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Obama Approval Rating 2014: Democrats To Lose Congress?

Obama Approval Rating 2014: Democrats To Lose Congress?

Based upon President Obama’s approval rating in 2014, some analysts are already predicting it’s possible the Democrats could lose control of the House and Senate during the Mid-term elections.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, back in 2013 Obama’s approval rating was compared to George W. Bush and the Republican president was actually more popular during the same time frame in their presidencies. The Obama approval rating was down to 42 percent although previous polls had President Obama at only 37 percent in October. As a comparison, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton all exceeded a 60 percent approval rating when last measured.

A new CNN/ORC International survey indicates that Obama’s approval rating may have improved since the dark days o the government shutdown, rising from 41 percent in November and December to 45 percent. The disapproval rating has also dropped from 56 percent down to 50 percent.

CNN Polling Director Keating Holland explains where the shift in Obama’s approval rating has come:

“Leaving aside partisan demographics, Obama gets his biggest support from people who live in big cities, who give him a 56% approval rating. Three groups tie for the lowest rating for Obama in the current poll – rural Americans, senior citizens, and whites. The President scores only a 36% rating among each of those groups.”

The State of the Union address is said to have caused the increase in Obama’s approval rating. Still, much of the decline in Obama’s approval rating can be blamed on the Affordable Care Act and Republicans will be sure to highlight this during the mid-term elections. In fact, some Democrats like Senator Mary Landrieu of Lousiana are actively shunning Obama, although she didn’t denounce the President explicitly:

“I think the president is more focused on running the country than helping me in my re-election.”

Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, says Democrats know that Obama’s approval rating can hurt them:

“President Obama’s approval rating in the top twelve 2014 battleground states is 36 percent, yet the Democrats running for Senate there supported him an astounding 94 percent of the time. Their blind loyalty to the agenda of such an unpopular President is insanity in the eyes of the majority of voters in these key states.”

If you look back in history there is ample reason to believe that President Obama’s popularity, or lack thereof, could be a large factor in shaping 2014 politics. In 1998 and 2002, before the mid-term elections both Clinton and Bush had a good approval rating of 55 percent and 64 percent respectively and their parties went on to win seats in both the House and Senate.

Do you think Obama’s approval rating in 2014 means bad news for Democrats in the 2014 mid-term elections?

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127 Responses to “Obama Approval Rating 2014: Democrats To Lose Congress?”

  1. Joe Mosley

    Obama is an epic FAILURE.Send him back to the Chicago ghetto,where he belongs.Along with his wench.

  2. Floyd Flowers

    Wow. "success"? Really?
    Oh, I see. Ford employee. Union member I would assume.
    Socialist minded people love other socialist minded people.
    Misery loves company.

  3. Troy Hill

    If his goal is to screw up everything, you are right. 80 million people less working, 7 trillion in new debt. Our enemies still hate us but now our allies do. More people than ever before on food stamps. Whats not to like?

  4. Joe Ingram

    "Garry Lafferty · Top Commenter · Works at Ford Motor Company
    Obama is a epic SUCCESS . We cant go back to GOP worst job losses sense great depression."

    What a maroon

  5. Joe Ingram

    "Garry Lafferty · Top Commenter · Works at Ford Motor Company
    Obama is a epic SUCCESS . We cant go back to GOP worst job losses sense great depression."

    What a maroon

  6. Joe Ingram

    "Garry Lafferty · Top Commenter · Works at Ford Motor Company
    Obama is a epic SUCCESS . We cant go back to GOP worst job losses sense great depression."

    What a maroon

  7. Joe Ingram

    "Garry Lafferty · Top Commenter · Works at Ford Motor Company
    Obama is a epic SUCCESS . We cant go back to GOP worst job losses sense great depression."

    What a maroon

  8. Joe Ingram

    "Garry Lafferty · Top Commenter · Works at Ford Motor Company
    Obama is a epic SUCCESS . We cant go back to GOP worst job losses sense great depression."

    What a maroon

  9. Joe Ingram

    "Garry Lafferty · Top Commenter · Works at Ford Motor Company
    Obama is a epic SUCCESS . We cant go back to GOP worst job losses sense great depression."

    What a maroon

  10. Vin Smith

    …Considering that the average voter is no smarter than a fence post, I do think his current approval rating might be a millstone around his neck. The thing about the electorate is, a majority have been successfully hoodwinked by the GOP into thinking both the government shutdown and the trials of getting the Affordable Care Act up and running are solely the president's fault. People are not bright enough to know that this president has accomplished much in the face of a racist GOP and its Tea Party contingent. It's funny how the party shifts have occurred. In 1965 when I turned 21 I registered as a Republican because of the fact that Southern Democrats were mostly racist Ku KLux Klan supporters. It was the Republican, Dwight David Eisenhower who stood up to the reprehensible Orville Faubus in Little Rock.

  11. Frank Bargeron

    that face would make a great halloween mask, that would scare the hell out of the kids. obama has zero credibility for all he does is lie. when bill o'reilly interviwed him on super bowl day, ande was ask about the irs scandle, he said there wasn't a smiggen of evidence when it's an ongoing investigation, and there is 41 witnesses still to be interviewed. this man is an habitial lier and just can't tell the truth.

