer with a tax break bill but won't help the working class of this country put food on their table. Can you get more odious and than that? And these rich scum expect to get into the Kingdom of Heaven with this gross immorality. How much money do you assholes need?

  20. Nicole Zopf

    Our government is so sickening the rich get richer the poorer get poorer !!! I'm saving little by little to move from here. It definitely isn't the best place on earth !

  21. Debra Maynard-sims

    to all ohio people that are a republicans not to vote boehner in his next election because he will not give us middle class pople. i am a republican and i am going to change from republican to democratic the hell with republican shame on me never again. i am 57 yrs old and never used unemployment before. i am on food stamps. say NO TO BOEHNER PLEASE. DEMOCATICS WAY TO GO. AND HE CAN KISS WERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE AND THAT IS MY A_ _.. SO OHIO PEOPLE HELP US OUT

  22. Lisa Glenn

    Ohio you still need someone to run against boehner this election. That's why he is not concerned he is a shoe in for another term. We need to really see who is being backed by who before we vote this year. . . They are getting tax breaks but I bet irs will be looking towards us to pay taxes next year even though we have no income.

  23. Alcides Acevedo

    My car was repo,lost my apt n now living house to house with my son! Even tho life seems to hate us at the moment I willnot give up!!!!! Still looking for work but hopefully this will pass so I could buy a used car n start all over! God bless everyone

  24. Beth Urie Driscoll

    I am appalled that our government can send millions overseas but is not willing to help their own people at home. My husband wants to work but cannot even get an interview. Washington get your own house in order before saving the world. It is time to help the American people!

  25. Dennis Corbo

    What is it republicans and democrats don't understand.
    Any congressman that would allow Americans to purposely suffer, yet said billions around the world should be, you fill in. The blanks.

  26. Carolyn Forester

    I commend Heller and Reed for continuing to try and break through another barrier by offering a win for the economy. I don't expect Boehner or many other line your pocket politicians with Big Corporate and Lobby Group Agendas, to care about 3 million voters yet come election time the GOP will wish they had…..I am 49 always voted conservative to moderate….not anymore I am disgusted with the selfish, power mongering that has taken place in the House and Senate.!!!!!!!!

  27. Ray Henningson Jr

    You are right. Mine are about to expire and thats not right. So I get screwed as well. Not right. Give everyone from point of signature of bill 14 weeks and if some are retro fine and others would give the 14, or 10, or 12 left etc. This would carry alot of us so we can find a job. Just passing something and retro it doesnt do anythng for the 70k each week after 12/28 that lost their jobs. It should be for all long term unemployed and to the people in charge, dont expect my vote or money anytime soon. You all suck!. working 28 years into a system and I paid tax and worked hard ony to be kicked in the face and called lazy.

  28. Heart Full Home Care

    The numbers are higher that what they are calculating for 'total' unemployed people. What about all the kids getting out of school looking for work as well? They have never had jobs and do not get counted as unemployed as they have not had benefits. And upon looking for work most of the jobs on these websites are duplicates. They have been on these sites forever. They don't purge what they put up. Whole thing is a MESS.

  29. Phil Hunsberger

    these people that support that dumbass better open there eyes when his time is up I have been working for 30+ yrs frist time without my employment this 49.5per needs to be looked at to lost my home lost all of my credit over one f–king republican

  30. Fran Halcomb Vermilyer

    Someone in Ohio that has gotten cut off there unemployment benefits should run against that piece of crap they would get all the votes American my a!! He is not an American he is a snake in the grass someone stomp him out

  31. Mena Steveson

    ALL WRONG AND SOMEGOOD COMES TO A END !!!! AND THEY DAY IS NOT THAT LONG .Because the REPUBLICANS think buy the time 2016 Gets here people would be Dum again and vote for them but they better read Galatians 6:6-8 the bible If they no what that is when 2016 gets here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. John Carmiche

    Nevada Senator Dean Heller, a Republican who broke with his party to co-sponsor of the 2014 unemployment extension bill, now says he plans to attach the extension as a rider to a bill that is near and dear to Republicans’ hearts — a massive, $85 billion package of corporate tax breaks expected to come to a Senate vote next week.this goes along with what i have been saying rich get richer but as long as they pass the bill for extended unemployment at this point in time i dont care..Most damage i can do is in nov elections like i hope millions do.

