Dakota Fanning Graduates From High School

Dakota Fanning Graduates From High School

Doesn’t it seem like Dakota Fanning has been around since the dawn of time?

She couldn’t have possibly, though- the starlet is just now graduating from high school. Fanning’s graduation happened Monday at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, and the 17-year-old said- in an earlier quote that sounds a bit manufactured- that she was grateful to have a real “high school experience.”

“I think it was really important to have the high school experience,” she said on the Today Show last fall. ” I just think everyone always looks back on that time in their life. Who was homecoming princess and [did] the cheerleading … and all the things that go along with high school? And I wanted to have that. I’m really lucky that I found a school that allows me to do both.”

During her genuine, not at all famous schooling tenure, Fanning was a cheerleader got elected homecoming queen twice at the exclusive, private Campbell Hall private school. The actress is bound for NYU in the fall.