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American Flags Must Be 100 Percent Made In USA, Declares Military

American Flags Must Be 100 Percent Made In USA, Declares Military

American flags must be made in the USA, according to a recent rule laid down by the Pentagon.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one anti-US protester ironically died from inhaling the fumes from burning American flags. But Lil Wayne stomped on some American flags and only incurred the wrath of Twitter.

The new rules introduced by the Department of Defense say that not only should American flags be 100 percent produced in the United States, the materials also must be Made In USA. The DoD purchases several thousand American flags each year for use on military bases, ships, and government installations like the Pentagon. American flags are also produced for every military member killed in action, with the flag being given to the surviving family members.

It’s estimated that around 7.5 million American flags sold in the United States also happen to be foreign made. The Flag Manufacturer’s Association of America believes around five percent of all flags sold in the US are completely made outside of the United States.

This new rule is probably also one of the few times both sides in Congress will agree on anything even though the Democrats are notorious for wanting to reduce the military budget. For example, Representative Mike Thompson (D-CA) says, “Our men (and) women in uniform should serve under American-made flags.” This stance is being made even though American flags made in China are probably cheaper.

Beforehand, many vendors selling American flags to the military were also American companies but the sources for the materials such as ink or fabric tended to be in other countries. Some reports claim the Department Of Defense used to purchase American flags manufactured wholly overseas.

Do you agree that American flags should only be “made in USA” or should budget concerns come first?

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19 Responses to “American Flags Must Be 100 Percent Made In USA, Declares Military”

  1. Bob Vershon

    I completely agree that all flags that the gov't buys for our troops, vessels, and bases should be completely made in America including ink, dye, and fabric.

  2. Wallace Morrison

    Do us Americans a favor, man of North Ireland / Nova Scotia and educate yourself and learn how to try and get your point across before you make another comment as you just did. Stop generalizing America. There is a difference between different businesses. Some are still here in America and not only are some in Mexioco but in different countries as well, like China. I am pretty darn sure there are many of us or as you put it 'You Americans' that would love to have those jobs back in the U.S if we could. I was laid off 3 times from these actions of our manufacturing and textile places going out because of over seas intervention. It's not just Mexico. North Carolina use to be the #1 creation of textiles here in the US. Now it's China. I'm pretty sure of that because I lost my job in Nashville working in fiberglass because of China, and it's a lot like that everywhere. But may no mistake about it; I nor any blue collar worker I know is giving any job to Mexico or abroad.

  3. Wallace Morrison

    I totally agree with you Tom, but I wonder; Why now? They have known this for years.

  4. Wallace Morrison

    You're right, but i hope they do. It would help us at least understand they aren't overspending on at least something.

  5. Joseph Citarello IV


    Oh wait these are made in china…

  6. Richard Feucht

    Damn right they should be made here in the US and every American should have one. We may even create a few jobs in the process.

  7. Dumanhieu Turboshok

    American flags are American and should be American made

  8. Kathy Collins Hurt

    Every piece of our flag should be made in the USA!

  9. Kathy Collins Hurt

    Oops…didn't get to finish sentence.This is a GIANT push to bring jobs BACK to the USA,it got some attention when the Olympic uniforms were discovered to be made in China.To give them credit,ABC MADE IN AMERICA started the ball rolling with their World News challenge. IIT'S ALL GOOD !

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