This Psychic Medium Allegedly Predicted Matthew Perry's Demise Three Days Before His Death At LA Home

This Psychic Medium Allegedly Predicted Matthew Perry's Demise Three Days Before His Death At LA Home
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Hollywood lost a true gem when 54-year-old Matthew Perry, a former cast member of the iconic sitcom, Friends, was discovered dead in a hot tub at a home in Los Angeles on October 28. Perry's friends, family, and fans are still reeling from his unexpected death, meanwhile, new reports suggest that famed self-proclaimed psychic medium, John Edward had predicted Perry's impending death just three days ago. As per The Daily Mail, the American medium, who is presently on his Crossing Over tour of Australia, made an appearance on stage in Sydney on Wednesday to discuss his most recent forecasts.

Attendee Karen reported that Edward ended the performance due to a psychic message he received, which she now realizes was about Perry. Recalling the terrifying on-stage moment, Karen revealed on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, "John asked during the show, 'Did anyone bring a book of 'Little House on the Prairie?' I didn't think anything of it, but my daughter said, "Mum, you've got Matthew Perry's book,'' she explained. 

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Karen clarified that she had planned to give her sister a copy of Perry's memoir, which she had brought to Edward's performance. She continued: "Perry and Prairie, they sound similar. My daughter was saying, 'Stand up, stand up',  but I was too embarrassed. And then Matthew died three days later, and I'm now thinking, 'Was it a sign?''Another fan later on in the program brought up the fact that Matthew's father, actor John Bennett Perry, was a former cast member of the television sitcom Little House on the Prairie. Perry, who smoked, struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction, although he claimed to have been sober just before he is thought to have drowned. He had been open about his past issues, having checked himself into a rehab facility in 1997 due to a painkiller addiction that resulted from a jet skiing mishap.

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Slaven Vlasic
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Slaven Vlasic


The Serving Sara actor outlined his hardships in his memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, published in 2022. The opening statement of his book read: "Hi, my name is Matthew, although you may know me by another name. My friends call me Matty. And I should be dead." He added: "People would be surprised to know that I have mostly been sober since 2001. Save for about sixty or seventy little mishaps over the years." As per CanberraTimes, early in the new millennium, Edward rose to fame with his popular program Crossing Over with John Edwards. The New Yorker "read" his audience members for four years, amassing a global TV following and rising to prominence as one of the world's most prominent mediums.

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"I'm a very logical person, so I used to make fun of people who would get read at my grandmother's house, and now I was the person getting the reading," Edward revealed about his journey. There is a lengthy history of psychic enthusiasts behind the medium. And ready to expose the psychic as a phony, Edward attended a reading at his grandmother's house one day when he was fifteen years old. "I kind of had no choice but to acknowledge what this woman said in the details - and when I say details, I mean names of who I was hanging out with, and what was happening - was accurate. And she dropped in pieces that I had no knowledge of, where I was living at that moment. Those pieces of information made no sense at the time but also tied everything together a few weeks after that. And that just blew my mind." At that very moment, young Edward realized that he too wanted to become a psychic medium.

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