Ducks Invade CVS Pharmacy, Lured Out By Delicious Popcorn

Dozens of ducks invaded a CVS pharmacy in Saratoga Springs, New York over the weekend after they were invited inside by the stores automatic doors.

More than 50 ducks entered the prescription drugs store and upon arriving employees were confused as to how they should disperse of the ducks.

After brainstorming for a short period of time one of the stores employees used a bag of popcorn to lure the ducks out of the store.

While the 50 ducks tracked some mud into the store, they otherwise left the location in good shape.

It has been a strange year for store-based animal appearance. Previously we reported on a bear in Colorado who entered a bar, had a look around, grew bored and left. In one case a horse was ridden into a McDonald’s store by its angry owner after she was refused drive-thru window access.

In the CVS pharmacy duck invasion we are not sure if the ducks followed a customer into the store or if perhaps the automatic door was sensitive enough to open for the ducks. We’d like to think that the ducks piled on top of one another to form a humanoid shape as they entered the store.

This is the first reported case of a massive duck invasion at a CVS store and likely the last.

The video shown above was uploaded to YouTube on October 24 and has been viewed 33,733 times. The video has received 85 upvotes and just one down vote since it was adding to the social video sharing platform.

In other news, the guys from Duck Commander are now 100 times more likely to switch their prescription drugs over to CVS pharmacy.

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