  33. Fran Halcomb Vermilyer

    This bill only covers some people what if you run out of unemployment after may then what these people will be in the same boat so let me get this straight they are willing too help ALL RICH AND A FEW POOR MIDDLE CLASS SHAME ON THEM

  34. Joann Jacavage

    You got to understand the rest of the 300 and some million don't care what happens to us they have jobs so they look the other way , But when it happens to hem then they will feel what we feel , People will still vote them in and for what reason I will never figure out .

  35. Peter L Tomaino

    No one said the bill was perfect in any way shape or form . but it took us 3 months before we lost everything after they closed it down. People that are losing it now can apply for it , just as we did, I am not sure how much time you may have after your door closes , but if it more then a month or two , Maybe they will have a better fix of the issues. But right now, many are going to or already have lost so much that finding a job is next to impossible. Try cleaning your self up living in a homeless shelter.

  36. Noneofyourbuss Jayson

    So we 85 billion dollars to a bunch of rich people to give 300 bucks to poor people who may end up homeless lol what a joke.Nov it will be time to fire these idiots.

  37. Noneofyourbuss Jayson

    Really your stupid lol might work lol

  38. Dwain Gallo

    They got Boehner and his cronies, in congress, by the balls with the corporate tax bill!

  39. Tina Grande

    Can someone.clarify, I was cut off at 26 weeks this past march, had been getting all the previous extensions already will be entitled to.five mpre.months.if.this is a.go,.however rant out after extensions you are beat….. I…paid into that for.14 years… bunch of.bullshit to me and those.that getting screwed the most are

  40. Donald W. Grab

    when is this liberal madness going to stop. UE benefits extension for the lazy, uneducated, no ambition
    bums. and to make matters worse give the wealthy more tax breaks. BOEHNER, you had better not give in to this ignorant liberal mess.

  41. Donald W. Grab

    give me a break, with a stupid post like that no wonder you are still unemployed. why are you a
    single mother ? the father's of your children were fed up with your obesity, laziness, poor mother, always bitching about something, on drugs. if you are looking for sympathy from the tax
    payers, grow up. i am sure you are aware of all the welfare programs, rent, food, medical, cash, education, job training, ETC. stop having a pity party and have some respect for yourself.

  42. Donald W. Grab

    poor crying babies ! you voted the bums in for 8 years, now lay in the bed you made. go on welfare which i am sure you already are.

  43. Jim Medleycott

    Just who the hell does Boerner think he is??? I know he's a HEARTLESS ASSHOLE that doesn't deserve to serve the american public!!!

  44. Jimie Nguyen …Sign the petition to intervene John Boehner and allow the Extension for the Unemployed to be acted upon immediately. 100,000 signatures are needed and right now there is only 38…Please sign! Maybe it will help make a difference.

  45. Trina Parkhurst

    So if someone runs out of Unemployment benefits on May 29th…. they get no extension??

  46. Noneofyourbuss Jayson

    Everything in this country a joke from credit to our government. People move out before your not allowed to.

  47. Elle DeLacy

    I totally agree. People who would never think of committing a crime will start to do so simply to feed their families. And no money to provide jobs for police officers (at least here in NV) so be prepared for home invasions and an increase in crime. And John Boehner, I have not said one cruel statement about you as I have reserved myself for saying out loud my true feelings but if you continue to hold the unemployed hostage, calls us lazy and play your political games I will be writing you a lengthy letter but hey, you won't bother to read it as you will be too busy eating your steak and lobster and taking luxurious vacations. Sir, you have no integrity.

  48. Allen R. Hill

    In 1991, at age 50, I became unemployed and could not get a job because of age discrimination–a federal law violation of the Civil Rights of 1964 I might add. I never was able to get reemployed and I survived. I suggest that those of you who cannot finds a job cleaning houses for a living as my wife and I had to do. My MBA and 25 years of progressively higher management positions were of no value. We picked up whatever was of value on the sides of roads; I got where I would jump in a dumpster for something of value. Have yard sales with what you find. Cut yards for neighbors and others.Rent out a room. Contact the local European Consulates in your city and tell them you will rent to students from their country. The Consulates keep a list of people with rooms to rent. These kids are prescreened. Get rid of all frills such as cable, Netflix. Quit eating out. Exercise. Pray. Read the Bible. Go to church or temple.Volunteer. Stop thinking of yourself as that will keep you depressed. No one ever starves in the USA. There are millions all over the world who are starving and have it worse than any of us. Think of them. If you lose your house to foreclosure, you will survive. If your credit is ruined, so what?I do not use credit for anything. Use a debit card. PRIDE WILL KEEP YOU DOWN. Even Donald Trump went bankrupt.Good luck.