  12. Jake Jacobs

    Apparently Garry was one of the 1st to receive a total Lobotomy under Obumocare.

  13. Billy Sanders

    Gerry and you are can EPPIC IDIOT if you believe that crap..

  14. Dan Henderson

    It's tough to 'fundamentally change' the greatest country the planet has ever known.

    Libs r iDiOtS

  15. Dan Henderson

    It's tough to 'fundamentally change' the greatest country the planet has ever known.

    Libs r iDiOtS

  16. Dan Henderson

    Garry, rather than throwing platitudes, please tell us why you believe Obama is successful.

  17. Dan Henderson

    Garry, rather than throwing platitudes, please tell us why you believe Obama is successful.

  18. Charles Moakler

    Let in another five or ten million aliens Mister President, while you talk helping middle class workers, and you too can be in single digits with congress.

  19. Christina Novembrino Doucette

    Well I will say this Obamacare the ACA is a huge FAILURE. There will be less jobs and this is socialized BS.. I'm so angry that no matter what you will have to sign up or you'll get screwed by the IRS.. thanks so much for highering the jobless rate of America with this load of crap! I'm so angry because now if I were to hire anyone, I'm screwed.. Most people won't have jobs sooner than later and of course now they're losing jobs daily because co's cannot afford this BS insurance!! Stop lying.. He mentioned this garbage only very slightly in the State of the Union address and it disgusted me.. Nice way to avoid a huge issue that the America finds ridiculous. My deductible is so ridiculously high it's insane.. he said you'll be able to keep the same Dr's the works.. All BS!!!!! This is what really pisses me off. I truly don't believe his approval ratings is in the 40% level. They interviewed his half brother who is successful in his own right.. very highly educated, Ivy school with graduate degrees,etc. He stated his brother was a very cold person. I can see that now.. Thanks for socialized BS medicine!!! What a load of crap!

  20. Chuck Walker

    unfortunately, the ratings will come back up. libtards will start again with the war on women, the republican's are racist, the republican's are homophobes, the republican's want to throw granny over the cliff, on and on. unfortunately, some idiots will fall for it just like in 2012.

  21. Charles Moakler

    Garry: Hide and watch this country turn on him and do so rewarding the other money party, The GOP. His problem is hyprocracy. Lots of polititions have it but they are not in the oval hot seat. The GOP is for the rich man but at least they are honest about being the wealth party. He talks about us as if he cares as he gives our jobs to illegal aliens. We are not stupid. We can see what he is doing. minimum wage and welfare will not help people who deserve jobs that are being given to aliens by Obama.

  22. Charles Moakler

    I had high hopes for the ACA five years ago when it was nothing but a dream. I wanted to give it every chance to succeed.Then I started reading it. O crap, did they sthis up. The very first bennifet that the ACA ever paid was a huge gift to the American automotive industry and its unions. It was the ACA paying for the car companies a contractually negociated bennifet that only auto workers ever will bennifet from. They might be one one-hundredth of a percent of the population who certainly have enough money to pay their own health insurance but you and I are going to pay it for their employers. That ended my pass to the ACA and it has been downhill since then.

  23. David McCrary

    If there's a way for the Republicans to fail taking the Senate, I'm sure the current leadership will find the formula. I think both sides will be comfortable with the status quo. Try handicaping this as an AKC event featuring Barry, San Fran Nan, Dingy Harry and the WackoBird Wasserman Schlutz versus Morty Meekle McConnell, Johnny "The Weeper of the House' Boehner, and Reinhold Reince Prebius. Instead of Rottweilers and Pit Bulls we're looking at a yappy pack of Yorkies and some quaking Chihuahuas.

  24. Edwin Johnston

    Susan Hefty DeBartolo- Gary needs to drink some more cool aid. the 1/2 breed is attempting to destroy America and our Constitution!

  25. Haskel Pippin

    It's not at all difficult to understand why, as President, a majority of his fellow party members supported him and his agenda. But, 94% of the time? That goes well beyond being a independent and free thinking individual. Like the pied piper, the President has lead the rats and children to their demise. Any Democrat losing in 2014 and 16 deserves nothing less than the same.

  26. Jim Bright

    The only people who like this a-hole are the baby killing femtards, the homosexuals, illegal aliens, blacks and Hollyweirdos.

  27. David Lee Pope

    all i had to do is see who took the poll and i knew that it would be higher then is should be. i find anything over 40% is way to high

  28. Haskel Pippin

    If those taking part in determining his approval rating were required to have an IQ above 75, it would most certainly be below 30. For some, it wouldn't matter what their IQ is, stupid thinking and poor reasoning will always prevail.

  29. Kay Conley

    If a woman with no education can do a budget for a household and keep it running then why can't a few [ smart collage degree people ] that gets paid by tax paying people be able to work out a budget without it affecting the
    elderly and the poor. Obama-care was one mans idea with no sure fired way of paying for it ,its bad enough our lives are held in the Insurances pocket but now its worse this pre-authorization for elderly medication is for the birds, when the young go to these back clinics get pain medication then run up and down the streets selling it. Further more Social Security is not an Entitlement, We work and pay for it all our working lives. So in my opinion if you don't or can't do your job you need to be fired, not compensated.

