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Christina Aguilera Offends Miley Cyrus By Commenting On Her Chaps

Christina Aguilera has reportedly made an enemy out of Miley Cyrus.

Folks who don’t spend a lot of time staring a photographs of the former Hannah Montana on-stage during the Bangerz Tour may have missed out on the latest addition to her wardrobe. Since Cyrus loves to dress provocatively during these performances, she’s apparently developed a taste for chaps. Of course, any hardcore Christina Aguilera fan knows that the singer rocked a similar look back in the day.

According to The Wire, Aguilera irritated Cyrus to no end when she complimented the singer’s latest obsession with chaps. Sources believe Christina was simply trying to draw attention to the fact that she wore something similar long before Miley was selling out arenas around the globe.

Check out the offending tweet below. Be sure to note the date of the embedded below. Apparently it took several months for this problem to come to a head.

While it’s unclear if Christina Aguilera was really attempting to draw a little attention to herself with the post, an anonymous source explained that Miley is pretty chapped about the situation.

Here’s what the insider had to say about the fiasco:

“Miley couldn’t believe Xtina would Tweet about her wearing chaps on stage, reminding everyone that she did it first. It was such a fake compliment and undermined Miley in the process. Last month Voice bosses made Miley another offer to have her perform on the finale show and Miley said no — and was very clear about her reasons!”

Entertainmentwise points out that the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s negative opinion of Christina Aguilera may have something to do with her aversion to The Voice. It’s also worth noting that none of this info comes from anyone officially associated with the singers, so take everything in this article with a grain of salt.

The anonymous source explained:

“Miley is no friend or supporter of Christina, despite the fact they have a lot in common, including long associations with Disney and using some of same people through the years on their respective business teams… Miley is still resisting countless invites to perform on the show… Even if Christina has temporarily stepped aside, ‘The Voice’ is still Christina’s show and Miley doesn’t want to lift a finger to help that woman.”

What do you think about all the supposed drama swirling around Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera these days?

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