  49. Anonymous

    Why didn't the senate democrats add this on to begin with, during the April vote, and why is a house republican having to sponsor the add on? I'm so disappointed in both parties. I've voted independent most of my life and this is a prime example why. Tax breaks for NASCAR and importers of rum. Also so corporations can be rewarded for operating overseas and avoiding tax as shown below.

    The proposed tax extender bill also includes $10.4 billion for an active financing provision, which is crucial for companies that evade taxes on overseas financial transactions. This tax benefit is so important to crooked corporations like General Electric (GE) that the company goes so far as to list the possible loss of this tax loophole as a financial risk factor to its investors in its 10-K filing.

    GE warns investors, “If this provision is not extended, we expect our effective tax rate to increase significantly after 2014.” Apparently scare tactics work, as GE’s lobbying operation has become so effective that the corporation paid little or no federal tax in some years. The company also benefits from other provisions in the extender bill, including the wind production tax credit.

    Meanwhile, in an appalling display of hypocrisy, General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt talks about reducing government spending, and sits as a member of the “Fix the Debt” campaign to encourage fiscal reforms to lower the country’s debt and deficit.

    Roger Ferguson CEO of TIAA , that outsourced over four hundred jobs to India, sits on Obama's Economic Advisory Board. I guess the Economic board is for India not America. How can a president and CEO do this? They're a disgrace.

  50. Anonymous

    Carla THE Bush TAX CUTS went away like all flesh!! Corporate tax cuts are for corporations for research and development. This generally results IN MORE JOBS!!!!! Next semester take economics 1..

  51. Anonymous

    BJ the biggest money contributors are to the democrat party. I can picture a Kennedy or a Soros slaving away in a kitchen..

  52. Phil Griffen

    If they can tag it on to corporate tax break, then were good to go for a couple months, and to millions of Americans, that's all we need to save our families from hitting the street. I will accept any job right now

  53. Alan Motley

    Teni J. Martin Listen I hear you but the fact is they are going to pass the bill… Period… That is going to happen so we have to take advantage of this opportunity to get the help we need.

  54. Veronica Farias

    The sad thing is that we continue to vote for this kind of people..In reality we have the power to vote any one out of office … IF ONLY 3 MILLION PEOPLE WHO ARE UNEMPLOYED COME TOGETHER… but it seems that only few of us are signing petitions and contacting John Boehner.. We could of have this Bill pass a long time ago if we only come together and cause a big media attention.. but the majority of us are just depending on few of us to do the hard work…. That's why John Boe-Hater keeps laughing at us because he does have more power against few of us…

  55. Regina Ellen Foy

    It is about time. They are playing with peoples lives.

  56. Eloy Chavez

    What is wrong with Boehner? He thinks it's all about him and the hell to the 3 million American families.

  57. Stephen Emile

    Most corporations are rich and our government is no longer a government for the people. It is note run by the corporations (the rich). They quckly pass a bill to cut taxes for the corporations that can afford to pay more taxes with no way to pay for the tax cut. The needy can't get an unemployment extension that is paid for, something is not right with that picture. That is why this country is no longer blessed by God the way it used to be. God says take care of the poor and honor him. The majority of americans dont honor God and they don't care about the poor . They worship the almight dollar

  58. Robert Riggione

    I can't wait to vote. Something needs to be done about John Boenher.

  59. Maria Baca

    I am a single mom with no family here and no real friends i lost my job and my car and was in your shoes this past year, i love the lord and he has always provided for me and my girls so when i lost my job last year with a company that i was with for 13 years and with very good pay and benefits i was very depressed and scarred but i knew i had the lord and things would be fine, Well, they were not they got worse! the only good was that i met the love of life in the mist of all this so she helped but we wer now falling together and just when i was loosing all my faith i got a call and was hired on with a good company right across the street so i could walk. The Lord never fails!
    ever he may not show up when we think he should but he shows up and in a BIG way. never stop praying k he is gonna do the same for you

  60. Cory C-Check Craten

    republican don't care about American peoples, they rich and there family are taking care. election come they want get my vote in nov.