  30. Brian Carter

    What isn't mentioned is the low approval of the GOP. While Obama might have a generally low approval and Congress overall has a very low approval, the Republicans score the lowest in among them all. So the question isn't how Obama will adversely impact Democrats but what would give anyone, any reason to vote for Republicans?

  31. Nydia Carter

    Billy Sanders you are an EPIC IDIOT cause you can't even spell, if you're gonna insult someone at least learn how to spell their damn name. ignorant dumba$$.

  32. David Dunker

    The ONLY people who could POSSIBLY approve of Obama are either those who are 100% plugged into the welfare system, OR those who WANT to see America go down in flames. Other than those wto groups, it's not possible for anyone else to approve of the destruction of the nation he's committing.

  33. Reece Why

    Well he only saved us from an eminent great depression and presided over re-stabilizing the U.S. economy, after the 2004-2008 Great Recession; he revived a fledgling world economy that was over 9% unemployed – too bad so sad Spain and Greece- Obama also stopped a sure military industrial complex escalation of the two wars gerrymandered by those fiduciary war interest. Since he did inherit the fight, Obama led the capture and elimination of more terrorists than any President in our history- on-going; oh yes sleep well Israel friends, those Syrian chemical stock piles are under control! Don't ask and don't tell though , but we know Netanyahu really is allied with the war machine industry he still asking how'd he do that?

    President Obama managed to get the AHCA through congress, something most of his predecessors, of any worthy comparable discussion, had aspired to do but repeatedly failed to; he also managed the mortgage crisis, the Avian FLU and vaccinations that threatened millions, he instantly rescinded the rise of wanton piracy on the high seas; and despite the insidious and vociferous enmity from the right, nurtured the Auto industry back to a full and prosperous recovery we see today; but wait he also did the same for real estate and banking; also 'NEWS FLASH' we now produce more oil than we import, when he took office the debate was should he allow some to distributed from the Strategic Reserves! So, yeah you right wing 'drill baby drill' media messengers bunk to all your lies and propaganda. The parvenu and progressive moderate society may not be interested in trying to control; the debate with the propaganda from the results of targeted polls

    One thing is explicitly luminous that has been steady since 2010 and that is the republican-obstructionist-do-nothing-congress! And it has an approval rating far diminished than even Dick Nixon's on resignation day. What lately has a republican accomplished outside of the Kentucky ransom of 2013?

    Well, I do wish I could thank Bush for the AIG stock which I acquired very cheap when the bottom fell -out, but than I know guys who committed suicide after loosing their entire portfolios at the bottom of the Bush era; so no, not ever! But I do have enormous gratitude for President Obama, that now it has quadrupled, also thankful to have gotten in on GOOG, GM, BOA, and Netflix, not all perfect – so much for the Blockbuster I should have been wiser after reading it's CEO predicted world-collapse under an Obama administration, I suppose he was right by BLOAQ- and even though the federal deficit is under control now and decreasing at five years lows (5 years), and NO! Shutting down the government is not the impetus for that should any idiot believes so.

    What Americans have to understand is what one poll say another will refute, that is in most cases. However no poll shows the republicans of congress in any positive light. Except within their government expense office facilities. Americans are not as dumb as the right-wing media topic distributing talking point propagandist would have us believe. We know in this nation what we almost had done to society and I for one am encouraged to meet many apolitical citizens that vow not to repeat another right-wing coup de ta aim at taking over the government and installing the antiquated obsolete military industrial complex-economy based on war, conflict, imprisonment and drug trafficking.

    This does tells us much about our country. No matte, by deriding incessantly the one man who saved regular citizens and brought back dignity; now republicans have vitiated any possibility of ever being respected, at any level, outside the propinquity of obdurate racist and right wing extremist.

  34. Nydia Carter

    I see most on here only watch Fox News, it's like you just repeat every word they say, it's incredible how dumb most of you guys are. If you really think the republicans will pick up seats in congress you are far more dumb than i thought. The republicans count on a low turnout to win elections but this year the nation will not stay home and watch our government get hijacked by teapublicans again. I can't wait till next year so congress can get back to helping the country and not arguing over cares more about the poor/middle class.
    In my state of Florida we have medical marijuana on the ballot and trust me there will be a huge turnout to vote for it, and that's not good for the republicans, can't wait to see my state go blue.

  35. Nydia Carter

    I see most on here only watch Fox News, it's like you just repeat every word they say, it's incredible how dumb most of you guys are. If you really think the republicans will pick up seats in congress you are far more dumb than i thought. The republicans count on a low turnout to win elections but this year the nation will not stay home and watch our government get hijacked by teapublicans again. I can't wait till next year so congress can get back to helping the country and not arguing over cares more about the poor/middle class.
    In my state of Florida we have medical marijuana on the ballot and trust me there will be a huge turnout to vote for it, and that's not good for the republicans, can't wait to see my state go blue.

