Miichigan doctor predicts Brady and the Patriots will win Super Bowl 48

Super Bowl Prediction: Doctor Picks Brady And The Patriots [Video]

Worst Super Bowl prediction ever?

An apparently confused cardiologist picked Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to win tonight’s Super Bowl matchup.

The Denver Broncos (who defeated the Patriots in the AFC Championship game) and the Seattle Seahawks will meet in the big game at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

Dr. Shukri David, chief cardiologist at Providence Hospital in Southland, Mich., appeared on Fox 2 Detroit to discuss healthy eating during the NFL title game. See embed below.

As ArizonaSports observed, “Dr. David, one would infer, was on set to discuss Super Bowl health — how much alcohol to consume at a party, what foods to avoid, etc. But the interview got a little woozy when he was asked for his Super Bowl prediction.”

When host Deena Centofanti asked the doctor for his Super Bowl prediction, he said “I’m a [Tom] Brady fan, he’s a University of Michigan grad, so go Patriots.” He added a fist pump for emphasis.

When Centofanti — who was momentarily at a loss for words — subtly tried to correct her studio guest by dropping Peyton Manning’s name, the doctor chimed in that “Not Peyton Manning, they’re out. I’ve been following the Patriots, and I think Brady’s going to pull it off.”

Both of them were unable to come up with the name of the Manning’s Seattle Seahawks counterpart, who as virtually everyone knows is Russell Wilson.

“Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, yeah,” Centofanti said as the awkward exchange came to a close.

According to Yardbarker, “The whole sequence is so bad that I’m not sure I’d even trust whatever health advice he was dishing out prior to this.”

In other Super Bowl prediction news, Eli the Ape (who is on a six-year Super Bowl winning streak) predicted the Seahawks, while Buffet the manatee, who also picked the winner for the past six years, chose the Broncos.

What is your Super Bowl prediction?