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Hailey Owens: Westboro Baptist Church Threatens To Picket Vigil For Murdered 10-Year-Old, Doesn’t Show Up

Hailey Owens: Westboro Baptist Church Threatens Picket At Vigil For Murdered 10-Year-Old, Doesn't Show Up

The Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to picket a vigil for Hailey Owens, a 10-year-old girl who was kidnapped and murdered last week, but when the time came mourners who showed up to remember Hailey say the church chickened out.

The Springfield, Missouri, girl was abducted last week and later found dead from a gunshot. Police arrested a 45-year-old middle school football coach, Craig Michael Wood, in connection with the murder.

After her death, the Topeka, Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to picket a memorial service for Hailey Owens to be held on Saturday night. After several local residents contacted the KMBC 9 News Facebook Page to organize a counter-rally, Westboro members sent out messages mocking them.

A message sent Friday from the church’s Twitter account said that “silly human wall in Springfield (Saturday) and #HaileyOwens still is dead. You love proud sin more than neighbors.”

A similar circumstance happened last week, when Westboro Baptist Church members tried to picket against openly gay college football player Michael Sam at the University of Missouri. A large group of supportive fans and Missouri students showed up, lining the streets to block out Westboro members.

But when the vigil for Hailey Owens actually took place on Saturday, people in attendance said the Westboro Baptist Church was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, there were more than 10,000 people who showed up to remember the short life of Hailey Owens.

“Hailey was just a joy. She was my sunshine,” Hailey’s aunt, Chandra Calhoun, told the Springfield News-Leader. “She didn’t know what a bad mood was. She just enjoyed life.”

Westboro Baptist Church did not offer an explanation why it did not show up to the Hailey Owens vigil, but the event follows a pattern for the anti-gay church of threatening to picket at large scale memorial services but never showing up.

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12 Responses to “Hailey Owens: Westboro Baptist Church Threatens To Picket Vigil For Murdered 10-Year-Old, Doesn’t Show Up”

  1. Joshua Mark Voss

    Westboro SHOWING WEAKNESS. They offer NO consistency. Way to go, dumbasses. Your business plan is failing. Slowly but surely that $250000 the WBC spends to show up & picket but pussies out is going to come back and kick them in the ass. WBC is becoming non cost-effective. Glad to know this fake baptist church is showing its true colors. If WBC was absolutely real nothing would've stopped them. WAY TO EXPOSE THEM SPRINGFIELD.

  2. Lynn C Voss

    They care more about suing municipalities when they get illegally blocked from there protest. Fucktards.

  3. Jennine Hohler

    Why can't people like westboro baptist be the ones getting shot rather than a sweet, innocent girl at the hands of a creepy old man. I want these people's rights stripped away, as they are a hate group and freedom of speech does not apply to hate groups.

  4. Victoria Joy

    These people showed up a few months ago in Poplar Bluff Missouri to protest a marine hero' funeral. before they could cause any problems a human shield was put in place and Westboro were escorted to the city limits and invited to leave and not come back. As the escort was armed they chose to leave. the fallen marine' funeral took place and the family was allowed to mourn in peace as it should be.

  5. Krista Hilton

    They were seen in town. I wonder if they just saw the 10,000+ people and over 2,000 bikers and decided not to try…

  6. Laurie Palmer

    How could ANYONE follow a "so called" religion that is mired in hate? God is about love, not judgment and hurting poor families that have lost a loved one. They make God cry. And I hope their journey to Hell is emotionally and physically horrendous. I'm so sorry those words are coming out of my mouth because I am not violent or hateful. But their actions have made me KNOW 100% if they ever showed up in the area where I live to spread their hatred, I would be sure to be there and make sure their hateful message isn't communicated at that funeral. They are no better than mass murderers or people who prey. On the innocent.

  7. Maggie Richards

    That vile group should be officially labeled a hate group as well as a terrorist group.

  8. Ron Cemer

    Why would the picket her funeral? She wasn't involved in homosexual atrocities. She was just a little girl whom some deranged pervert killed (and who knows what else). They should be picketing her killer's trial, demanding justice.

  9. Cody Wise

    While I don't appreciate westboro in the least; they should be allowed to say whatever they want so long as they are not intruding on others private ceremonies. Other than that, you have the option not to listen. When you start to say someone's speech is hateful and they shouldn't be allowed to say it then you have just opened the door to all kinds of other speech being barred and in essence have destroyed the whole point to freedom of speech.

  10. Prophecy Watcher

    As a bible-believing Christian, let me make it known to the world that Westboro Baptist Church does NOT represent true biblical Christianity. They are a counterfeit, and I dare say cult. The Lord rebuke them. There's more love in radical Islam than these people.

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