  36. Joe Mosley

    Garry Lafferty,I was a Ford man for years.For the last 6 years I've been driving a Honda.Better than any Ford ,I've ever had.And you,you Obama dick sucker,have convinced me never to buy another Ford.I don't want to contribute one penny to your fucking pay check.You are a disgrace to America.

  37. Larry Quadrato

    Do you mean to tell me that people are gtetting tired of all the lies, scandals, cover ups, unconstitutional behavior and callous arrogance? Who woulda thought?

  38. Michael Samra

    I don't it will work this time for them because people are able to see the screw up with Obamacare and immigration and the poor jobs and low pay scale.Dems are running away from Obama and that never holds well for the party in power.

  39. William Donovan

    well king Obama his subjects the democrats . should be kick out Washington . because under king Obama rule . a disabled be target because white . which is a hate crime . but rhode island attorney generals office . wont do anything about it . because Obama would stop them . that was his plan . to kill the American way . where everybody is treated fairly . he stop that

  40. Danny Lupinek

    I certainly hope that the Dems lose the Senate as well as more seats in the House. However, our President acts like a dictator and intends to ignore or blame Congress regardless of how the midterm elections go.

  41. Linda Ellis

    I had hope for him but not since he's given in to the GOP and thrown, the poor, elderly and veterans under the bus time and again while giving huge gifts of corporate welfare to unethical companies such as Monsanto who got huge farm subsidies while he cut food stamps which were just cut a month ago.

  42. Kristel Santelli

    we need the 3rd party. both dems and repubs are two different sides of the same coin. But its not gonna happen. I see republican party splintering (tea party, liberitarians) but their rise would leave repubs splintered while Dems would be stronger then ever. We need a new party wh would raise to power by taking votes from both of them

  43. Wesley Jay Staub

    I don't think Obama has the first clue ,notice I did not say president because hes not a very good one ,he sucks at it.people are still on unemployment and there benefits have been cut off ,the president ,the senate and the house needs to get their act together before too many people start losing their homes and other things before someone takes matters in their own hands it seems we are surrounded by idiots ,the president ,the vice president and oh yea Bainer ,everyone is so concerned about that big joke of a healthcare

  44. Daniel Sawyer

    Did you see his State of the Union speech? He said, and I paraphrase, "If Congress won't work with me to enact laws to help the American People, I will simply go around Congress and enact them myself." Kind of scary, huh?

  45. Wesley Jay Staub

    healthcare called Obama care or the affordable care act well that's a joke .heres the thing were not Canada or Russia meaning we are not a socialistic type government .we are a capitalist type government Im not really sure if Obama knows the difference ,maybe he needs to look it up in the dictionary so he will know the meaning of capitalist and socialist so he can figure it out and run this country the way its supposed to be or maybe be impeached ,Im sure he has probably done something to deserve that or have the decentsy to step down

  46. Matthew Simon

    what surprises me are the amount of idiots like Thomas Johnson, Joe Mosley, etc. etc. who really do have their heads up their ass. Obama has been running the administration without the help or assistance from the "say no Republicans". He hasn't been perfect and their are many criticisms. But what can you do with Republicans who spread misinformation to idiots who don't know any different (Thomas Johnson)? you go at your own speed

  47. Jim Brown

    The only reason the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Supporter, Habitual Liar, and Dictator WannBe has not been impeached? And charged with Treason Is because he is buying off so many Liberals and illegals with our tax dollars.

  48. Jim Brown

    42% approval??? I think not. Even the DemocRATS are starting to jump ship. They can't stand the smell of all the dead bodies. But come November we will not forget that they all voted to destroy our health care system. And 46 of them voted to give our 2nd amendment rights to the UN. The day of reckoning is coming.

  49. Jeff Johnson

    I agree, it has to be selfish people that have directly receive a benefit or believe they will be receiving a benefit from him or his policies. Like the welfare, gay, illegal alien, or 99+ week unemployed people. I cannot think of one positive program nor budget that has occurred because of or during Mr Obamas presidency. I have heard a lot of blaming of others and excuses. The truth is that You are the president and it is your job to move things forward. If you cannot or will not do that you should step aside. Granted both sides act like immature brats fighting about silly things when major issues get little notice. Yes lets focus on gay marriage and pot smoking while the deficit skyrockets towards 18 trillion without a budget. Or how about the 13 years of continuous wars where thousands of our nations youth are being killed and 10s of thousands are being disfigured and maimed. I could care less about gay marriage, go ahead get married (not sure why its so important to the nation) but great. All the focus of the nation on an issue that affects so few while the "fox" is in the "hen house" stealing money, is crazy. We need a balanced budget, huge cuts in government and government spending (there is NO MONEY), a secure border so bad guys stop sneaking in, and consistent policy. Consider the Affordable Care Act (joke) aka Obama care. The young people aren't supporting Obama and signing up, it costs 3 times what they were paying. Without them there is no funding for the insurance. For me to get the same plan it would cost 450 to 600 with no dental and a deductible $2500 more then I currently pay. And I would have to pay it or suffer a penalty. I really think Obamas staff on all his policies so far have been very simple minded. They offer options and courses of action that don't go past the first order of affects. Like "gosh gee, I didn't think the big companies would just drop the health insurance for their employees and pay the fine." Dah, its a lot cheaper for them and they are businesses. Or how about the millions lost (and paid to the CEOs) to Solyndra? Maybe the 41 billion paid to GM and THEN they went bankrupt, we did get 31 billion back, the other 10 is a write off. Someone please send my Mr Obamas accomplishments as I can find none.

