Determined Mouse Faces Off Against A Cracker

This Determined Mouse Will Do Anything For His Cracker

This determined mouse has to be one of the cutest animal videos to make its way to the internet. Now, we’ve heard about determined animals and house pets before. We always coo when we see the little dog or cat carefully plan their next move when trying to get that toy or treat.

But what about the little guys? Are they not as cute because they aren’t big cuddly creatures? That is simply not true, I mean just check out the video above and tell me that the little mouse doing all he can to get that cracker up the ledge isn’t one of the most adorable things you’ve ever seen.

The mouse can’t be much bigger than two inches and according to MSN Now, he is working very hard to make the five-inch jump up the ledge, which is obviously rather difficult with a large cracker in your mouth!

This adorable little mouse isn’t the only animal related news making its way around the internet. On Monday, The Inquisitr reported on some unusual shoppers at a local New York CVS. More than 50 ducks entered the prescription drugs store and left employees a little puzzled as to how to get them to move on their way. After chasing the little crowd around the store, employee’s were finally able to herd the ducks out and sent them on their way.

Just last week, panda fans around the country were drawn to the Zoo Atlanta for the naming of the twin baby panda cubs that were born in the facility on July 15. The two little boys had been making news since their birth because they were the first giant panda cubs born in the US since 1987. The Inquisitr reported that crowds went wild as the names where finally released: Mei Lun and Mei Huan.

As for the determined little mouse, we have reason to believe that after finally getting that cracker up the ledge, he took it back to his hideaway and enjoyed part of it before stashing the rest away for later. Good job little mouse! Good job!

[Image via Shutterstock/Szasz-Fabian Jozsef]