  61. Stephan Valcourt

    It's Kind of a little too late . Lost my house and having to move out of my home . But I'm glad 85 million In tax cuts to help rich people takes front row !

  62. Anonymous

    Take a pick between what you want, free benefits for 60 million illegals, or an extension on your Unemployment. thanks to Obama and Democrats, Republicans are forced to choose between their citizens who worked to earn those benefits, and freeloaders who never paid a dime in taxes. We already pay over 65% of our paychecks in taxes, the extension would raise it over 75%, and make no sense for anyone to go to work anymore. what happens to a society, where no one works anymore? thats when communities come together and set up their own societies, and the freeloaders are left outside the community to starve!

  63. John Carmiche

    Domestic terrorists the republican party killing middle class America

  64. Anonymous

    You'll get your pay if your state labor department says your qualify. Have you continued to verify your unemployment status each week since your benefit ran out? It's in your best interest to contact your state labor department if you haven't been. The long term unemployed that ran out of benefits back in December will be allowed to receive retro payment depending on what tier they were in back in December. And for those complaining because they are still receiving benefit but will lose it in a few weeks….well you'll still qualify for at least one tier of the EUC but doubtful you will become long term receiver. What Congress hopes to achieve is have no more of the long term EUC recipients. I agree 99 weeks is a bit excessive! I encourage all of the people to take the time and read this extension bill, you can easily find it online and read it yourself. Next I encourage people to really educate themselves before commenting such foolishness as if your not electing a representative back in office will actually cause them to be unemployed. Do you not realize their salary and benefits are for life? That means no office, all benefits and pay remain!!

  65. P Martinez Estevez

    So many people behind on child support , bank accounts closing,medical prescription co pay

  66. P Martinez Estevez

    Why vote when this can happen 1 man running the show and he not black

  67. John Christopher

    Until These People Are Voted Out Of Office This Shit Will Continu, And Its Up To The People To Vote Em Out…REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER

  68. Ann James

    Maria Baca …..As we say at church God will show up and show out.. Meaning God will works it out …..Hang n there and keep your faith…

  69. Tasha Robinson

    Anna, hand in there don't give up. We all are going to be ok by the grace of GOD!!! My prayers are with you n your family. Bless you!

  70. Linda Canapp

    Maria Baca THE lord is NOT going to help you! If that were the case, don't you think HE would have already done that?

  71. Peter L Tomaino

    Alan Motley you forget in 21 days this bill expires, The tax bill i think has a longer life to go pass that 21 days. All they have to do it stall.
    Do you think GE would want to risk 27 billion dollar Tax break over a few days?

  72. Denise Zimmerman

    Sickening!! The United States can help everyone else in every other country but the people that live in it. I am a single mother in school full time. I got laid off last year and can not find anything comparable(income wise). The worst part is now that I have possibly found a job (after no income since March) I have no money to get to the training for the job. I am selling stuff in my house just to get gas money to drive to interviews. Stop playing with peoples lives and thinking that everyone is worthless. What about helping all the people that are sincerely trying to do and be better. Help your fellow Americans get a little bit of our lives back!! We can only ask for help from family members for so long.

  73. Peter L Tomaino

    I been thinking about that , but I can't afford to buy the gun

  74. Linda Canapp

    Peter L Tomaino well.. I was shot when I was 12, so the gun thing is kinda touchy with me.

  75. Dave Peck

    If you people put half as much effort into looking for a job as you do whining , crying, and beggin for handouts, you would have a job already. I have been employed and unemployed 6 times in the last 5 years…but, I am still working and don't have to ask nobody for nothing! Some jobs don't pay, some are the pits BUT, it is still a Job !!

  76. Anonymous

    55 – Democrat Senators — But No — E-VERIFY — Obama Stopped Deporting At Business — BLACK CAUCUS — Does NOTHING == No Vot — COMMIES

  77. Dra Jacques Aguilar-Taylor


  78. Dwain Gallo

    Heller has Boehner by the balls with the taxbill! Heller forPresident!

  79. Lydia Smith

    I feel everyone's pain.. But having your car taken is not nearly as bad as all these single parents on the verge of losing their homes…

  80. Anonymous

    288000 jobs were added last month…so what's the problem?

    Oh Yeah…75% of the jobs added were at minimum wage.

    How they forgot to mention that though…..