  50. Jeff Johnson

    while I disagree with Obama and all of his policies it is inappropriate and furthers no cause to hurl personal insults especially when the person is not around to defend themselves. I too am very displeased with Obama, hate his trips all over the world (on taxpayer pocket good), and think he has truly done nothing, but the insults only set us back.

  51. Jeff Johnson

    remember that this is the liberal loving media who always is biased towards democrats-no matter what or how incompetent they are. So are you surprised at the numbers?– really!

  52. Jeff Johnson

    sad isn't it when morons with no experience are running things.

    For example take unemployment benefits from a business owners perspective and how it affects hiring and job creation. Normally a laid off worker gets 26 weeks of unemployment. Now they get 99 weeks. Since an employer pays half the unemployment it must be considered in any business expansion where additional employees will be brought on. the Extra 73 weeks of 1/2 the unemployment cost with nothing in return are a HUGE factor when adding employees that may be let go if the new venture fails or is less then expected. And yet this was totally missed by the "genius" staffers that put this 99 weeks of "assistance" out there. To be clear, you can require whatever term length you want for unemployment and business will simply adjust to allow them to make money. So while the extended benefits are a great short term idea, it is devastating to the employees. No $ goes into retirement accounts. The long term unemployed appear either too arrogant or too lazy by employers. This discourages adding workers to pay roles, which is truly what we need.

    Good luck Mr President, you have really messed up the country.

  53. Rob Singer

    the real .. people do not have a clue about real America … they be like please don't take my money … that's all people know in America today … the man behind the mask .. NBC, ABC, CBS AND FOX CAN MAKE any thing seem like what ever they want …. cuba nationalize all it's resources mainly copper .. copper was the pipe line for everything running the men behind the mask … create this story pigs of bay and said they had missile pointed at America … they can make Obama poll numbers get ten time much low then they are … they are standing in the way of all the oil that is the pipe line of today running water .. all the gas still uses steel pipe lines ….. but ever other products is made from oil and aluminum …. George bush whet to war to go steal oil and this is what they are going stealing oil to make products …. paper money is back by oil and aluminum .. not gold or steel or and ? and ? … and it's all in other countries that love china because china work with them for the good of these countries … they took Nigeria and Venezuela a satellite up in space for some oil this is why they are in cuba and all over …..they are changing out their money for Chinese money for china to make their product …paper money is back by making products and having the resources to make the products …. the president do not matter … the yale university have set America up … George Herbert walker bush, bill Clinton, and George bush jr … have been working at this for 20 year straight … Obama was put in place to recreate treasonous terrorist call the kay kay kay that no one is afraid of … just fine the boss … and and ?

  54. Rob Rocco

    This guy has received the largest bias free pass from the press one can ever think of–the guy is a bold faced liar, he is out to destroy our country and all of us–what the hell is going on here? Let the voters send him the message in 2014 and then hit him with the big one in 2016…Cooked numbers, you bet, all the numbers we see are bogus.

  55. Chris Miller

    Hope So, this country has never been so bad as it is under obama (the communist) and the DEMOCRAPS!

  56. Abbriano Margherita

    President Obama you are an insult to THIS AMERICAN COUNTRY…For the life of me, I cannot comprehend how you got elected or why you are destroying this country and the countries surrounding us..You have a family and wouldn't you want the best for them..SO WHY ARE YOU DESTROYING THE REST OF THE COUNTRY. WHERE IS YOUR HEART & CONCERN FOR US..You have continued to lie about everything. You are not forthcoming about anything..You are destroying America…EVEN GOD… Please bow out now..

  57. Armedlegally Legallyarmed

    I honestly don't know why his ratings are that high! Seriously, with all the scandals, lies and corruption going around!

  58. John Buonocore

    Tell me, I knew he was a FAILURE from day one. Why did it take the rest of you 5 years????????????????? That is mind boggling.
    No experience in anything, and the DUMB AMERICAN VOTER ELECTS HIM.
    His solution, remember fellow Americans, for saving fuel???? Put air in your tires. That was one clue of an IDIOT.

  59. Armedlegally Legallyarmed

    Garry, where the hell is your head at? Do you bother to look around you? You sir are exactly whats wrong with America. Just clueless

  60. Mario Marquis Duff

    He is failing all by himself.Not saying Under God, Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood giving them tax payer dollars, All the lying,smoke and mirror staged events like Zimmerman to promote race division. While taking everyone freedoms.. Can you explain to me? Why everyone calling illegal immigrants undocumented citizens when they are Illegal and broke the law? All of us as Americans have to follow the law, but he wants to reward people who are breaking the law. An give them jobs when the real unemployment percentage is over 20%. All the polls are fictional numbers control by the white house. The media is propaganda staged by the white house. All the information you know is controlled and everyone takes in as facts. Look up the definition of brainwashing. Because half the country is fed up with the way the government is ran. Obama is weak and a disgrace to the black race. He will go down in history as the worst president. An there will never be another black president. If anyone is voting for Hilary they are a idiot to vote for someone who's already failed there job 3 times.

