Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks About Making A 'Buffy' Comeback

Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks About Making A ‘Buffy’ Comeback, Possible Movie

Sarah Michelle Gellar seems to have a hard time letting her Buffy days go.

The actress, who played Buffy Summers on the cult favorite television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, talked about the idea of returning to the franchise and told fans that she still keeps a memento from the show very close to her.

Asked during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session if she kept anything from the show, Gellar replied: “Aside from her wardrobe? I think my favorite is that my makeup artist had made a special stake for me with a little bottle of holy water, and to this day I keep it by my bed.”

While Sarah Michelle Gellar was last seen on Buffy more than a decade ago, fans were still clamoring to ask about her experiences on the show.

When asked “Spike or Angel?” Gellar responded, “ANGEL.” A different user tried to ask her again, to which Sarah replied, “Still Angel.”

Sarah added that her favorite episodes were “The Hush,” “The Body,” and “The Prom.”

About “The Prom,” Sarah Michelle Gellar wrote: “I just love that whole story, and I thought it just encapsulated the show so well. It was beautiful and heartbreaking.”

About “The Hush” she said: “[B]ecause I think it’s not just the scariest episode we’ve ever done but the challenge to do a silent episode – I thought it would be easy but it was way harder.”

For “The Body,” which is also a fan favorite, the Buffy actress wrote: “[B]ecause it was beyond difficult and heart wrenching to shoot, and I don’t know if many people know this, but my entire first scene was all done in one take. It was 4-5 minutes of one long take.”

Fans may actually get a chance to see Gellar reprise her role as Buffy. Last year the actress said that she and show creator Joss Whedon have spoken often about a movie version, though Gellar said that it was originally a movie and didn’t do very well.

In her AMA session, Sarah Michelle Gellar said she would seriously consider a return, adding, “I don’t think you ever leave that franchise.”