  81. Frank Johnson

    Yeah!! the Repub hypocrites wanted to send about 50 million to the Ukraine- who never asked for any of OUR money -because they are scared of the Big bad RUSSIANS..

  82. Frank Johnson

    Those law making hypocrites. Tax breaks for Hollywood movie studios, rum importers and NASCAR track owners. Who already make millions of dollars. Let me be clear there are 2 ways to get what you want in America.. A gun or money.. One can get you the other. Guess which one desperate people will use.

  83. Tom Saueracker

    If Boehner refuses this, it is obvious that he is a fake, phony, fraud. Not that we don't already know already, but it would just solidify that view in everyone's mind.

    There are plenty of conservatives and republicans who have been out of work for well over a year now, and it would be the icing on the cake for a Republican takeover of the senate in November.

    If Boehner refuses to extend unemployment, even with the tax cut amendment attached, he is setting the Republican party up for an unnecessary failure to retake the senate.

  84. Harry Skidmore

    Ok, let's "quit this silliness" and help those who cannot find a job.

  85. Kim Lake

    Rich people still get their tax breaks. You unemployed people are foolish to think that's where the money comes from. It's small business owners and working class people they hit with taxes to cover this. Wake up and get your butts to work and stop breaking the backs of the working who can't get ahead.

  86. Joseph Exchequer Ohmann

    Droener just won in the Republican Primary , He beat a Te Party person , The Republican opponent dropped out , Dron Boehner has an elestion coming up in Nov. against a Democrat and any other Independent type who wants to enter

  87. Joseph Exchequer Ohmann

    I noticed that my elected official was hustling and became a millionaire almost overnight , I noticed and read all the articles in regards to said Hustle , But come election time I'm shocked at the supporters for said crook official , Most are paid and live outside of the district,dashing paid young men and pretty girls show up informing people that they should vote for richy rich etc..

  88. Donna Granchay

    At some point it ceases to be unemployment and becomes welfare. If a state wishes to support those who have been out of work longer than 26 weeks, they should just sign them up for welfare and food stamps. Hopefully paid for by their state funds and not tax the entire country.

  89. Donna Granchay

    Go ahead Brenda. You will get all the food, clothing (orange jump suit) and shelter behind bars, Child services will find someone to take care of your chillins

  90. Mike Kelly

    Our system of government is the best BUT when uninformed voters vote these clowns from both parties into office this is what you get!

  91. Anonymous

    The Dems are going to try to push thru EVERYTHING fast, because after the next elections, they are toast.

  92. Anonymous

    A bunch of ignorant Dems posting here today.
    The $85B a month kept the market afloat, which kept EVERYONES pensions and retirements solvent.
    The $$$ to keep "unemployment" extended is a DROP IN THE BUCKET compared to what THAT would have cost.
    Abortions, school lunches, Welfare, 50% rise in Disability, low income housing, obamaphones, spoiled prisoners……
    You want to increase the ALREADY OVERDRAWN budget, cut somewhere else.
    I agree that GE paying NO tax on BILLION$$$ in profit is wrong. Oil company subsidies, unforgivable.
    Foreign aid, to countries that HATE us, ridiculous. But YOU want to extend Unemployment, cut one of YOUR babies.

  93. Karen Hunt

    Which is why the GOPs that stuck with their "no" votes should have been thrown-out of their cushy Senate seats. Through my eyes, it has been nothing less than criminal conduct to literally cause harm onto other human beings and they should all be criminally charged. Who made these people "Gods" of human lives?

  94. Anonymous

    John Boehner Is pasty face SOB who don't really care kids who are the one's who lose! I'll tell everyone read Pedagogy Of The Oppressed by Paulo Freire that where the poor and middle class are now!

  95. Karen Hunt

    Senators Heller, Reed, Reid, Booker, all Senate Dems and House Reps Pelosi, Levin and the majority of the House's Representatives who are not in favor of Boehner's decision, Bless your Hearts. You're good-hearted, intelligent and "real" people who deserve to be Senators and State Representatives. You have done and continue to fight for the people of your State and the Country and will be remembered by millions for your hard work and efforts fighting continuously with unethical, illiterate, power hungry Republicans who have "no" remorse or reservations as to what long-term effect their decisions are having on this nation's economy, unemployment, poverty, homelessness they are first-handedly holding in their bloody, power holding hands.

    This Bill should have been passed unanimously on December 28, 2013, especially with highest unemployment percentages in this nation (and growing higher).