  61. Armedlegally Legallyarmed

    Nydia Carter oh look spelling police, since you want to be the Nazi grammar police make sure you put down bull dyke on the application.

  62. Mario Marquis Duff

    This is very true. My co pay was 500 dollars with co pays. Now after obamacare my deductible is 1,500 and no co pays. Meaning i have to pay all my doctor expenses until 1,500, and also make my monthly insurance payments. That's $2,400 i pay before my insurance does anything. Sounds more like Car insurance but on my body.

  63. Travis L Cupp

    If his approval rating has gone up it's because of all the gays, the lazy people on welfare and all of the lazy people that don't want to work all they want is free stuff from that piece of dirt. And all the druggies don't they know that that's what he wants is a drugged up country that can't think for them selves

  64. Anna Christina Tuccillo

    You forgot to mention the republican southern redneck states. :)

  65. Anna Christina Tuccillo

    Jeff Johnson you are an idiot… I guess you don't remember who started to mess up this country? BUSH! That is why listening to a Republican is like talking to a dining room table. They are so delusional they want to blame this president when their president made us start the deficit.

  66. Anna Christina Tuccillo

    Bush destroyed this country first.. Get it through your denial stupid brain.

  67. Anna Christina Tuccillo

    I rather be a liberal they are much more educated. Thank you!

  68. Tom Burns

    You first lie to the people to get elected-because you can not tell them the truth–and then once you are in power you must continue to lie to them as you force your agenda on the American people.Then you demonize anyone who does not bow to your decisions. Then when the truth begins to come out you blame anyone or anything that will deflect the blame from you .You attack your opponent with accusations of racism, UN-patriotic, party of no,etc. Do you really think you can believe any numbers on anything that is generated by the lame street,liberal media,or the government?? If you do then you are a lost soul. So many people with money are FLEEING the U.S.A.

  69. Donald Henry

    Among my family and many people I know and work with, his rating is 0% and some of these people supported him at one time. The worst President I have ever lived under.

  70. Marilyn Bush

    Garry, notice how not 1 of these bitchin' GOPers even mention the harm caused by Boehner, Cantor, Ryan and the rest have caused the people this country w/their sequesters, their cuts, their taking from he poor to give to corporations and the uber rich. Not 1 word about gvt shutdown costing us 24 billion dollars. They just don't get the truth. No matter what they think of this President, our contempt for the ugly Tea Party is what is going 2 win the next elections!

  71. Jeff Johnson

    Anna Christina Tuccillo that is so naive and so old. Blaming someone else. Mr. Obama is now in his second term-6 years and the argument is completely invalid. Granted your first or second year you can make the claim that the previous administration had policies in place that affected your "inherited" government but 2 years into your second term that is invalid and a comment made from someone that blindly follows a particular political party regardless of it's ineptness or ability. You imply, as do all blind political pundits, that I am republican. I am neither. I am simply a citizen that listens to both idiotic sides and cannot believe how childish both are. We as citizens deserve a president and a congress that moves forward and does what is best for all and not a special interest group. Bush had his "buddies" in oil and big business and so does Obama. Both along with all the previous presidents have made mistakes and errors. While Bush strikes me as very righteous and not very intelligent he did have some very smart people in place but he also is responsible for terrible decisions that managed to add greatly to the deficit. He also, at least, had a budget in place. What really is alarming is that the right and left are completely polarized to the point that neither even listens to the other side. When Obama attempts to do something the republicans just say "no" regardless of the merit. Both sides stick to an issue with no leeway and no giving. The people that support or approve of Mr Obama are very selfish and are doing so not with the country or any other citizens except their own interests at heart. They refuse to even consider anyone else's issues and make a habit of insulting anyone that disagrees with their one-sided and selfish wants. The conservative side has idiots like Rush Limbau that does exactly the same ungracious and disgusting and childish acts. Until both sides can grow up and listen, yes listen and compromise nothing will get done. Blaming the Bush for the current problems makes no sense and is the exact problem we have in government. Obama's has not put smart people in decision making positions and they have developed shallow programs that lack consideration of all the effects of the programs. For example, Obama's intent is to have all citizens covered by health insurance and yet that isn't happening. His intent to have all people keep their current health insurance was a disaster. His staff completely failed him in their analysis and advice and yet the blind liberals that support him cannot stop for a minute and see what it is doing to the citizens. Rather they hurdle insults and accusations that deflect the real issues and don't solve the problems. The issue with health care that needed to be addressed is two fold: rising costs and portability. Now it has become a punitive new tax that further burdens tax payers. All plans in the US have a $2.00 fee for marketing and promotion of the Affordable Care Act-this is ridiculous. Our deductibles have increased as have our premiums. Penalties are now in place for those that cannot afford to buy the more expensive insurance (tax) and coverages have been reduced. While applaud Mr Obama's intent his plan is a failure. Just as the Solyndra plan, cash for clunkers plan, and the bailout of companies that were destined to file bankruptcy like GM. They all cost taxpayers billions and did nothing for the citizens. Instead focus on noble gestures like equal rights for gay people and amnesty for illegal aliens has been at the forefront and really affects a very very small minority of the population. Bigger issues that have much longer lasting and detrimental affects (like the out of control deficit and spending) seem to be ignored. Until the blind sheep that unconditionally support the conservative and liberal politicians grow up and stop allowing themselves to be "led to slaughter" at the sake of the rest of the citizens life for the majority of grown-up will continue to suffer. I for one have and will continue to vote for anyone not currently in office as they all deserve to be fired. Mr. Obama's job as president is to get both sides to work together and move forward on the most important policies for the most people, this is a democracy after all and he has -so far- done a poor job in this area. Again the blaming of someone else for their inadequacies is the mark of a person or group of people that are unable to perform the job and that is the mark of our president and our congress. But I will consider arguments base on fact and reserve the right to change my opinion so once again name the successful programs that are benefiting the nation as a whole that Mr Obama has put forward as I truly struggle to find any.

