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Former SS Soldier Werner C. Charged With Massive Civilian Massacre

Marching SS Men

A Former SS soldier has been arrested and charged by German authorities for his role in the murder of countless men, women, and children during a civilian massacre which took place in France during World War Two.

The suspect, named Werner C., who is 88, was also charged with hundreds of counts of being an accessory to murder due to his involvement in the 1944 slaughter in Oradour-sur-Glane in the south of France.

German prosecutors allege that Werner shot at least 25 men as part of a firing squad, and then helped his fellow soldiers set fire to a church full of people.

In that fire, 642 men, women, and children were burned alive.

Attorney Rainer Pohlen, who is defending Werner, told the AP that his client was at the village at the time of the massacre, but had no involvement in it, and didn’t fire a weapon nor kill anyone.

Pohlen said: “My client contests any participation in this massacre, which he finds a truly terrible act.”

The attack on Oradour-sur-Glane’s citizens was in retaliation for the kidnapping of German soldiers by the French Resistance.

According to all reports, the Waffen SS massacre in Oradour-sur-Glane was extremely gruesome. Residents were herded into barns and churches, the doors barricaded, and then the whole town was set ablaze.

Those people who were not killed in the various fires were shot as they tried to flee the town, and only a few survived.

Back in September of 2013, the president of Germany, Joachim Gauck met France’s Francois Hollande in Oradour-sur-Glane in a display of German/French reconciliation.

President Gauck spoke at that event saying he shared the pain and: “bitterness over the fact that the murderers have not been brought to justice.”

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the trial against the former SS soldier will be as prosecutors gather evidence to prove if Werner C. was involved in the horrific massacre in France.

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46 Responses to “Former SS Soldier Werner C. Charged With Massive Civilian Massacre”

  1. Robert Wayne Mcgee

    So what, why screw with an old guy like that? In my opinion we should waste every muslim the same way! might be some weining & crying from a bunch of puss liberals but the world would be a better place in the long run!.

  2. Scotty Johnson

    Why didn't they arrest the scum bags that killed innocent men, women, and children in the town of Dresden, Germany, which had no military significance but was a center of art and culture, when the allies were doing nothing more than simply killing and destroying? Or why doesn't it make the news when Zionist goon squads kill Palestinians for the sake of killing? It happens all the time. Instead we hear about things that only serve to promote someone's agenda.

  3. Frank Komitsky Jr

    Because most of the western world had spent the previous 100 years preparing for another periodic German onslaught. It was time to teach them what total war, their invention meant!

  4. Anonymous

    As Sherman said, war is hell. When civilians start shooting at/killing occupying soldiers you have to expect there to be payback. The cold truth is in war civilians die…it's just that the victor gets to hold the trials afterwards.

  5. Melanie Collins Pennock

    So, you believe the people killed were "civilians shooting/killing occupying soldiers? Sad…….

  6. Melanie Collins Pennock

    I am glad people like this are still being brought to justice. The world must never forget what truly happened.

  7. Craig Grant

    There are people that do not believe the Germans had them in camps ,killing millions. My father was at Dachau when it was liberated. He was put in charge of burying the rotten starved corpses. I have the picture of the camp and the bodies pied up. A few years before he died at 88 he told me that all through his life at times he could still smell those rotten bodies. He said you could smell death more then five miles from the camp yet the people who lived in the village and worked at the camps claimed to not know what was going on

  8. Michael Lawson

    You need to educate yourself about this incident. These people had nothing to do with partisan activity, and the Nazis who did this had no evidence or reason to believe that they did. They just picked a village at random, and brutally tortured and slaughtered the villagers, men women and children. You are defending SS murderers who perpetrated one of the most horrific atrocities of WW2. BTW, reprisals against civilians for partisan activities in the area is prohibited by the Geneva Convention. So this was a war crime BEFORE WW2. Get your head out of your ass.

  9. Michael Lawson

    Aaron Smith No, you are, because you are so ignorant and morally bankrupt that you would defend Nazis who committed war crimes.

  10. Melanie Collins Pennock

    Aaron Smith, I have personally viewed thousand of records of prisoners in camps held by the Nazis as part of my work on the World Memory Project. THAT is sad.

  11. Greg Field

    These are not questions that merit an answer by intelligent socially conscious people. It is an attention getting tantrum by a twisted stunted mind

  12. Greg Field

    You got any real balls pal or are you just a sniveling punk wanna be? Why don't you join the republican party and run for president? The dems could use a proper punching bag, and we could use a good joke.