    As for the GOPs that stuck with their "no" votes should have been thrown-out of their cushy Senate seats. Through my eyes, it has been nothing less than criminal conduct to literally cause harm onto other human beings (physically, emotionally and financially) and each and every one should all be criminally charged, including Boehner!. Who made these people "Gods" of human lives?

  96. Toby Stout

    Well Obama fixed all of the unemployment problems it is he lowest since he took office unless he is lying.

  97. Tyhessia Anderson Toure

    I understand what you are saying, but we have worked and a lot of us have small children, and we deserve to be treated better than a second class citizen, lost my job while on maternity leave, I have a 5 year old in school and a 1 year old cant pay for daycare without money and need money for daycare so I can jump into dumpsters, no one has to tell me you are a Republican, and poor why do poor people vote Republican they look at you like you are trash after you get them elected, they do not care about you

  98. Anonymous

    The government is corrupt and needs to be held accountable for their actions. To give tax breaks to the rich, and take from the poor is unacceptable. God is crying at the self serving actions of the senate and congress. What will you say when God asks, " why should I let you in?"……

  99. Eric Matterson

    Allen R. Hill Trump used the Bankruptcy laws to his advantage. He had millions in assets but not much cash and that is how he used the loophole of Bankruptcy to protect his millions in assets.

  100. R. Scott Cotter

    It's amazing how many liberals blast the GOP for not extending unemployment benefits again (fifth year and counting for extended benefits). But they fail to or won't blame their own party for fostering a business friendly environment that will lead to job creation. 5 years into the recovery and U3/U6 are still high while the workforce participation has dropped to a 30+ year low.

  101. Dariece Magruder Williams

    This is so sad . True story a friend of a friend today the day before Mother's day she and her family just moved into a shelter now her husband worked that I know of all of his adult yrs he is 42 she has been a stay at home mom when his job of 2 2 yrs folded a year ago July he collected unemployment then pulled funds from his retirement plan to continue to provide and working low paying jobs sometimes 2 it didn't work out they have lost everything what has America come to?

  102. Connie Williams

    watch who say no a vote them out of office. this is the usa not ussr.

  103. Connie Williams

    watch who say no then vote them out of office. this is the usa not ussr.

  104. James BigEd Miller

    Bryan Bloomfield hahahaha….you're right about his spelling.

  105. Anonymous

    i think that we should cut off Boehner salary for a couple of weeks, and see how he feels being without income

  106. Mary Mcnichols


  107. Dixie Russick

    My friend who lost his job because the contractor decided to down size subcontractors has been living in hell since his benefits were cut off in december. he has applied for more jobs that i can count. i offered to help this desperate friend so he could keep his car insurance etc. after five months of paying for his bills and mine i have depleted my savings and can no longer help. now we are both facing desperate situations. this needs to be solved quickly. delay is just adding to the economic woes. pay up politics

  108. Renee Gonyea

    What happen to the new article written about having enough signatures for the unemployment extensions so Pres Obama can sign it in to law? Did someone threaten or pay to take it down? Where they getting too many signatures? This is bad really bad.

  109. Yolanda Vara Alvarez

    This is why I am voting for Democrats in the June 3, 2014 Election, even thou Heller is trying to get the bill pass….look what he has to do just to make Boehner pass the bill UGH!!! It gets me so mad, when they get to live their lives with food and money and we have to struggle just to feed ourselves, its just not fair!!!!

  110. Danielle Pallanti

    Like me. Mine ran out on April 2nd. Single Mother, going to college. Just keep dragging your feet, but let's put more money out for things that are not necessary right now, like a new Obama library, that would require 100 MILLION DOLLARS in funding. The money's there, it's just not being spent on things that are NEEDED right now. How about all the corporate tax evasion? The list goes on and on. I can't even pay my monthly fee for my books, because I'm now still living off my tax return. Which is dwindling fast with no child support. Sadly, this is a typical story. There should be an extra tier of support starting from when the unemployment first ran out for the unemployed person.

  111. Danielle Pallanti

    Look on IDES.ILLINOIS.GOV, they say unemployment rate dropped dramatically showing record numbers. Yeah you freakin idiots, cause the GOVERNMENT dropped them.

  112. Mike Crall

    Mr. President, be a President and accountable for one thing during your campaign. What does one day in the middle east cost the U.S. government, I was wrong about you. Fool me once, my fault,……..

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