  72. Kerry Bourne

    Anna Christina Tuccillo …bless your heart hunni..Please dont fall into that trap of trying to blame it on Bush..Obama is into his second term and he has done basically the same thing Bush would have done..He also was all in for going into the middle east just as many Dems did at first..All were basing the decision on faulty intelligence concerning wmd's…and i agree with you about the deficit however part of Barry's "hope and change" was ending the Bush deficit,not makig it much worse ..which is what he did…be sure you are watching MSNBC,CNN , as well as fox news in order to make an informed opinion. ….Oh yeah be sure to watch John Stewart on Comedy Central too.

  73. Jeff Johnson

    Matthew Simon I am not sure what you mean. If it is meant to simply be insulting, I guess you are falling into the same old pattern the current congress and president have displayed. I actually read and pay attention to the policies and their affects, have a considerably high IQ, have earned five degrees and have completed my graduate work. I have worked at the federal level, started two companies, been in the military, and worked in private industry. I find the grid lock is centered around two sides that never listen to the other side nor even consider it. Like it or not there are people on both sides that have competing interests and neither will go away nor will they ever consider the opposing side when either side constantly throws out personal insults. Until we have some grow-ups that listen and actually care about the nation and its citizens as a whole we are doomed. I am just as able to stoop to personal insults as demonstrated by people like Rush "the idiot" Limbau and tv hosts as found on the Ed show. But this just moves us backward. Regardless of how either side denigrates the other neither will ever win the other over -ever. So realize that, grow-up and begin to address the issues rather then simply insulting people.

  74. Jeff Johnson

    You forget the huge stock market collapse in 2001 after the WTC bombing. Also the Clinton deregulation policies that Bush did little to change. This is and has been a concerted and short sided effort from both sides to give to the top 5% and bottom 10% at the expense of the middle 85%. I am also a Union man and have been disappointed in the unions ability to come in to the 21st century. The unions along with mgmt are like the politicians in DC, neither addresses the issues and seek only short term "but pushing" agendas that do little for the long term benefit of the country. Obama needs some smart people working for him to advise him and his agendas, I really think that has not happened and we are the recipient of the failure. It is, in essence, his fault as he put those people in those positions and cannot seem to realize this. He is my president regardless of my not voting for him and I truly wish and hope he propels the country forward. I lack confidence in his ability as I have not seen any positive programs that will make our children better off or our nation more secure.

  75. Jeff Johnson

    Anna Christina Tuccillo The southern states are know as the southern democrats and have been so for years. The Tea party is an outcry against both parties and attempts to bring to light the issues that are stifling the nation like a lack of a budget or continued rampant spending. I wold much rather be an american and greatly dislike both "liberals" and "conservatives" as they act like little kids fighting over trivial matters while huge issues continue to be ignored. Both sides then simply resort to personal insults and forget they are obligated to all americans and not just a few. This polarization is the main reason the economy is failing and struggles to move ahead. Good luck with the insults it normally marks desperate and wrong people.

  76. Marilyn Bush

    Jeff Johnson But Republican obstruction has nothing to do with the President's performance? Really? While corporations and billionaires pay lower taxes, the middle class and poor pick up the slack thanks to Republican butt kissing of the Koch Bros who want to buy America. Really?

  77. Robert Bryson

    This is an example of voting the PARTY LINE and not your MIND!!!

  78. James Durden

    I don't see it as an intended insult just calling it the way he sees it. And it's my belief that no statement can be considered a insult unless it happens to be true. it's turning a blind eye or keeping your head between your legs like nothing is happening that really set you back.

  79. Joseph Wilson

    Democrats don't know how to run a Country, hell they can't even run their own cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and most cities in California. Democrats bankrupt cities and countries for a living. They also cry racism when anyone calls them out on it. It's funny that all the racist Democrats such as Hillary, Biden, Sharpton, accuse others of racism when they've been caught on camera making racist jokes and racist slurs. Democrats need to shut the fuck up accusing others of racism, when they've been caught on camera several times making racist jokes at whites, asians, indians, and hispanics.

