UK Pub Throws a 'Not Bothered' Coronation Bash as Alternative to the Monarchy Hype

UK Pub Throws a 'Not Bothered' Coronation Bash as Alternative to the Monarchy Hype
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A pub in Cambridge, U.K., is throwing what's come to be known as a 'not bothered' coronation celebration in the form of an alternative bash to the upcoming festivities of King Charles III's coronation taking place this weekend, reports Metro.



An atmosphere of celebration is in full bloom as the time for King Charles's Coronation is almost here, leaving everyone from the public to the royal family elated with pride and joy. The royals have been making the rounds across town to keep track of the preparations for the grand occasion. The infamous Prince and Princess of Wales, amid a busy schedule, made a visit to Dog & Duck Pub at Soho to not only check for preparations but also greet the hospitality crew along with the members and staff.

However, the Sir Issac Newton Pub in Cambridge, U.K. threw a respectful "not bothered" bash amidst the coronation celebrations for U.K.'s next King. This stands in contrast to the other pubs in the U.K. which are gearing up for the ultimate post-coronation party with attractive prices on alcohol, banners for His Majesty, and well wishes for the newly crowned King. This particular pub, however, turned quite a few heads as it wanted to stand out from the hype. The assistant manager, Shelly Turner of the said establishment, claims that they "wanted to do something different."

 Image Credit: Heathcliff O'Malley - WPA Pool | Getty Images
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Heathcliff O'Malley - WPA Pool


The English pub was decked from the interiors all the way to the entrance and exit of the establishment with quirky and attractive signs and posters, making it a unique experience for all who attend. The staff hosted a "happy and generic evening with a peculiar addition, they also put up a cut-out of Sir David Attenborough, because he really should be king," claimed Turner.

Image Credit: Peter Summers | Getty Images
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Peter Summers


Before proceeding with the idea, they enquired with several customers regarding the proposal. The customers who were not particularly involved in the hubbub around the Coronation, encouraged the pub to host the said bash, pointing out that not everyone was thrilled about the monarch's rise. This, the pub hopes, would be a rebel's rave.

There seems to be another bigger party at the Sir Isaac Newton pub as they are reportedly hosting a fancy-dress gala, with a buffet for the little ones during the day, and for more amuse-bouche, the adults will have a DJ night with "Blue Blood" cocktails served all evening.

Image Credit: Ian Gavan | Getty Images
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Ian Gavan 


Reports further suggest that even people who pledge loyalty to the monarchy are elated by this unique yet fun social gathering. The public has also responded quite positively to the event and left the pub with smiles on their faces. "'I have not heard one negative thing said about it," says Turner.

The point this fine establishment was trying to get across was that of inclusivity and fun. "It doesn't matter what side of the divide you are on because I do find that these days things seem to be quite divided in a lot of spheres," Turner added.

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