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Plus Size Barbie Is Overweight, But Should The Obese Image Be Encouraged?

Plus Size Barbie Is Overweight, But Should The Obese Image Be Encouraged

The plus size Barbie is overweight and triple-chinned. But some people believe the obese Barbie goes too far and shouldn’t be produced by Mattel.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a plus size model named Robyn Lawley slammed designer who pressure girls to lose weight and has even opened her own plus size swim suit line.

Any parents who are appalled by the idea should rest easy since Mattel hasn’t even considered making a plus size Barbie. The image of the overweight Barbie was created as part of an illustration contest on The Facebook page Plus Size Modeling stirred the controversy by asking people whether they thought it would be a good idea to have a Barbie doll with an expanding waistline. So far over 40,000 people have liked the idea.

Regardless, many people are taking issue with the idea of having an obese Barbie:

“No one is naturally fat for gods sake, that’s sending the message to girls that it’s ok to look like this and be unhealthy. How about we stop obsessing about being overweight and teach our children to eat healthy and get out and play…”

Even people who are obese themselves apparently feel the “double chin isn’t necessary” on the plus size Barbie. Chrystal Bougon, the owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie in San Jose, says, “I’d prefer to see a plus sized Barbie, a curvy girl Barbie doll that doesn’t have a triple chin, but if that’s all we get, I’ll take it.”

If you took the proportions of a not so fat Barbie doll, and applied them to real women, then a real life Barbie would have to be 16 inches while the average American woman is 37.5 inches (even the Human Barbie called Valeria Lukyanova isn’t that thin). So some people say the regular Barbie doll is too make believe and perhaps Mattel should consider doing an “average” Barbie:

“How about we just make average Barbie? Didn’t they come out with a study recently that took the average measurements of a certain age group and show what Barbie would look like with those? Let’s do that.”

Do you think the plus size Barbie is a good or bad idea?

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18 Responses to “Plus Size Barbie Is Overweight, But Should The Obese Image Be Encouraged?”

  1. Leslie Long Bennett

    Who gives anyone the right to be so hateful and insensitive ?!?!

  2. Jennifer Bailey

    Why not? And for that matter, why not offer various different body types, hair colors, ethnicities, etc. It's not teaching girls that it's ok to be obese. For heaven's sake, little girls don't think about that stuff! They think about pretty dresses and what Barbie is going to do with her friends. They use their imaginations to play house-hence, the Barbie dream house-and they make Barbie the mommy and Ken the daddy and they ride around in Barbie's pink car with the doggie or the baby. Maybe they take the baby to the park with the doggie. Maybe they pretend the dog can walk and talk and push baby on the swings. The possibilities are endless, but they DON'T think about weight when they're playing with dolls. The fact that everyone keeps obsessing about weight is the very reason why girls grow up to hate their body types. Make them all different and teach tolerance and acceptance. Teach girls NOT to obsess over their bodies by making Barbies different. Ok, rant's over. I'm done now.

  3. Stephanie Christener

    How "healthy" is it… really, to have anorexic Barbie with unrealistic body proportions be the beacon to all young girls of what beauty looks like? Guess what?! Real beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, can't be wiped off with a Kleenex, and if these companies want to help promote healthy self-esteem etc. in their target demographic they would reflect that very point in the toys they produce. It's high time they realize that.

  4. Michelle Gowen Mixon

    It's a toy for crying out loud!! I'm overweight and don't want my child playing with plus size Barbie. That's like telling her its ok to not eat right and exercise!! Glorifying obesity is absurd!!! Of course Barbies measurements are not realistic… SHE IS A TOY!!!

  5. Hannah Moeller

    Lol the fat one looks like a chipmunk^.^ haha. It's just a toy but I think it should be dicouraged because kids try to be like barbies and if they are obease then kids might think that they don't have to exercise or eat healthy. I'm not saying obease is bad, but they will most likely have more problems if they are.

  6. Donna Diodati Drew

    You have no understanding of what dolls mean to children and how they 'play' use them. The dolls are played with according to what they see in real life, you know like playing 'house'. They are played with in reflection to what they see going on around them. I played 'house'' with my Barbie's, and they were hit, slapped and abused by Ken. Then I hated Barbie. Ken must be to boys what Barbie is to gilrls, but we never hear about that. Ken has super abs, blah blah blah… You know the old joke, Does Barbie come with Ken? Um no, she only cums with G I Joe. all of this commercialism and toys are stupid in these days, and maybe more in the past.

  7. Donna Diodati Drew

    Obesiity is BAD, you don't have to say it. And of course 'Barbie' is idiotic, but so is Ken, and G.I., Joe. and all the other crap for toys today.

  8. Donna Diodati Drew

    And who are you? Who gives anyone to express their views on society?

  9. Donna Diodati Drew

    You are right. My daughters are chunky, whereas I was always a skinny girl. I would not be sending a message either way, in fact, I used to vacuum up all Barbie shoes left on the floor, and if Ken's head came off, I told my girls, it just can't be fixed. 😉

  10. Jennifer Bailey

    Donna Diodati Drew I had Barbies and I have a daughter who plays with Barbies as well, so I understand fully well how to play with them. Lawd! I'm sorry you grew up that way, but there's really no reason to try to bully people by talking down to them simply because they clearly have a different take than you do. This is the very reason I hesitate to comment anymore because there's always one person. Anyway, if we're going along with your point, girls don't typically see tall, perfectly proportioned blue-eyed girls everywhere they look. They see various different types of people. Why not make them all different? I see it as a grand opportunity to teach acceptance. I also think it's reaching for adults to think that it's going to teach them that it's cool to be unhealthy because little girls don't think about that stuff. That was my whole point! Society teaches them they should be perfect and non-tolerable. It's about time someone said enough!

  11. Leslie Long Bennett

    You are obviously one of them batgirl. I'll tell you who I am. I am a daughter of the one Almighty God, I am a Christian and I don't like to see people mistreated. That's who I am and very proud of it.

  12. Kevin Derrico

    There are skinny people who have cholesterol numbers over 400 and drop dead after running a marathon. The same medical community that has been lashing out about obesity also stated that there are four different body types of which only one is "skinny".

  13. William Wilson

    Common, fat Barbies need love too, along with a liposuction and a diet coke.

  14. Zophie Ana Murach Prystalski

    What I don't see anyone saying is that Barbie is no stranger to promoting an unhealthy body type. They should probably be promoting an image of reasonable, responsible health, but she never has before. Now it seems like the only way they can go is promoting the idea that body types can be diverse. It's not like every barbie would be plus-size from now on.

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