Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reveal New Uniform

Today (Monday, March 3rd), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers revealed their new uniform. If the uniform was made to take a double-look, it does a great job at that.

Throughout last month, the Bucs teased bits and pieces of their new uniform. Adam Corré of the Inquisitr reported last month the new helmet and logo followed by another report on the helmet’s grill detail. Today shows of the complete attire, which is the NFL Nike Elite 51 Uniform for the NFL 2014 Season. It was revealed on their official website and on their Twitter, which is shown below.

The new uniform utilizes an LED-look with the team numbers which complements the chrome grille. The uniform also has a new, sleek design which supposedly honors the team’s past but establishes a bolder identity moving forward. Nevertheless, the new uniform has received mixed reviews. The Washington Post actually reports plenty of the reactions fans have towards it. Most of them revolve around the uniform being a fashion wake-up call or an XFL throwback.

It should be noted that the Bucs haven’t changed their uniform design since 1997. It was probably time for them to improve off their creamsicle-colors. Also, the Seattle Seahawks had a new look which was panned when it initially came out. However, the negativity died very quickly. Momentarily, the Bucs will need to take the criticism for now as Twitter is now filling up with fan’s disdain for the new design as shown below.

[Photo courtesy of Official Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s Website]