The Wedding Is off for Cher Amid Her Family's Concerns Against Edwards

The Wedding Is off for Cher Amid Her Family's Concerns Against Edwards
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jon Kopaloff

Acclaimed singer Cher calls off her wedding with infamous producer Alexander "AE" Edwards whom she was set to marry later this year, with marriage preparations ongoing for the big day.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jon Kopaloff
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jon Kopaloff


According to Marca, the Fernando singer figured out her now ex-fiance, Edwards' schemes after being extorted on several accounts. His sights were reportedly set on her fortune rather than the relationship the two shared. Cher's family had warned her before getting engaged to the producer regarding his plot to live a rather extravagant and over-the-top life with her finances, and further warned the singer that he was using her as a means to advance his career. After much consultation with her family, she began to see her ex-lover in a "new light," a source revealed exclusively to Radar Online.



An insider insinuated that Cher was never apart from her lover during her relationship, comparing her to a "lovesick puppy." But after some time, she began to "see him for who he really was." "The blinders were coming off," said the insider. 

Another source close to Cher added that even though the award-winning singer is extremely careful with her finances, she was being rather carefree around Edwards spending her money on his "lavish" lifestyle and other unnecessary expenses. But the singer was growing extremely disgruntled with his unprofessional and reckless behavior, especially with Edwards constantly inviting his friends over for parties while completely invading her privacy. According to Meaww, he refused to answer his phone and would be missing in action for days in a row, worrying Cher.


This news of their split comes nearly two months after news of the pair going strong was making headlines, with Cher announcing that she was recording new music with her now ex-beau. In another interview with Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Cher had gushed about her 37-year-old boyfriend, spilling the tea on the intricate details of her newfound love life with the producer at age 76. Cher as usual, stunned in her outfit - a black low-neck ensemble, accessorized with chrome silver hoops. Keeping it classy yet elegant, her makeup consisted of pink eyeshadow along with a nude lipstick that highlighted all her gorgeous features.



The Kelly Clarkson Show host began by initially congratulating the After All singer about finding the love of her life and beckoned her to address her relationship with Edwards, to which Cher responded with, "Well on paper, it's kind of ridiculous."

Further gushing about her lover, she mentioned that in real life, the couple got along great, complimenting him on being really kind, smart, very talented and really funny; all compliments that Cher doesn't really offer to men who don't deserve it. The I Found Someone singer also pointed out that Edwards' "humor" is what she finds most attractive about  him. Clarkson congratulated Cher for having somebody to help her feel good. The conversation also progressed toward her taste in younger men, with Cher claiming that older men are scared of her.

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