‘Mamming’ Is The New ‘Planking,’ Rest Your Boobs On Things For A Good Cause [Video]
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‘Mamming’ Is The New ‘Planking,’ Rest Your Boobs On Things For A Good Cause [Video]

“Gee, it’s been a while since someone came up with a cool viral posing craze like ‘planking’ and I kind of wish someone would get on that,” said no one in the history of anything ever. Still, a challenger has risen. Meet “mamming,” or “resting your boobs on things so women are inspired to get mammograms.”

Mamming was created by Michelle Jaret and Michelle Lamont, and yes, the point is to put your boobs on something mundane. Men and women both can get in on the action, which is apparently intended to inspire women to get preventative mammograms.

Yeah, we don’t get it. But we can appreciate the “social good” angle, and there’s a personal twist to the story. This isn’t another example of twentysomething armchair activism. Lamont, 25, is already a badass breast cancer survivor.

She’s an ad agency exec in New York now, and intended for “mamming” to take off as a viral craze.

“Overall the response has been very positive, although there have been some people wondering how a campaign like this is going to ‘cure’ breast cancer,” she said.

“When I was sick, I asked my doctors about a cure – one actually told me that the best cure we have is prevention.”

“Prevention is screening like mammograms and self-exams and they are the best tool we have to catch cancer early, and catching it early is how we beat it.”

“We would love to see mamming become as big on the web as planking and owling. Part of the reason that we love mamming as a vehicle for spreading awareness is because it taps into an existing trend that is really fun and relevant to everyone.”

If you want to get in on the fun, the rules are simple. Keep it PG, and make sure your “mam” is awesome.

“We wanted to do something that focused on the woman as being responsible for her breasts and her health. Overall, we hope that mamming reminds women to get screened, and maybe makes them feel a little less awkward about putting their boobs in the mammogram machine,” Lamont continued.

“We love seeing people get really creative.’

You can post your “mamming” photos to your social networks, or post it directly to: www.thisismamming.com.