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Liam Payne Gets Excited About Brazil, Twitter Makes Fun Of His Spelling

Liam Payne might want to pay a bit more attention to what he’s tweeting before he actually sends the 140-character message into the world.

The One Direction singer was obviously excited about the group’s show in Brazil. Instead of expressing his enthusiasm for the show in the privacy of his hotel room, Payne decided to share his thoughts and feelings in the form of a tweet. Unfortunately for Liam, he forgot to properly edit the message before sharing it the world.

Not surprising, people noticed that Liam Payne used the word “hear” in place of “here.” Although this a simple mistake to make if you’re tweeting on the fly — this writer is guilty of all sorts of Twitter snafus over the years — but the situation is a little different when you have millions of people dissecting everything you do.

Check out the offending tweet below.

Since Liam Payne and One Direction fans have never made a single mistake at any point in their young lives, tons of folks were quick to point out the error. In fact, a fair portion of the Liam Payne-oriented tweets making the round today (May 7) are entirely centered around the goof.

Check out some of the 140-character responses issued in the wake of Liam Payne’s Twitter mistake.

Others didn’t let the problem derail their overwhelming emotions.

One a slightly more positive note, Liam Payne and fellow One Direction singer Zayn Malik took a moment out of their busy schedules to sign a few football jerseys in Argentina. The icing on this particular cake was their decision to do the session without their shirts.

Note to Liam Payne fans around the world: The guy is only human. If he accidentally misspells something on Twitter, give him a break. He’s probably extremely tired from entertaining you guys and gals all day.

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