DC police detective pleads gulity to spying on stepdaughter

‘Detective Of The Year’ Pleads Guilty To Secretly Filming Stepdaughter

A Washington D.C. police officer who was previously named “Detective of the Year” has pleaded guilty to spying on his adult stepdaughter with hidden cameras.

The woman was temporarily living in the detective’s home in a Maryland suburb of D.C. because she had reportedly fallen on hard times. He allegedly installed the cameras in her bedroom and bathroom, and videotaped her undressing and getting in and out of the shower over a nine-month period. The detective has been identified in multiple media accounts as Keith Tabron, a 23-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Department.

According to the Prince George’s County prosecutor’s office, “the victim realized she was being spied on when she noticed fresh paint in her bathroom. When she inspected the paint she found one of the cameras. The victim called a cousin who found the second camera in her bedroom. They traced the wires back to Tabron’s home office and called police.”

Tabron was charged with 50 counts of secret video surveillance and entered a guilty plea in court on the day after Christmas to five counts. He received a suspended sentence of five years along with five years probation. He has also been suspended from the police force without pay. As someone without a previous criminal record, he won’t be required to register as a sex offender.

Tabron was named detective of the year in 2012 for his work on burglary investigations. “Through hard work and relentless hours, Detective Tabron was been able to get a defendant to confess to twenty-eight (28) burglaries in the Second District area after being arrested. Detective Tabron used his interviewing skills to bring these crimes to a closure,” the police department explained on March 1, 2012.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, sometimes “teachers of the year” also run afoul of the law.

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