Inside Tom Brady's Lavish Retirement That Includes a $6m Yacht and a $17m Miami Mansion

Inside Tom Brady's Lavish Retirement That Includes a $6m Yacht and a $17m Miami Mansion
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After 22 years of playing in the NFL, Tom Brady's time on the field is finally at an end. While recent rumors have suggested the 45-year-old quarterback could return to the NFL for the 2023 season, Brady announced his second retirement last month, this time "for good." The NFL superstar played for 23 seasons in the league, predominantly for the New England Patriots, and changed the entire landscape of the franchise in two decades, winning them six Super Bowl titles with Bill Belichick at the helm. Afterward, he made his way to Tampa and clinched the last title of his career in 2021.

Over this period, the former quarterback has accumulated a whopping wealth of $512 million, according to the Sports Rush. The undisputed king of the NFL looks to be more than set for retirement, especially once his new $17 million Miami mansion is built.



Back in 2020, Brady and his now ex-wife Gisele Bündchen bought a plot of land on the waterfront of the exclusive Indian Creek Island, which has 34 properties across 300 acres. While the pair split up at the end of last year, Brady is to live in a mansion, which is nicknamed Billionaire Bunker, to be built on the plot. Bündchen, on her part, has purchased another house near Indian Creek.

Once the mansion is complete, Brady will become neighbors with Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. Of course, the mansion in Miami is not the only property Brady and Bündchen have owned. Back in 2021, the pair sold their £28 million Boston estate, as well as their £34 million Tribeca condo.



The legendary quarterback also recently splurged on a new 77-foot yacht which can sleep nine people comfortably. The Wajer 77 superyacht is a bigger version of Brady's previously owned Wajer 55, which he bought in 2020.

According to Daily Star, the yacht is named "Viva a Vida," which is a reference to Bündchen's environmental conservation initiative. The older Wajer 55 was out on the waterfront during Tampa's COVID-hit 2021 Super Bowl celebration, with Brady waving to a sea of fans from his $2 million yacht. Then in 2021, Brady decided to upgrade to the 77, stating: "With a little bit bigger boat, for us, the 77 allows us to sleep overnight really comfortably and those weekend trips would be really something. That would be great memories for our family for years to come."



It seems Tom Brady's family, too, is going to enjoy the fruits of his hard work. For his part, Brady is shifting focus toward his children post retirement. Tampa Bay Times' Rick Stroud tweeted, "When asked about his next step at his 'unofficial retirement' party on Friday night, Brady admitted, 'there is nothing I love more than football,'" But despite this, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star seems steadfast in his decision to step away from playing, opting to turn his focus to watching the game instead. He is quoted in the tweet: "I have young children, and they've watched enough of their dad’s games and it's time for me to watch their games."

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