  80. Brian Carter

    Kristel Santelli I agree to an extent. I see a GOP/TP split eventually but I think that's needed to give the moderate conservatives (the sane ones) back their voice.

    And with honesty I don't see a problem with an unsplintered Democratic vote because there is MUCH more diversity in the Democratic Party than there is on the Republican side. There is representation there of the varied views of Americans. For those that don't agree substantively with Democrats then those people need to demand a saner, more moderate GOP.

  81. Matthew Simon

    Jeff Johnson people who often brag about high IQ's often have below average IQ's and are often deluding themselves into thinking they are smart at all when in fact, you probably need to get you GED. =Þ

  82. Kerry Bourne

    Anna Christina Tuccillo THANK YOU??WHAT IS THE LINK FOR?Please no more blogs about how great or awful Bush was .. Those excuses are no longer valid as this is President Obamas now after he is in his second term..He gotta do it on his own now..and show us all what a big boy he is.. ,

  83. Christina Novembrino Doucette

    I agree.. in the beginning YES, Bush did leave a huge mess for Obama to clean up. The issue is now after 6 years things have not improved..It's a load of crap. I was blaming Bush myself. I even voted for Obama twice!! So the excuse that Bush is the one responsible now is BS.. Obama is in charge now, the most powerful man in the world there is is NOT helping America. This doesn't even feel like America any longer.. It's quite frightening when you think about it.. Go back and read about how in debt this country is.. go back and see that unemployment is 10%.. 6 years is a good enough time to get things going.. Why the hell are all the Democrats so against him in almost every damn decision he makes? Why is his relationship with Putin a joke? He backs down to him and kissed his friggin ring like he was in the Godfather.. I mean c'mon.. Not a fan of Bush's administration but he is NO LONGER TO BLAME SO END IT ALREADY.. OBAMA IS IN CHARGE ..THIS IS NOW HIS BABY AND AMERICANS ARE GOING UNDER!!!!!. What has the man done to improve this economy? Detroit is now BANKRUPT.. nice, huh?? And the list continues on.. when he made his State of the Union address the other day, he stated the SAME exact promises he did in 2008.. I counted and was amazed that he started off with a lie.. I supported him, I wanted a change so badly because the country was in shambles.. when I saw people getting home loans that didn't have money I was too smart to fall for that load of garbage so I decided not to invest because I knew all these people who couldn't afford a mortgage would get screwed down the line.. as of now, I know 12 people who were foreclosed on.. You deregulate the banks, you screw America to the walls. That part I blame 100% on Bush.. We are now in the Obama administration and now we're screwed again. I trust ZERO polticians..they friggin lie their damn asses off about everything.. What the hell is he spying on everyone for? Can he answer that? Did you see the way he just swooped the answers under the rug and NOT answer them directly as he very well should have. How dumb does he think America is?? I didn't buy a thing he said….. I just got sick hearing his answers. Right in front of Bill O'reilly right before the Superbowl in that Q & A and the answers were pure crap… You could see that.. His answers to the IRS issues… "Oh it was some boneheaded decisions that were made". stated exactly as I wrote it… so there ya go.. He's not doing so well and history when he's out in 2016 and this crap ACA which by the way is NOT AFFORDABLE… CALL IT THE UCA…UNAFFORDABLE CARE ACT. Hey.. I voted for the man..I now highly regret the hell out of it. I truly do.. He needs to get it together and I truly believe his ratings as a President are much, much lower..

  84. Nancy Snead


  85. Nancy Snead


  86. Bob Helton

    Doing my job, I talk to at least 100 different people everyday, face to face, 90% of the time. The weather used to be the topic of conversation (and sometimes still is), But, the number one topic is obama. In 4 years, I can say, I have NOT heard a positive comment, a supporting word, or even ' I like " in ANY sentence ever spoke to me by anyone else, period. I HAVE heard some new and colorful slang used to describe him and his politics. Mostly, His lying about 17 things he should be impeached for. This is not hearsay, it's what people talk about. If they pole 1000 people on obama, in various states, I would say he might get 10 to give him a 60%. The rest, far less than that. These numbers posted by the 'rating' people, are rigged. By the way, Not one IRS or NSA person has been interveiwed for their actions. Obama said, beyond all doubt, these people are innocent … Game over.

  87. Anonymous

    Actually Clinton handed Bush a much worse situation then Obama. If you look at the numbers its clear that Bush's last two years where very productive. If he had had two more years who knows how strong we would have bounced back.

  88. William Wilson

    Anna Christina Tuccillo Reagan had problems inherited from Carter, but after Reagan got into office, he stopped complaining about Carter and FIXED the problems. Obama has fixed nothing, including his own whiney ass.

  89. Nick Cannon

    Anna Christina Tuccillo Bush was a horrible president but Obama is just as bad, if anything he's expanded on everything Bush did wrong. Neither Republicans or Democrats are the answer and no other parties have the influence to win elections. It doesnt matter who destroyed the country first the fact remains that it needs to be fixed.

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