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Fat Joe ‘Scared’ Into Weight Loss, Drops 88 Pounds

fat joe weight loss

Fat Joe, the rapper who’s nickname was representative of his 6-foot-2, 350 lb frame, has recently shed 88 pounds, and apparently without the aid of any weight loss supplement or fad diet.

According to the NYDailyNews, the South Bronx native decided to get serious about weight loss after losing seven friends, all in their 30’s, to heart attacks last year.

“I always loved being fat, obviously. I’m Fat Joe. The biggest killer of people is food. It kills more people than AIDS or gun violence or war, anything you can name. Everybody keep catching strokes and heart attacks, and what happened to me was, like seven of my friends passed last year from heart attacks, and they were all 32, 34 years old, 35. What’s the difference between me and them? Health doesn’t discriminate just because I’m famous”

Reportedly Joe, whose real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena, lost the weight by combining 2 hour cardio and weight lifting sessions with proper eating habits. Instead of BK, KFC, and McD’s, Fat Joe opted for smaller portioned meals of fruit, veggies, and lean meats.

The first peek at the rapper’s new frame came on Tuesday when his new music video, “Drop a Body,” went live on In the video, Joe looks a shadow of his former self and is hardly recognizable as he raps to the camera.

The obvious question is will this slim new artist keep his old nick name?

“They’re all trying to alter my name, but I can’t see myself as anything else,” he said, referring to friends who started calling him “Skinny Joe” and “Joey Flaco” (Spanish for “thin”). “I think I gotta ask Diddy what my new name is.”

Check out the new Fat Joe in Drop A Body below:

Source and Image via NyDailyNews

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70 Responses to “Fat Joe ‘Scared’ Into Weight Loss, Drops 88 Pounds”

  1. William Bakunis

    Hes Gotta be Like the only Rapper ill listen to. But good to see he wants to stay "fit". don't loose the Fat Joe Status Though!

  2. Marvin Enrique Laboriel

    dats wassup thou he did the rite thing, he ded should keep the name.

  3. Anonymous

    Now he looks like one of the "Jokers" from Next Friday. haha

  4. Nicole Salmons

    I have never heard of him, but I say—WAY TO GO! He should be very proud of himself.

  5. Adam Siebert

    "Everybody keep catching strokes and heart attacks" I did'nt know u could catch a heart attack or a stroke?

  6. Anonymous

    I agree, it still says fat/phat, but now it has a meaning of suave or better demeanor about himself.

  7. Lisa A. Claudio

    Kudos, Papi! To your health, and definitely keep your name!

  8. Ahmad Sarwary

    Fit Joe, Phat Joe, Joey Crack, Chubby Joe, Used to be Fat Joe, Still packing a few extra pounds but lost alot of weight because my friends were all dying Joe.

  9. Adam Siebert

    yeah I know its slang, but it just looks funny in a written(typed) format =)

  10. Carly Leasure

    I personally don't give a crap about him, but good for him…. Maybe he should just start calling himself… "Average Joe"? haha

  11. Gregg Wax

    Nice to see he dropped the weight, but he should drop Jay-Z's beat from that track as well. If you can't spit harder than J (he never has, and he never will) then you shouldn't rap over his 2001 tracks…

  12. Smith Ron

    Way to go Joe. You look awesome man and the rap is great as well. Hope you live a long life budro.

  13. Anonymous

    he looks good. losing all that weight for him saved his life. he was putting his life in danger. you go boy.

  14. Gregg Wax

    I agree that his flow game is nowhere near what it used to be (even though DOA was the shiznitt), Fat Joe is nowhere near Jay's worst flow…

  15. Alex Wong

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