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Floyd Mayweather Arrested? False Reports Surround ‘Breaking Bad’ Beating

False reports that Floyd Mayweather was arrested for a revenge beating on several men employed by the boxing superstar have been swirling since TMZ broke the news on March 12, 2014.

The Inquisitr reported on the breaking story recently regarding Floyd Mayweather’s involvement in what appears to have been a mob style hit on the men. Apparently, sources close to the Mayweather camp told TMZ that two men who were working in his home were accused of stealing jewelry from the multi division world champion.

Mayweather called the two men, whose names have not been disclosed, to discuss whether or not they took his jewelry. Obviously not believing their claims that they didn’t take anything, Floyd Mayweather allegedly invited them for a meet up where they could “talk” some more about what happened. When they arrived, the men claim Mayweather was waiting for them with some of his posse. Using weapons and bare fists, the two men received a beat down that left them seriously injured.

A source close to the accusations said, “It was some ‘Breaking Bad’ s**t.”

No official word on the beating has been released, but according to TMZ the men have retained legal counsel. On Friday, X-rays appeared in the hands of TMZ, supposedly from the victims, showing a broken arm and broken fingers. If the accusations pan out, Floyd Mayweather could be arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping.

According to local news station KLAS 8, not only is the story about a Floyd Mayweather being arrested false, there has not even been an official report filed with the Metro Police Departement. The chances of an arrest actually happening seems slim, but the fact that the story keeps resurfacing should be cause for concern. Mayweather, considered the best pound for pound fighter in the world, believes he still has fighting left in him.

Though a bout with Manny Pacquiao is highly unlikely before retirement, Mayweather does have an upcoming fight with Marcos Maidana for the WBA welterweight title. Legal distractions are not something that help in preparation for big fights. As the highest paid athlete in 2013, Mayweather is an easy target for false reports. Join that with his previous legal troubles and this is a storm waiting to happen.

With the evidence being non existent and the character of the victims unknown, don’t expect to hear anything about Floyd Mayweather being arrested anytime soon.

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