  13. Randall Scott Ruback

    Your argument lost its credibility Scotty with your fallacious claim of 'Zionist good squads' that kill Palestinians simply for the sake of killing. Golda Meir, Israel's former prime minister best summed up the Israeli/Jewish attitude toward death/war/and destruction in response to Anwar Sadat: "We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours." Golda Meir, to Anwar Saddat just before the peace talks.

    Your blatantly anti-Semitic and racist post will be inspiration to further murderers and is the ironic hypocrisy of the point that you make.

  14. Randall Scott Ruback

    Robert – do you realize what you have just said? Replace the word Muslims with Americans, Jews, or Christians, and now you know why our world is in such terrible shape. If you become like the murderers yourself – what is to distinguish your cause as being any better? I'm for stopping terrorists, but all out murder? You sound like a terrorist wannabe yourself.

  15. Randall Scott Ruback

    Aaron Smith – you remind me of a former Nazi who recently died in Milwaukee. Had Nazi ash trays in his home and Nazi flags. bemoaned the end of the Third Reich, and loved Nazi marches. You will be forgotten by all who have known you in your lifetime I am most certain. Your only legacy will be the bad fortune of those who have come in contact with you. Pathetic moron…

  16. Randall Scott Ruback

    Relativistic revisionist history – listen, you equator of the innocent with the aggressor, so long as there are apologists for atrocities out there in the world (your being one of them), death and destruction will continue. I am most certain that if you were in that church or farm house as it was ablaze you'd be praying for a better world and not feeling this was fair pay back. I'm surprised how many indifferent pycho-pathic self-centered people there are posting comments these days. The world is out of balance with such monsters who permit evil over good.

  17. Chuck Turner

    The Waffen SS was the military arm of the SS, it was a unit put together of the best of the German army. Now the prison guards and the military were completely different units. In war time, soldiers had to follow the order of their officers. The commanding General or Officer who ordered the destruction of the village should have been tried. Not the soldiers who are following orders knowing that if they did not do as they were ordered they too would have been shot. Study history before jumping to conclusions about this old solder. He should be released and left alone.

  18. Joe Ingram

    You idiots are sad. What does arresting an 88 year old soldier do for anyone?

    It's over, he did what he was ordered to do. Just like any soldier in any military in the world.

    War is never pretty and it's never black and white.

    Only Liberals see the world through eyes of a child

  19. Joe Ingram

    Michael Lawson -Like your ass would've stood up to Hitler. Who the hell are you kidding?

    Keep trying for that Internet tough guy award

  20. Lou Gots

    No. That's wrong. Dresden was an important rail center, militarily significant to the war on the Eastern Front. "Totaler Krieg" was that the Germans called for, and "Totaler Krieg" was what they got.

  21. Lou Gots

    If this guy did what they say, he's a murderer and he should pay the price.

    Still, there is the question of proof. 60 years ago?. Is there someone who says they saw him shooting and burning, or is it just that his unit was there? Why was this case delayed so long? What do they know now that they didn't know for the last half-century?

  22. Lou Gots

    No. That's wrong. Do some research in the Law of War before embarrassing yourself like that. Mass reprisals are definitely a war crime. I personally have problems with this prosecution because of the time between the War and the trial, but not with the substantive charging of anyone who participated in mass reprisals against civilians. .

  23. Lou Gots

    Michael Lawson That's a rodger. Mass reprisals against civilians are definitely a war crime. I don't know where all these Nazi sympathizers are getting the idea that they are not.

  24. Mike Brown

    What an absolute horrible time in world history. I don't care if the guy is 100. He should be brought to justice. I know that in that regime, if you weren't 100% on board with the party and their goals, you were likely to end up dead yourself, but a horrific crime against humanity is still a horrific crime against humanity.

  25. Anonymous

    Randall Scott Ruback, two wrongs do not make a right. Everyone deserves a trophy now remember? That includes Nazi's too. WE ALL GET TROPHIES NOW DANG IT! It doesn't matter if you win or lose, live or die, create or kill, we are ALL winners now and all get trophies, even if we do not win or deserve it. Trophies for EVERYONE! No Child left behind! OK now… Yes, the Nazi movement reshaped the landscape of humanity for all future generations, both in bad and good ways. Hopefully, as a whole, we have learned to not allow something like that to happen again. With that being said, we must wake up and realize that what that SS soldier did is not too different from what the US is doing now. Imagine if Nazi's had drones….

  26. Anonymous

    He was doing his job. No diff than the US soldiers going and killing in the middle east.

