Pharrell Williams G I R L

Pharrell Williams Wants To Bring Usher Into The ‘Rodeo World’

Pharrell Williams apparently has big plans for his pal Usher.

The “Happy” singer recently sat down for a chat with the folks over at GQ magazine to promote his upcoming solo effort G I R L. According to the acclaimed producer, he wants to introduce Usher to the rodeo world in the very near future.

At one point during GQ writer Zac Baron’s encounter with Williams, the singer took a phone call from Usher. Apparently the guy’s a little nervous about an upcoming track called “Year of the Horse,” a tune that Pharrell is producing.

During the conversation, Williams tells Usher that he doesn’t need to worry when they release the single. All he wants Usher to do is shoot the music video for the track as soon as humanly possible. He then offers up a few horse-oriented ideas for the clip.

“Look at what happened when Ginuwine did ‘Pony’ and he had the mechanical bull… We’re talking about you, and bringing you to the rodeo world with a record that gives you the license to do that,” Pharrell Williams tells Usher during their conversation.

Not surprisingly, the producer also took a moment to discuss his new album G I R L. If you were a little turned off by the sort of material that appeared on 2006’s In My Mind, then you should walk away from his upcoming effort feeling a extremely happy. Yes, that pun was certainly intended.

“I wrote those songs out of ego… talking about the money I was making and the by-products of living that lifestyle. There was no purpose. I was so under the wrong impression at that time,” he said about his previous solo release.

Folks who want to listen to Pharrell Williams’ new release before dropping their hard-earned cash on the album can stream the tunes before they arrive in stores next week. The Inquisitr previously reported that the producer put the entire record online for all to hear earlier this week.

Fortunately for Williams, the reviews seem pretty positive thus far. In addition to getting a four-star review from the folks at The Guardian, the album also got an extremely positive write-up from The Plain Dealer.

“‘G I R L’ is a solid pop record that’s up there with some of Williams’ best work (standout singles like “Frontin'” or his work with N.E.R.D). Most importantly, the album affirms Williams’ as a viable pop artist.,” critic Troy L. Smith explained.

Are you a fan of Pharrell Williams? Do you plan to pick up the singer’s latest solo effort when it arrives at retail on March 3?