Here's Why Whoopi Goldberg Flicked Water From Her Mug on Former 'SNL' Star Leslie Jones on 'The View'

Here's Why Whoopi Goldberg Flicked Water From Her Mug on Former 'SNL' Star Leslie Jones on 'The View'
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The View's Whoopi Goldberg and former SNL cast member Leslie Jones shared a shockingly funny moment on air. The Sister Act actress startled fans as she flicked some water from her mug on Jones while the cameras were still rolling. Jones was a cast member of Saturday Night Live from October 2014 to May 2019, and she appeared on the ABC talk show to talk about her new memoir, Leslie F***ing Jones

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer

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Jones appeared on the latest episode of The View and entertained the audience as well as the show's hosts—Goldberg, Ana Navarro, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah Griffin—with her unbeatable humor and wit. After discussing her book and her journey to becoming a much-loved comedian, she shifted to the state of voting in America, per The U.S. Sun

Towards the end of the show, Jones broke out in an impassioned rant, urging the audience to go out there and vote. She first calmly mentioned, "Only a third of the country is voting," and then repeated the same sentence thrice in a heated tone before eventually 'screaming' and yelling at the top of her lungs. Her voice got louder as she emphasized the importance of voting. 



The audience cheered, clapped, and laughed at her, and meanwhile, Goldberg put her hand inside her mug and flicked some water at Leslie to calm her down. The Ghost actress did so with a coy smile on her face, and it seemed her 'water-throwing' strategy worked as Jones took some breaths and lifted her mug to drink her beverage, seemingly looking shocked at her own rage. 

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Jones broke into a passionate tangent afterward, where she explained to the viewers why she started covering more political topics in her comedy routines. The former SNL star admitted back in the day she wasn't well-informed about politics, but now that she understands it, she wants it to be more enjoyable for her audience. "I feel like when I'm commentating and live tweeting and stuff, I am talking from y'all perspective," Jones explained. "Listen to me very closely, politicians! 'Cause you know what's going on. There's a lot of people that don't understand what's going on." To clarify her point, she drew a similitude between politics and taking a stand in a restaurant. 

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Since the inception of her career, Jones hasn't shied away from controversies. She has openly made fun of people/situations that could land her in trouble. However, she still progressed and became a very popular figure. Jones' new memoir features a chapter titled Killing Whoopi Goldberg, where she detailed a hilarious sketch she co-wrote with then SNL team member Kenan Thompson. 



In her memoir, Jones recalled, "Kenan and I were weeping with laughter when we wrote this—we were actually going to shoot Whoopi Goldberg on SNL," reported Entertainment Weekly. However, the sketch never went on air as when they pitched it to then-head writer Bryan Tucker, he exclaimed, "You guys are crazy... We're not going to kill Whoopi Goldberg on national TV for a personal joke." However, Jones thought it was comedy gold, but the head writer seemingly missed the joke. "It was just funny. But we never got to do it." 

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