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New York City Bans E-Cigarettes In Public [Video]


New York City has voted to include E-cigarettes and vaporizers in its public smoking ban. The measure was voted in by a huge majority of the city council during their last legislative session of the year this past Thursday. New York City currently bans all forms of smoking in public places including bars, restaurants, parks and other public places.

E-cigarettes are an electronic device which uses a small battery to vaporize an oil solution loaded with nicotine. While the health effects of the exhaled vapors are still unknown there have been numerous studies showing that the vapors contain various toxins and carcinogens.

E-cigarettes have been the focus of various conflicting opinions lately. While they have widely been deemed much safer than smoking actual tobacco products they are a far cry from being declared safe. Many people are hailing the devices as saving them from years of tobacco addiction by switching their preference to the e-cigarettes. E-cigarette companies have also taken harsh criticism that their products overwhelmingly target minors with their nicotine liquids. The liquids come in such interesting flavors as cinnamon buns, peppermint patty and chocolate.

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on Earth. It is thought that enticing young people to e-cigarettes is nothing more than getting them hooked on the substance so they can be loyal customers or even worse, move to actual tobacco cigarettes. A recent study found that e-cigarette users are not more likely to start smoking, but the American Lung Association is disputing their claims. The American Lung Association estimates that more than 443,000 people die every year from smoking or exposure to second hand smoke in America.

DO you think that E-cigarettes should be banned in public spaces like tobacco?

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7 Responses to “New York City Bans E-Cigarettes In Public [Video]”

  1. Sherry Heim

    If there is proof that the exhaled vapor is a problem to others in the area, yes but otherwise, no. I am guessing that the fact that the exhaled elements are a liquid vapor that they are not dangerous like smoke that hangs in the air.
    While I do not believe in prohibition, I do believe that people should be able to do as they please as long as what they are doing causes no harm to others.

  2. Sherry Heim

    Perfume makes me very sick and gives me migraines if I am around it but it is not illegal for people to be in public places wearing perfume. Where do we stop with trying to control people?

  3. Darlene Heller-Steigerwalt

    why don't you ban drinking too. That kills alot too, even innocent people. But i bet they won't ban booze, it's to much of a money maker for bar and sporting events.People leave bars or sporting events drunk and get into accidents and take an innocent life but I guess that's ok.

  4. Cody Grensted-Giles

    If they're banning e-cigs then they'll have to ban those young women who drown themselves in perfume.

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