Jen Selter new pic

Jen Selter, Internet Butt Goddess, Causes Stir With New Twitter Pic

Jen Selter, the increasingly famous Instagram butt-queen, is stretching her 15 minutes of fame as long as it will last. And in her case, maintaining her sudden and astonishing popularity is as easy as posting a new photograph of her world-famous, perfectly sculpted posterior.

This time, however, perhaps she was attempting to boost her 318,000-strong Twitter following, which is impressive but well short of the approximately 2.5 million who follow her Instagram feed. She posted her latest selfie — or “belfie” as the shots have come to be known, since the focus of the image is always her bespoke buttocks — on the 140-character social platform, and it is one of her most risqué yet.

While the majority of Jen Selter selfies depict the Duchess of Derriere in various workout poses, and she talks frequently about “inspiring” people to pursue a fitness regimen, every now and then she posts a revealing shot of herself in some kind of skimpy lingerie or beachwear.

This one features Jen Selter in the floor-to-ceiling window of a New York high rise overlooking the skyscrapers of Manhattan — while she is clad only in a minimal, butt-baring bikini.

Here it is, Jen Selter fans…

She also posted another photo, apparently from the same photo session, a bit later.

Jen Selter has also taken to using her Twitter account — her handle is @JenSelter if you want to join the party — to dispense pithy pearls of wisdom. Some of her gems of this week include:

“One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”

“You will either do it, or keep finding excuses.”

“When someone smells good, they’re automatically more attractive”

“‘Just a friend’ my ass” (Hmm. Wonder what that one was about.)

“Look at what you have, not what you don’t have.”


“It’s so refreshing when people are nice”

Jen Selter also appeared Friday on an episode of The View, during which she educated Barbara Walters on how to snap an effective “belfie” and demonstrated a several butt-enhancing exercise techniques.

Here’s a recent video mini-documentary about Jen Selter, if you want to get to know the butt-queen better.