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The Neverending Microsoft-Yahoo Saga


Will it ever end? Microsoft and Yahoo may be back in talks, according to information obtained by CNET.

The site’s source says Microsoft is looking at increasing its offer to buy Yahoo’s search business — something Yahoo’s board had previously indicated was not in its shareholders’ interest. CNET, however, reports Yahoo may now be willing to consider the deal.

For Christ’s sake, would someone at these companies just make a damned decision already? Every two days is another back-and-forth twist in what’s becoming a horribly unwatchable soap opera.

In any event, we’ll keep you posted with all the sure-to-be-riveting developments as this story continues to build over the next 17 years. Here’s hoping for a final resolution by the year 2022.

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4 Responses to “The Neverending Microsoft-Yahoo Saga”

  1. JR Raphael

    Good point…I think I got a bit too ambitious there.

  2. AnnR

    Maybe the lovebirds already secretly got hitched ages ago and they're just yanking our chains? If only. Anyway we're all getting whiplash from this thrill ride, drop us off before we barf already, Y! and M$.

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