Bristol Palin: 'Dancing With The Stars' Performance Called 'Lackluster'... What Next

Bristol Palin: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Performance Called ‘Lackluster’… What Next?

Bristol Palin’s Dancing With The Stars performance has been called “lackluster” by critics, so what future does Sarah Palin’s daughter have on TV?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bristol Palin supported the Duck Command Phil Robertson during his trials with the A&E network.

Bristol is the most recognizable of the Palin children mostly because of engaging in premarital sex during the 2008 presidential campaign, which is a giant sized no-no for most Christian families never, never mind the average 17 year old girl. But while Bristol has acknowledge what she did was wrong, she was also able to use this past as a platform to be a spokesperson for teen pregnancy prevention. Although, you might be surprised to hear she’s not espousing abstinence:

“[I don’t want to] be named as an abstinence preacher…. I’m not out there saying don’t have sex. I hate that kind of stuff. Birth control needs to be used effectively each and every single time if you’re gonna be having sex…. I’m not advocating [abstinence] for everyone else.”

Unfortunately, Tripp’s father, Levi Johnston, “is $67,000 behind in child support, doesn’t visit Tripp on a regular basis and has blown serious cash on cars, hunting and travel instead of meeting his court-ordered obligations.”

As for Bristol’s career, she was paid to speak at various events and even appeared on Good Morning America multiple times. This exposure launched Bristol Palin’s DWTS career as well as appearances in The Secret Life of the American Teenagers and her mother’s show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. In 2012, Bristol even had her own reality TV show called Bristol Palin: Life Is A Tripp (which is the name of her son).

This is how critics are classifying Bristol Palin’s dancing: “Funny guys that can’t dance generally don’t make it to the finals.” They point out how Andy Dick ended up in seventh place and Kirstie Alley managed second “based more on her personality than her dancing.” But they say Bristol was in a “class all on her own.”

For example, here’s one harsh criticism:

“Sometimes the bad routines of DWTS are so bad you have to watch them through the cracks of your fingers over your eyes. But you have to watch them. There’s a trainwreck factor to watching Master P give a textbook example of how not to dance, or cringing as poor Michael Bolton crawls out of a doghouse, Bristol Palin somehow makes it to the Finals with lackluster moves, and Marie Osmond derails her own chances with a bizarre Freestyle idea. The bad dances of DWTS are just as memorable as the good ones.”

So, yeah… Bristol Palin can’t dance. She was even eliminated in week four of season 15.

So what has Bristol been up to lately? Going by her Facebook account she’s mostly been spending time with her son, supporting pro-life causes, and highlighting her mother’s work. She’s moved in and out of her parent’s home multiple times and it doesn’t appear she’s settled on a career quite yet. At one point she was working at a dermatologist’s office and taking business courses at a community college but, for now, it seems she’s just content in being a mother.

Would you like to see Bristol Palin back on Dancing With The Stars or some other reality TV show?