Katharine McPhee 'Embarrassed' She Was Caught Cheating With Married 'Smash' Director

Katharine McPhee ‘Embarrassed’ She Was Caught Cheating With Married ‘Smash’ Director

Katharine McPhee is reportedly embarrassed that she was caught cheating with the married director of her television show, Smash.

McPhee and series director Michael Morris were photographed in a Los Angeles parking lot, kissing in broad daylight.

The affair is reminiscent of the tryst between Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders, who directed her in the movie Snow White and the Huntsmen. Like Stewart and Sanders, both McPhee and Morris are in relationships, though sources say McPhee’s marriage is all but over. Reports said that the American Idol runner-up has been split from producer husband Nick Cokas since the spring.

That will soon be the case for Morris as well. His wife of close to 10 years, Mary McCormack, has reportedly kicked him out of the house after learning of his affair with McPhee. The two have three children together.

Morris may have done his best to prevent the affair from going public. The New York Post’s Page Six reported that he found out about the pictures and tried to buy them from TMZ, but was denied.

McCormack “had no idea anything had been going on. The last thing she ever thought was that he was seeing another woman,” a source close to the actress told Page Six.

Sources close to Katharine McPhee said she has regrets about the incident — not so much that she kissed a married man, but that she was so blatant about it.

“She is SO embarrassed she was caught,” a source says of the photos. “She should have known better!”

Smash was canceled in May, but Katharine McPhee and Michael Morris reportedly reconnected when Katharine moved to Los Angeles to start work on her fourth album.