South Park Video Game

South Park: ‘The Stick Of Truth’ Video Game Release

South Park fans, the day you’ve been waiting for has finally come. South Park: The Stick of Truth the video game was released today. Obsidian entertainment is the developer of Stick of Truth, and the game is every bit as bold, and crazy as the show is. The game is great, and it comes with tons of weapons and gear to use in the game, along with the entire South Park cast.

The story of South Park:The Stick of Truth is about a new kid who just moved to South Park with his family. Being the new kid in town of course your parents are going to want you to go out and make friends. Of course this leads to you meeting Cartman and the rest of the South Park gang.

When you meet the gang they want to play a fantasy game called The Stick of Truth. In the game Cartmen says: “For Whomever controls the stick of truth, controls the universe.”

Since this a “fantasy game” players will have four classes to choose from in The Stick Of Truth.

Just like any video game you start off with very little. Your choices are Fighter, Thief, mage, and of course the final option you have is Jew. In The Stick of Truth players start off with a basic sword, a ranged weapon, and clothing that is suppose to mimic armor, and if you’re playing the new kid in the game you have your own variety of magic farts you can use against your enemy.

What about the villains you will face in this daring South Park adventure? In The Stick of Truth you will be facing aliens, Nazi zombie rats, crab people, Canadians, goths, and more. South Park creators Trey Park and Matt Stone write, and voice-act the entire game so it can feel like you’re playing through an actual episode of South Park. For a video game the entire campaign is 8 hours, so it will be a quick play through.

The Stick of Truth adds a mix of Narnia, and Game of Thrones for a raunchy South Park experience that fans will enjoy. Of course if you’re easily offended to just about anything, then this is definitely not the game for you.

The publisher of South Park:The Stick of Truth is Ubisoft entertainment, and the developer of the game is Obsidian Entertainment. The game is available to play on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. South Park: The Stick of Truth is now available to play, so go get your copy, and have the South Park experience you’ve always wanted.