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Lord Infamous Dead: Ricky Dunigan Had Heart Attacks, But Cause Of Death Unknown

Lord Infamous Dead: Ricky Dunigan Had Heart Attacks, But Cause Of Death Unknown

Is Lord Infamous dead? Unfortunately, Ricky Dunigan’s death isn’t another celebrity death hoax and has been confirmed by the family.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, reports were claiming Lil Wayne dead, and he also suffered from previous medical problems.

Details are pretty sparse for how Lord Infamous died. A publicist for Triple 6 Mafia would only say:

“He did pass away at his mothers house last night in Memphis. The cause of death is unknown. We’re actually trying to figure out how he died and that is all the information we currently have.”

So that means, officially, Lord Infamous’ cause of death is unknown.

There is also some speculation that Lord Infamous’ death may have been related to his previously known medical conditions. Back in 2010 the rapper suffered a heart attack and a stroke, so it’s possible these health issues contributed to his untimely death.

The hip hop community has been quick to respond to the bad news using social media. The Hypnotize Mindz crew, which Lord Infamous was a part of, wrote, “R.I.P. lord infamous.” Rapper Lil Wyte tweeted, “He gave us the name Triple 6 Mafia he was a pioneer, he was a god, he was my friend. Rest in peace Ricky ‘Lord Infamous’ Dunnigan.” Gangsta Boo said:

“Rest in Peace Lord Infamous please respect the family and dear friends during this tragedy. I will never forget the shows we rocked together. My heart is in pieces.”

Ricky Dunigan aka Lord Infamous was age 40.

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