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Study: Fat People eat more food at all-you-can-eat buffets


In the stating the extremely obvious in research category, scientists have published a study on the correlation between fat people, fast food and obesity.

The first result:

At an all-you-can-eat buffet, heavier people are more likely to use larger plates, chew less and engage in other behaviors that lead to overeating,

In other words: fat people eat more from larger plates.

Finding two:

Using smaller plates would tend to indicate eating less food


Finding Three:

Fat people “Leave less food leftover on their plate.

Stop it. But there’s more:

Begin serving themselves immediately instead of surveying the buffet.

If you want some more great facts, hit Amazon and search for Brian Wansink, director of Cornell University, as there’s a book with these amazing conclusions to be found as well!


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5 Responses to “Study: Fat People eat more food at all-you-can-eat buffets”

  1. Michael Fidler

    The understatement of stating the obvious. How much money did they spend on this? Because, I conducted the same study for $7.99 at a local Hometown Buffet. I simple looked around and realized that I was by far the thinest person in the restaurant! BTW, I'm not thin, nor overweight. I marveled at the way some people where able to stack their food so high on their plates. There must be an art to it, or it just takes a lot of practice. Maybe they could have interviewed a couple of Restaurateur's for their thoughts. I'm sure it would have yielded more information than this. I just find wasting money on something like this, extremely irritating, when there are so many worthy studies struggling for funds!

  2. Mary A Hurt

    nice article! nice site. you're in my rss feed now 😉
    keep it up

  3. Elena W Thompson

    nice article! nice site. you're in my rss feed now 😉
    keep it up

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