  27. Anonymous

    Lou Gots, So what about US soldiers in the middle east? This dude was just a Soldier doing his job, like the US soldiers in the Mid East. It was NOT the soldiers who created the orders, that was the Nazi Government. These people just followed orders so THEY weren't murdered. Or is it that this dude took matters into his own hands and started killing random people against orders? I see a lot in common with the Nazi army and the US army…. and I mean more than just the US taking all the Nazi scientists for themselves….

  28. Anonymous

    So how is he responsible? For following orders given to him by a higher power? Leave this stuff in the past, where it belongs. Are we going to chase down those who hung Jesus on a cross next?!?!

  29. Anonymous

    No what he is saying is FCK people! Is the current world not in a bad enough state for ya already?!?! Yeah this was a horrible event and judge judge judge and judge some more, but leave it in the past. What good is really going to come from punishing a 88 year old man?!?!?! Are all of those murdered going to spring back to life?!?! Is a big banner going to drop from the sky and say "GOOD FOR YOU!"??? NO! We should use this event as an eye opener to what the US Government is doing in the Middle East. Forget your history and doom yourself to repeat it.

  30. George Clay Jr

    this old man was most likely a young teen when he was forced to do this he has paid enough just with the memory of what he did and soon he get to face his maker let him settle this

  31. Fred Crow

    Unfortunately, we will probably never know the accuracy of the charges or whether this man did the dirty deeds. It appears in this era, the Jewish sentiment is more concerned about punishing anyone, more often than making sure it is the correct one. They like scapegoats, wrong or right, accurate or not, genuine or mistaken, it really doesn't matter. Some of the trials in the past have been based on 70 yr old recognitions and identifications. How someone can walk up and identify someone in their 90s that they saw in their 20 is beyond me. Most of my fellow college graduates, I cannot recognize after 40 yrs and couldn't pick them out of a lineup if I knew they were there and there were only three people in the lineup. There will soon come a time when over 100 yrs have passed since these atrocities and there will be no more to prosecute. Then what will these Jewish zealots now do? Maybe they can find the grandkids of the bad guys and beat them up in the streets, mob action by the grandchildren of those who were in Buchenwald or other similar places? Anything to appease and satisfy? Soon we will see hit squads traveling the earth, maybe kidnapping the great grandson of a murdering Nazi, who now owns a Chevy dealership in Anchorage. Maybe its grampa reborn or reincarnated. Or the school teacher in Iowa, the great grand niece of a Nazi who sewed clothes for prisoners in a concentration camp. Why didn't they prosecute their Jewish brothers and sisters who turned on them and served the Nazis to save their skins in the camps? I for one and tired of this inaccurate finger pointing. If you have the definite proof, Okay fine, but these trials that go on for decades and when failed, retry again later, and dig up phony evidence including eyewitnesses who are nearly blind is bordering on ridiculousness, even preposterousness.

  32. Fred Crow

    Quiet Guidep, sometimes people are judged on their actions and lack of character not their religion nor their national origin or race. To call someone names llike Nazi or a racist is exposing your character. Careful your prejudices and racism is showing sir.

  33. Stephen Read

    Please go fish. Better yet – jump overboard and drown. You are worthless. You waste the air I breath. I wish I were your neighbour.

  34. Ludwig Heinrich Tjitandi

    Its a pity Germany does not want to compensate the first people they kill in the concentration camps in Namibia. The Hereros were almost extinct by the special order given to wipe Hereros from the face of the earth. Today they leave on poverty in a country roled by a tribe that supress them. Shame on you Germany for acknowledging your Kaiser mandate yet not doing anything to help the very people you tried to wipe out almost 80 000 to 150 000 were killed between 1904 -1906…They kill them like dogs operated on their bodies and tortured them all this to understand the black race. Shame shame

  35. Ludwig Heinrich Tjitandi

    What about those Hereros killed in their 100 000 yet Germany does not want to take responsibility of the Kaiser order to wipe out a nation. The same government is reaping the fruits from the Kaiser. If Germany is doing nothing to those Hereros than they can let this guy go but if they do something than surely they must come to the HEREROS AND AT LEAST ISSUE AN APOLOGY FOR ONCE AND HELP REBUILD THE NATION THEY KILLED.

  36. Anonymous

    Like this guy had a choice, he was what 17 years old at the time? He was probably terrified and told he would be shot if he didn't go through with his orders. Don't be so quick to judge this man, 99.999999999% of us will never have to be put in a situation like he was.

  37. Brian Wheeler

    Ok if we can retroactively charge people with war crimes are we able to at least condemn the companies who gave them supplies? No supplies no army.

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